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How They Lie


While the lying and yellow press of the entire world and the enemy transmitters were inventing hypocritical stories about the presumed destruction of the holy picture, the prior of Tschenstochau wrote the above letter to the German military authorities that clearly testifies that the monastery and holy picture were untouched.

Thus the lie regarding supposed German attack could be immediately exposed. The English Ministry of Advertising has had nothing to say since.


In reality, these lies are ancient. Our enemies always babble about violated sanctuaries, persecuted priests, murdered children and tortured women in order to prejudice the world against Germany and to arouse the impression that the world must be defended against “the barbarians who are threatening human culture.”

The picture above is taken from a leafet dated 19 August 1914. The same lie was used back then. Supposedly the Germans had attacked the monastery at Jasno-Gora.

They always lied, they lie today, they lie, they lie.



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