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How They Lie

He saw and was again amazed. He went back home and honestly described all that he had seen.

The officials of the German concentration camp were outraged when they later read his article.

The article talked about piles of corpses over which the poor reporter had to climb, of moaning people in dark dungeons, of caning orgies and other such imaginary atrocities.

The man had seemed so honest. How could he lie like that? What had happened? The journalist wrote a letter to explain. He had written a truthful account of what he had seen at the concentration camp.

But the owner of the newspaper switched everything around. Naturally there are decent foreign papers that would never falsify the facts like that, but we are not talking about them here.

The newspaperman begged the Germans not to take action against his paper or the publisher who falsified the report, because then he would lose his job.

That is how freedom of the press looks like in other countries; that is how the lies and fairy tales come to be.

The Führer spoke about the criminal newspaper Jews and the war profiteers, in his speech on 6 October. They order the journalists and radio reporters around like schoolboys. These “servants of public opinion” are not allowed to have convictions or express their true opinions, and only a very few exceptions prove this rule. They must lie and slander and blacken Germany and its Führer to keep the gentlemen behind the plutocratic, moneybag policies in business.

But why do these newspaper moneybags lie so crudely, so stupidly, so impudently? Why do they spread their slander all over Germany of all places?

They lie because they are weak and Germany is strong. They lie because they want to make money by going to war against Germany, even though their people do not want to go to war and are scared to go to war against a strong Germany.


The moneybags of foreign lands dream of the rich reparations payments upon which they grew fat after World War I. They want to have it that easy once again.

The professional liars in the service of the warmongers do not know just how much the truth shines through their lies about Germany.

If we want to render harmless a good-for-nothing or ruffian or thief who in a big city or village or apartment building upsets the peace of the community, when we want to call in the police in order to finally have peace, what do we do?

If he steals, we say he is a thief. If he assaults the defenseless, we say he is a brute.

Only idiots would make up unbelievable slander instead of simply accusing a demonstrable crook of his real crimes.

The same goes for politics.

If Germany were actually guilty of real misdeeds, then it would not be necessary to invent the wildest tales about Germany.

If Germany’s leading men were brutal, malicious, incompetent and hated oppressors, foreign foreign countries would only need to show them as they really are.

Why is it necessary for them to doctor the photographs of Germany’s leaders to make trouble for Germany? Because the genuine pictures speak for Germany and its leaders.

Why do they make up all of these dumb, easily refutable lies about the West Wall, the army, the concentration camps and the NSV? Because there is nothing in Germany upon which they can base legitimate attacks.

If things really were bad in Germany, it would be easy for the warmongers to cause trouble for us. They would only need to truthfully describe the state of affairs.

But they do it so clumsily because they cannot find anything truly bad in Germany.



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