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Background: Julius Streicher is most known as the leading anti-Semite of the Third Reich (after Hitler, of course). He was also Gauleiter of Franconia. This may be his last major public speech, since he was in a variety of difficulties by this time, and was soon exiled to his estate outside Nuremberg.

The war was two months old, and not much was happening at the Western Front. Streicher encourages people to have faith in Hitler and rejoice in the fact that Jews no longer ruled Germany.

The source: The German text is in the Bundesarchiv. My reference is NS 127, but I think the numbering may have changed since I got a copy of the document years back.

Julius Streicher Speaks to a Mass Meeting in Nuremberg

31 October 1939

People’s Comrades!

It is a great age in which we once again meet, an age that involves the entire German people both at home and abroad, an age that holds the entire world in thrall, an age whose events are and will be of fundamental significance, which we will learn in the not too distant future. When the Führer brought back the Ostmark [Austria], when we heard the news of the march into the Sudetenland, Bohemia, and Moravia, people said throughout Germany: “The Führer did it, he did it without blood. The Führer does everything right.” Here and there in pubs one could hear people say that the same would happen to Poland. The Führer can do everything, and he will also find a way to get German land stolen by Poland back without bloodshed. We in the know perhaps did not laugh about it, but we said to each other: Good God, how little many people understand the signs of the times, and how many are there who want to believe that in a great age everything is given to one without bloodshed. We in the know said back then: “Just as it is in the lives of individuals, so it is in the lives of peoples. He who wants to be happy both inwardly and outwardly must fight for his happiness. When someone expects that he will have an inheritance from his father, he often loses his inheritance because he has never tilled his home soil, because he has never fought for what he inherited.”

StreicherHe who wants to be happy both inwardly and outwardly must earn his happiness each day. He who wants to be happy must fight for his happiness, and the same is true of a people. Those who believed that everything would continue in the same way see now that they had deceived themselves. It was unthinkable that the land stolen from us, the land declared to be Polish by the dictate of Versailles, would simply be given back to us as we had hoped. Things turned out differently. First there was the war with Poland, then the declaration of war by the so-called democracies. The declarations of war by England and France were made in the first days of September. Those in the know at the time said that it had to be that way, it could not happen any other way. The war with Poland came and turned into a great victory. Now we face the big question: What next?

Before answering that question, let us look back. As people sensed at the end of August that war was coming, those who had been in the World War shuddered. Those soldiers who experienced the World War still dream about it, they hear the shots, they hear the explosion, some see in their dreams everything they experienced in the Great War. It is a fact that the memory of the World War is deep with us, and I am not one of those who made disparaging comments about those who were nervous in the last days of August and the early days of September. I did not speak against those who ran about and believed they had to gather as much as they could for the day when one could no longer buy things freely. That is still on our nerves, the experience of the Great War, what we experienced as soldiers at the front or at home.

What were our experiences out there?

Something wonderful happened. We call it the World War, and it will be unique. The German people fought the entire world and the fronts were not in Germany, but far away, in Asia, in Africa. I can almost say that the German people fought throughout the world for its rights, fighting in the hope of Heaven’s blessing, fighting in the hope that victory would belong to the German people. We front soldiers of the World War stood firm for four-and-a-half years. It has gone down in history. We won the battles, but we lost the war. One thinks about that today and compares then with now. I recently spent several days with a general from the World War who today has his part in coming events. This general said to me: “How wonderful things are in Poland. The Führer was with his soldiers. And I know that when the Führer left us, the old soldiers, he said: ‘I can hardly believe that I, who carried my messages across the gunfire of the battlefield, am now the leader of the German people and the supreme commander of the army. I will be there when there is danger.’ And he was there when there was danger. A high officer told me what he himself had experienced. The Führer was in the Tuchel Heath and was greeted by some medics along a sandy road. The Führer went on, and a few minutes later the medics were found with their throats slit. The Führer was in deadly danger.” And here is an example of what the German people think. A Nuremberg worker, formerly a Red and remained a communist into the new Reich said to one of his comrades: “Good God, Hitler is at the front. One should lock him up in a bunker to keep him safe.”

