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Background: the Gauleiter were regional Nazi party leaders, whose rule in their areas was almost absolute. They regularly spoke, generally to large audiences. This page of speeches and articles by them will grow slowly — it’s not always easy to find their work, but I expect the page will expand over time.

The GPA has a page of photographs of Gauleiter, often showing them delivering a speech.

Speeches and Writing by Nazi Gauleiter

Bürkel, Josef: Gauleiter of Vienna (1939-1940). Later Gauleiter of Westmark.

Eigruber, August: Gauleiter of Oberdonau (Upper Danube) until 1945.

Hanke, Karl: Gauleiter of Niederschlesien (1941-1945)

Hofer, Franz: Gauleiter of Tirol-Voralberg (1938-1945).

Jury, Hugo: Gauleiter of Niederdonau (Lower Danube) until 1945.

Schemm, Hans: Gauleiter of Bayerische Ostmark (1933-1935).

Streicher, Julius: Gauleiter of Franconia

Wagner, Adolf: Gauleiter of Munich (1929-1944).

Wagner, Robert: Gauleiter of Baden (1925-1945).

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