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How They Lie



This scarecrow is supposed to represent the Führer.

The faces of the mob who carry this scarecrow through the streets of New York clearly reflect of the lowest characteristics of Jewish subhumanity. The yellow rag “Le droit de vivre” was proud to print this picture at the end of 1938.


They hate the Führer, because he exposes their lies and crimes.

They hate him, because he rescued the hard-working German people from exploitation.

How happy they would be to see the Führer and the entire German people delivered into the dark machinations of the world Jewry! It shows the impotence of the Jews, since all they can do is drag a straw man through the streets and burn it.

What do these subhumans know about the joy of a genuine national community? These warmongers are hard at work rousing the world against Germany. How little they know about the indisoluble bond between Führer and people that is so overwhelmingly clear in this picture:

The Führer speaks with German workers.

He knows that he can trust them, and they know that our cause is in his good hands.


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