The Führer went where there was danger. And soldiers ask what it means when a solder knows that his Führer is with him. The Führer was demonstrated what he always said during the Kampfzeit: We will reach our goal when se stand at the front of the battle! We always stand at the front. That general went on to tell me: “The Führer was there, and it made an enormous impression on the troops. He was in the north, he was in the south, in the west and the east, on the battlefields. During the World War, the leader was not with his soldiers each day.” The leader then was the Kaiser. I remember that once during the World War someone said the Kaiser was nearby, and had even gone into one of the trenches. That was not true. That was a bourgeois age when one believed that the higher the rank, the further back one had to be. Today, generals are at the most forward line of the West Wall. National Socialism caused that, and one knows that as a result victory is already guaranteed. If the general visits the bunker, the man in the bunker is gladly willing to obey that general’s order. The general further told me: “The army then fought without its leaders. Now the army fights with its Führer.” When one considers these things and looks at the man who back then should have been the leader, one feels sorry for such a man whom fate ordained to wear a crown, but not to be what he should have been. One recalls that back then when the Kaiser visited a ship, he would read himself from the Bible, from the Old Testament. Imagine that the Führer had read the Old Testament to his soldiers before the War with Poland. (Laughter)

It is not true that the Lord God helps those who bow down on their knees and pray. It is true that the Lord God gives his blessing when one does what our feelings say that one should do. Pray and work, then you will get your daily bread from God. And fight, for then you will have the blessing of victory. To those who say that if we pray ceaselessly God will help us, I say what I have said to country people: If Adolf Hitler behaved like those who do not have the courage to freely find the Lord God, if Adolf Hitler had said this to the Reichstag: “German people, the Poles say that they want to fight near Berlin, that they want their new border to be the Elbe River. German people, kneel down and pray without ceasing that Poland will not be victorious.” The dear Lord probably would have said to us: “You are crazy. Do you not know history? I will help you only if your soldiers are like the Germans of the past, if you are ready to fight for life or death.”

The Poles did not get to fight near Berlin. They were destroyed, man, beast, and wagon, in their own land. Today we can say that the Poles were never a people that had the moral right to rule other peoples. The Poles were physically and spiritually like Jews and Gypsies. Those who were in Poland know that the Polish people, seen as a whole, is a bastard people, a mixed race people. A people in which Jews in such numbers and such types live for centuries — we have had opportunity to see these types in the newsreels — such a people never develops in a good direction, but always heads toward ruin. As is blood, so is the soul. We found captured German soldiers stabbed in the eyes, they were slaughtered like Jews slaughter animals because their blood was ruined over the centuries by the Jews. Because the blood was ruined, the character, the soul, was also ruined.

I met with two people just back from a four-week tour of Poland. They said the same things that our soldiers in Poland have written every day: “Your Stürmer has been far too gentle. What we experienced is much worse than you have described. You would not believe us if we told you everything that we experienced.” These two further told me today: “There were people in Germany who believed that the reports about atrocities were perhaps the result of tactical reasons, stories about stabbing eyes and cutting off ears.” These visitors had opportunity to talk with Evangelical clergy — not with Catholics, since they were known as fanatic Poles over there. The bishops all prayed for Poland’s victory, for Germany’s destruction, and there are many Poles, Catholic clergy among them, who are responsible for the fact that German soldiers were simply slaughtered just animals are in Jewish slaughterhouses. Today we must listen to those who can say how things really were so that we do not soften, but remain hard. We Germans are much too soft. If only we were not so soft, so sentimental at times. There are people now pity the Poles who work here because it is so cold. Do you believe that, had the Poles not killed their prisoners but left them alive and made them work in Polish captivity, that they would have given them shoes and socks and coats like we do?

But we are Germans, that is how we have to be, it is an expression of our character. Still, we have to tell each other not to be so soft. Stay hard even to the last minute and also in the coming days. Let us not become soft! That is what the general said to me, who has his tasks in the coming days: “I have faith in victory because we have a Führer. He was always with his people, and now he is with his soldiers. We will see that in coming days he will also be with his soldiers and fate will decide whether he comes back to us or whether he leaves us. Once we had a Kaiser, today we have a Führer. That is victory.” I am speaking about the front. We soldiers experienced the front. I already said that we won the battles but lost the war. While we were at the front, children and mothers and spouses at home stood behind the plow. The homeland was healthy, was internally strong, and we looked toward home we were always amazed that we could stand against the whole world for four-and-a-half years. That could only happen because the homeland in its marrow, at its core, was healthy.

