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Background: the Gauleiter were regional Nazi party leaders, whose rule in their areas was almost absolute. They regularly spoke, generally to large audiences. I'm beginning a page of speeches and articles by them. This will grow slowly — it’s not always easy to find their work, but I expect the page will expand over time.

The GPA has a page of photographs of Gauleiter, often showing them delivering a speech.

Speeches and Writing by Nazi Gauleiter

Bürkel, Josef: Gauleiter of Vienna (1939-1940). Later Gauleiter of Westmark.

Eigruber, August: Gauleiter of Oberdonau (Upper Danube) until 1945.

Hofer, Franz: Gauleiter of Tirol-Voralberg (1938-1945).

Jury, Hugo: Gauleiter of Niederdonau (Lower Danube) until 1945.

Schemm, Hans: Gauleiter of Bayerische Ostmark (1933 - 1935.

Streicher, Julius: Gauleiter of Franconia

Wagner, Adolf: Gauleiter of Munich (1929-1944)

Wagner, Robert: Gauleiter of Baden (1925-1945)

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