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How They Lie

They lied in peacetime. Today they lie two and three times as much. Day and night they invent atrocity stories and spread them via radio and the press, in order to deflect the world’s attention from their own foul deeds.

Germany even handles the enemy humanely, and does all it can to treat the neutrals with respect and consideration; it was the hypocritical English who bombed Esbjerg in neutral Denmark during peacetime.

The adjacent picture shows the terrible effect of this outrage.

Still, however, the criminals tried to deny their deeds and pin the blame on Germany. Things were going nicely, but then everything fell apart. On 7 September 1939 the Exchange Agency released the following rather uncomfortable news item:

“The British envoy in Copenhagen expressed its deepest regret to the Danish government today for the dropping of two bombs on Danish soil, which killed two people and destroyed Danish property. The investigation of the bomb fragments showed it to be of British origin.”

Since the war began in Europe and it became more difficult to reach people with these fairy tales through the press or by clever rumors, our enemies have turned to the radio. The English Ministry of Lies transmits an unbelievable shower of lies and propaganda day and night, with urgent haste and on all possible frequencies. It does not bother these gentlemen at all that every couple of days they must retract their statements.

Here is a small selection out of the countless number of such reports that proves that nothing is too stupid or unbelievable for these liars:

On 5 September at 2:45 pm Warsaw reported that: “The French army has broken through the West Wall in seven places and marched east. Würzburg was taken. The English have full control over German airspace.”

On 6 September at 12:15 pm from the same station: “There is no more white bread, no meat and no more canned goods in Germany.”

London reported on 6 September at 1:30 pm that: “Polish planes have bombed Berlin.”




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