However, in the marrow, in the core of the German people sat the bloodsucker, there sat someone that the German people at the time did not recognize and which did not want to be recognized. There were men in Germany during the World War, there was Theodor Fritzsch in Leipzig, who sent the Kaiser a letter during the war saying that there would be a revolution at the end of the war, a governmental collapse that would sweep away him and his advisers. That is an historic document that must be dug out of the archives some day. The Kaiser’s advisers ignored this document, he never saw it. If he had done so, he would not have believed this man. The time was not ripe. Today the time is ripe. As I said, people write us from Poland today saying: “You are much too soft. Once I was your opponent, today I see that you were right.”

But that is unique. A Thomas can believe only when he can put his finger in the wound. But it is no longer faith when I see something. I no longer need to believe. Today one sees, but during and after the war people did not see that a part of a foreign people went its own way among the German people, a way that had to lead the German people to ruin.

While we were in the field, the Kaiser followed the advise of his court Jews. He was surrounded by Jews in his court, even sitting at his table. Looking back, one has to point that out. I spoke recently with a member of the old nobility, from a great noble family, who said to me: “We had no chance to see the Kaiser. He created his own nobility, he ennobled Jews.” What is nobility? Nobles are men and women who are physically and spiritually valuable, who appear outwardly in a way that one can say that they are the image of the divine. A noble person who looks good also has character. Corresponding to this appearance, he will be courageous and brave, and the true noble developed in the past from what had gone before. These men were at the front of their troops and were ready to be the first to die. No crooked, ugly person can do that. Look at the guys who enter a bay in a submarine and are ready to risk their lives for their people. As a person looks, so he acts, that is how he is at his core.

The Kaiser chose advisers who had filth in their blood, who were nobles only on the outside, men like Bleichröder, Bamberger, Rathenau, Ballin, or whatever their names were. What advice could they give the Kaiser? The same advice that a pharaoh once received when he was advised to make the Jew Joseph his counselor. He starved the people and stored the grain. During the World War, the Jew Rathenau was the dictator of the economy — he later became chancellor. Everything was under government control. Today, too, we are forced to do things in the interest of the people’s community, which are however moral and appropriate to conditions. The people know that it is a compulsion that we ourselves want, that we need. Back then the compulsion was from those of a foreign race. Back then the Jews had kosher butter to the end of the war, for religious reasons, it was said. They got kosher grain, since they follow their religion, people said. The soldiers ate rotten hay with bad marmalade. They ate artificial honey made by a Jew in Kitzingen. In the homeland, Jews lived during the war as they always had, but the German people starved. The Jew gave the Jew Rathenau the task of managing the German grain supply. In Hesse during the war, for example, only the Jews had permission to sell grain, and it has been discovered that he even succeeded in sending grain abroad. The Jews had the right to determine what kind of bread we ate.

That was then. What about today? Soldiers in the field get excellent food. We no longer have coffee, except for those who have a small stockpile. Those who did not drink coffee in the past do not miss it. If I have a cup I drink it, but I do not miss it. Today the soldier gets a cup of different coffee in the morning than we get, and that is how it must be. Those at the front put their lives on the line. We can live without coffee. I grant that some ladies will miss it during their necessary conversations, in their discussions, within their important circles. It is not a minor thing that they no longer have real coffee. However, government controls today are good, the things being done have to be done. The front needs everything that we at home will not miss, that is not necessary for life. We can do without luxuries. The homeland is perhaps healthier when it does without such things during war. After the World War there were many illnesses that did not exist before. He who eats too much gets heart diseases. After the war, many who ate turnips were absolutely healthy. Some have to confirm that.

Back then the front starved, and at home the Jew used his power to do everything he could to undermine the German people physically and spiritually so that it was ready for a revolution. The Jew needed a worn out people. He knew that a simple, primitive person made dissatisfied by artificial shortages was ready to commit the crime he had in mind.

Recently a sailor came to me, Fips, the Stürmer’s cartoonist. He was drafted as a sailor, and as he joined his formation a high officer said: “Who are you?”

He answered: “I am Fips.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I was drafted”

The officer said: “Go back home. We don’t need you. It is more important that you draw. Go back home and draw.”

