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How They Lie

And yet another campaign of lies collapses miserably. Once again the world can see how the English Ministry of Lies and its accomplices work.

The truth once again shines through the worst of the foreign lies.

Germany is no paradise, because there is no such thing as paradise on earth, and there never will be. We Germans are like everyone else, we make mistakes, there are a few unreliable people, and we have occasional difficulties which we have not completely overcome — but, and this is the important thing:

Things are a thousand times better here. Things are more honest and fair here than anywhere in the entire world.

Here we recognize the honor of the worker.

Here there is a right to work.

Here the moneybags are not in control.

Kraft durch Freude [The Nazi organization for workers], Schönheit der Arbeit [The Nazi organization for young women] and concern for the poorest make the lives of our people happier and more beautiful.

We all know that, even if we occasionally complain about one thing or another that does not work.

Since we know that, and since we also know that we are strong and have nothing to fear, we know what to think of the lies of the press and radio of our foreign opponents, which are the best proof for their weakness.

The Führer Adolf Hitler said at his Reichstag speech on 20 February 1938:

“I believe that it would be valuable if we could not only ban the dropping of poisonous gas and explosive bombs on the civilian population, but also stop the selling of the newspapers that have a more profound effect on the relations between states than poison or incendiary bombs could ever have.”

He who reads the small collection of lies in this pamphlet will agree with the Führer.

In conclusion:

We will not be confused by the lies of the foreign countries! We know what we are fighting for!



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