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How They Lie

But it gets even better. The Polish newspaper “ABC” of 30 May 1939 told its readers how things looked in Germany.

“Beer is lacking. They eat dog meat and sparrows. They get their fat from rats.”

This story is so nice that one should really provide pictures.

Every German worker, who in the evening sits at a well-stocked table, who enjoys his glass of beer, every German housewife, who buys a piece of meat, can refute the Polish “ABC.” It is true that in our cramped German territory we do not swim in luxury, but have enough and it is good.

But the liars are not interested in the truth. They will certainly pay for their swindle.

The Polish liars are naturally not alone. A French newspaper — again “Le Rire” — says the same thing.

Here you see how this lying paper imagines a butcher shop in Germany: instead of nourishing sausage, meat cutlets, and loins of veal, guns are hanging on the walls!


And the truth? We all know it. Occasionally one kind of meat or another is in short supply, but we have always had enough, including sausage.

In any case, on 16 September 1939 in weekly market on Großgörchenstraße, in one of the so-called working class districts of Berlin Schönberg, this is how the meat stand of Paul Wegt looked.

Meanwhile, the base yellow press of our enemies has forced us to defend our lives with guns in our hands against the envy and resentment and threats of our enemies. As long as this defensive war endures, we will have to be frugal. But, no one is hungry, nor will anyone ever be.

What we have will be shared fairly.



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