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How They Lie

All Germany knows the jubilation and deep emotion of the liberated Sudeten Germans; in other countries this picture also left a deep impression.

It is just this indissoluble unity between people and Führer that fills our enemies with impotent rage.

Therefore they have hypocritically declared their war aim to be the “Abolition of Nazism.” They try to separate Führer from his people with their laughable pamphlets. They know that German unity is the deepest cause of German strength, which today astounds the entire world.

After the liberation of the Sudetenland, they spread lies that the residents of the region joined Germany against their will.


And what does the lying foreign press make out of this picture?

This picture allegedly shows a desperate woman who weeps bitterly as she is forced to give the Hitler salute, screams the lying papers of the Jews and moneybags of the whole world. Of course they only showed this portion of the photo, because if they had shown the entire photo, it would not have had the desired effect. From the bearing of the remaining persons of this picture, it is clear that no one was forced to give the German greeting.

The lying press must consider its readers stupid in daring to put forth such impudent falsifications.


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