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How They Lie

The enemy countries, who are so worried about the fate of the German people, also worry about the S. A.

We have often seen them; we know how these men look. They are our comrades, our colleagues in the workplace, our fathers, brothers, sons and men.

Do they look like this? Since when are these imagined daggers the true symbol of the S. A.? Once again some professional liar has taken his pen in his hand.

They lie, they lie....


The S. A., as it really is.

German men from all regions and occupations use their free time and energy in regular practice, so they can be ready to serve the community. When in the summer of 1939 the agricultural labor force was too small to bring in the rich harvest, these men freely joined in to help with the harvest, serving the homeland on peaceful fields. Why does the enemy press, which loves to speak of its objective reporting, never carry such pictures of Germany?



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