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How They Lie

Their nasty criminal plot failed. Germany secured the documents displayed here and exposed the criminals.

One of the worst and most despicable English lies collapsed!

After leafing through this pamphlet, which contains only a small part of the flood of foreign radio programs and lies in the press, anyone who has common sense will ask himself:

How is such a concert of lies possible? Who arranged it? Who could be fooled byit? Why does one not do something about these people who are always causing trouble?

To answer these simple questions, one must say something about the so-called freedom of the press. This entire jumble of lies is the precise result of this alleged freedom of the press that prevails abroad.

Any honest and reasonable person understands that, as we said at the bginning, politicians cannot reveal everything to the newspapers. Newspapers must cooperate with the government. What would happen if the press and radio exposed all the political and military secrets of a people? A press that is silent about those things about which it must be silent is certainly not a press in chains.

However, the freedom of the press has almost completely vanished in countries where such lies as have been shown here are spread just because the journalists’ employers want it so.

We all know that there is no freedom where money is in control. He who only wants to make money knows no limits.


“The freedom of the press”

The honorable and decent members of the foreign press and radio know that for themselves. Here for once, we see an honest cartoon from the French newspaper “Le Rire” from 17 February 1939, which admits the true nature of the freedom of the press abroad.

Big Finance rules, the newspapermen get their slave wages for their lies.

The newspaper barons want to earn a lot. If the world is peaceful and tranquil, orderly and reasonable, one can not write exciting, screaming headlines, because without these sensations they will not sell any newspapers. But selling papers is the only thing they are interested in. Therefore, the political lies and filthy sensationalism are the main contentsof this allegedly free press.


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