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How They Lie

Naturally the professional liars love to tell fairy tales in which the swindle is not so obvious.

Consider the West Wall:

A broad strip of secure fortifications along Germany’s western border that makes it once and for all impossible for foreign troops to break into the Rhineland. It will make it impossible for Negro soldiers from some foreign army to make German women and girls miserable, as in the years following World War I.

This West Wall, the secure defense of the German people and German labor, was begun in 1938 and worked on continuously in 1939 to make it strong and insurmountable. In the future, Germans living near the western border of the Reich can live life securely.

But the West Wall is a long way away from most people, and it is largely a military secret; not everyone who wants to see it can. The professional liars are waging a campaign of lies against the West Wall. They began a campaign of lies about the West Wall.

For weeks the lying radio sations abroad spread their fairy tales:

“The Rhine flooded and covered the entire West Wall...”

“The West Wall is poorly built. When the Führer had test shots fired against it, and everything fell apart. The Führer is enraged.”

These lies poured out of radio receivers in the entire world.

What does the enemy radio care that 500,000 West Wall workers can expose their lies?

We graciously invite these storytellers to come to Germany to speak with a few West Wall workers. Let them speak with the workers who mixed the concrete and drove in the girders and fit the steel plates together. These workers would tell the liars something; they would make it clear how easily the West Wall upon which they work can be blown apart.

The West Wall will survive, even if the entire foreign press and radio liars bang their heads against it.

Meanwhile, the German army showed the entire world that it is superior to all others, that it is invincible.


During World War I, England’s attempts to turn America against Germany failed. The sinking of the Lustania because the welcome pretext for intervention.

Mr. Churchill, English warmonger, First Lord of the Admiralty, architect of the encirclement campaign had it easy in the fall of 1939.

When he decided to wage war against Germany, he selected four English passenger ships that were sailing to America. Then he sent the above telegram, dated 28 August 1939, to Cunard White Star Lines, compelling them to turn German passengers away from these ships, as they would be uncomfortable eyewitnesses. See the accompanying letter from the shipping company, dated 29 August 1939. Churchill then sent suitable “rescue ships” to be “coincidentally” on the course of these ships, which were now loaded with Americans. The Athenia was torpedoed and sunk. If the affair with the “Athenia” not worked, then one of the other three ships would have been sunk, so that Mr. Churchill would have more stories for the English Ministry of Lies.

We know the rest. The yellow press of the world blows Churchill’s lying horn obediently: a German submarine allegedly sank the “Athenia.”

But the evil, criminal escapade failed. Germany got hold of the documents and exposed the criminals.

Once again, one of the vilest and most base of the English lies is exposed.



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