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How They Lie

Lyon on 5 September at 8:00 pm: “The German flyers are undertaking numerous attacks on open Polish cities, murdering women and children, shooting at churches and Red Cross columns. They appear to have targeted the children, as they threw them poisoned candy.”

Stations from Warsaw and Posen, 2 September 1939: “German planes use gas and incendiary bombs.”

International News Service, 2 September 1939: “Bombing of hospitals for feeble-minded Jewish children in Warsaw.”

“German planes drop children’s balloons filled with poisonous gas.” (Polpat Radio, 2 September 1939).

“All wells in the vicinity of Warsaw are have been ruined by poison gas.” (Organization of the passive Polish air defense, 4 September 1939).

“German fliers bomb and destroy a Polish Red Cross train station in Bschidlowitz.” (Polish Telegraph Agency, 5 September 1939).

“German fliers drop poisoned rose garlands, medallions and holy pictures, which have already caused several deaths.” (Warsaw, 6 September 1939).

“German planes throw poisoned pamphlets.” (Short wave station, Warsaw, 8 September 1939).

We Germans naturally know what to think about these crazy slanders. But those abroad have to be told what the English masters of the lie are trying to do.. On 6 September Mr. Butler responded to a question from Mr. Henderson, a member of the Labour Party in the House of Commons. He explained that charges that the German bombed open Polish cities were false. The bombs dropped on these places were directed at military targets.

Furthermore, Mr. Butler explained that there was no official evidence at hand to support the allegation that Germany had used poisonous gas.

In fact, the Führer has expressely forbidden the German army to use these forms of warfare, a fact that even England must officially admit.

It is not even worth talking about all the other fables, monstrosities or devilish fantasies.


Since this ridiculous twaddle naturally eventually loses its effect on the world, the English Ministry of Lies took matters into its own hands and sent the notorious journalist Knickerbocker with a special assignment.

At the end of September 1939, numerous foreign newspapers and broadcasting stations carried reports by this liar. One report stated that 6 prominent National Socialists had transferred over half a billion marks in foreign currency to accounts in foreign lands, so that after the “destruction of the Regime” they would have a fat nest egg.

In Germany one does not even need to refute such vile slander, because no one falls for it.

Dr. Goebbels used all foreign language broadcasts to expose the foreign slanderer and to challenge Knickerbocker to prove his allegations. If he could prove the existence of these fantasy accounts, he would receive 10 percent.

At first the liar did not say anything. Days went by and Knickerbocker did not claim any of the money that Goebbels offered him! Then he came out with new lies and named banks, insurance companies, middlemen, who were all allegedly involved in these underhanded dealings. It is impossible here to reproduce the long, imaginary list, but the German press published all the names and details. The result is: the accounts, like the middlemen, do not exist and have never existed. A group of foreign journalists have investigated the matter carefully and have reached the following conclusion. This picture is a rendering of the facsimile:

This is Knickerbocker.



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