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How They Lie

The more one examines their endless scribbling and radio news, the clearer one sees that these expert liars have never spoken the truth, not even once.

This time a newspaper really outdid itself. Here we see how a German holiday is libeled.

Christmas and Nazi Winter Relief

What idiots do the fabricators of such lies hope to reach? We certainly can not invite all the imbeciles of the world at our expense to experience Christmas in Germany, in order to show them how it really is here. But anyone who wants to know the truth can find it. If we can be proud of anything, we can be proud of this — that even though things may be a bit scarce and modest, no one needs to be hungry or cold, least of all at Christmas. Every German mother of a family can honestly confirm this.


We all know this picture. It is the Christmas celebration of a German family that did not have the means by itself to celebrate this holiday of love in the way the Führer wishes, in the way that every German family should experience.

The NSV [the Nazi Party charity] got involved.

Helpers, men and women, walked upstairs and downstairs, heard the wishes of the needy, and provided gifts.

We all know the results. In any case, the 80 million people of the greater German Reich know that the liar who drew the picture on the previous page of an alleged German Christmas is not only a liar but also an idiot. If the gentlemen wanted to lie, they should have at least started out more intelligently, so that they were not found out immediately.




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