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How They Lie

“German military shoots a child,”

a typical atrocity story of our enemies, from the years 1914-1918.

This picture shows: Foreign observers examine the mutilated corpses of murdered Germans. They include Mr. Jäderlund from “Stockholms Tidningen,” Mr. Knudsen from “Berlinske Tidningen,” Mr. Blockzijl from “Allgemeen Handelsblad” in Amsterdam, Mr. Appelius for the Italian press, and so on.

There were countless numbers of these malicious pictures in World War I. Today we see new versions of this crude charge. Enemy radio reports drugged candy and poison gas-filled children’s balloons, with which German troops allegedly killed Polish children.

And our enemies decided to spread this vile slander in the exact moment that the world heard from neutral journalists about the unimaginable crimes perpetrated by the Poles on fellow German countrymen.


All of these neutral independent reporters saw and corroborated the terrible atrocities against Germans with their own eyes.

In light of these proven facts, the shameless enemy presumes to turn the tables and pin these murders on the Germans, declaring that the murdered, whose names and addresses are known, are Poles.



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[Initial translation by Katherine Lynch. Final page copyright © 2000 by Randall L. Bytwerk]

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