Fips told me that he was there among reservists on the coast, some of whom had been in the revolution. Fips himself had been there as a sixteen-year-old and joined in because he thought it was the right thing to do. They have a good life on the coast, coffee, marmalade, butter, each an egg (Schwepperman gets two). It was wonderful, he said to me. Everyone is well fed, and why shouldn’t we take care of them? Once the Jew ruled, today power is in German hands. Here one sees how right those people were who said after the war: “Follow Adolf Hitler. He will bring good times.”

Today, some who think back on the war see things bleakly. Back then during what we call the time of shame, something happened that caused one misery after another — inflation. If one asks the average person what inflation means, he cannot give a definition, as the educated say. He does know how what his father had worked and saved for lost its value and he became a beggar. We know today that inflation took the whole savings of the German people. Everything lost its value. The whole German people today knows that. But I did not know that back then. We still do not completely understand it today. Back then the newspapers said that the dollar was rising and the Mark was falling. When money suddenly loses its value, there has to be a reason.

Why isn’t the Mark losing its value today? Adolf Hitler’s program said that when we have the power, the state will control the financial system. He kept his word. No Jew today in the Reich Bank controls interest rates, dividends, or the use of German capital. Today the Führer, today the decent German person, determines what happens to what belongs to the German people. Recently, the Führer through his economics minister said that what happened after the war will not happen again. We will keep what we have. That gives a wonderful confidence. I have often asked banks how things are and whether people are withdrawing their money. No, the opposite. They are depositing more. The state could say that the old currency isn’t good any more, we are printing new currency. The state could do that, but the people knows that Adolf Hitler keeps his word.

That is true in Germany, but not in England and France. They have no Führer, but rather democratic thinking and democratic sentiments, which is Jewish thinking. The French people things that it is being betrayed again, and the same is true in England. The same things that happened to us after the war will happen to these peoples. We will see these things when the Lord God uses his flaming sword on those who did not want peace. It is tragic that these peoples will have to suffer, since the German people has long held out the hand of friendship. The Jew did not want that. We will say more about that in the conclusion.

The German people were dispossessed after the war. It is written in the Jewish law book Talmud Schulchan-aruch: What the Gentile possesses is ours. The Jew has the right, even the duty, to expropriate the possessions of Gentiles. After the war, the Jew followed his law book. And something else happened after the war that we have not forgotten. The German people held up wonderfully during the World War. We would not have been able to stand for four-and-a-half years had not the German soldier and the homeland been so healthy.

As the remains of the great army returned home, our great people was suddenly surprised by a revolution. Revolutions are incited whenever they occur. Germans did not make this revolution, but rather the Jew. The Jew made the revolution to prepare the way for his final domination over the German people. It was not a German revolution, but rather Jewish. The Gentiles who rode through the cities in trucks with red flags, the sailors who carried weapons in a way different than soldiers carry them, those who were willing to shoot down any decent citizen, those who ripped the cockades and medals from returning soldiers, who insulted soldiers and officers, they were either criminals freed from jails and prisons or misled young people. Those who murdered and plundered for the Jew were either criminals with the mark of Cain on their foreheads or misled young people.

The Jews and misled Gentiles brought about a Jewish transformation of the government, a Jewish crime against the state, with results that were not the fault of decent Germans. The real German does not dance on the ruins. The real German does not laugh and rejoice when good is destroyed and bad is laid on the altar. When the Jew makes a revolution he puts a prostitute on the altar, as happened in France in 1789. The Jew made the revolution and attempted to secure it by taking away the faith of the people in everything that bound it spiritually to the past. The Jewish revolution destroyed everything that was good, tradition, the visible reminders of the great events in our history. If the Jew makes a revolution, he attempts to transform a people into the spiritual opposite of what it formerly was. Thus young Germans stood on the streets, hands in their pockets, unwashed, a cigarette in the mouth. They laughed at pregnant women and whistled when a well-dressed woman walked by. The Jew did that. He said: “Laugh at everything the old say, who have the experience of a long life and who want to give wise counsel.”

The Jew succeeded in influencing the German people such that a French journalist could write in 1929 to his paper in Paris: “I was in Berlin and saw the German people. One can hardly believe that the people that we recently so feared, that held out against the world for four-and-a-half years, now spits on itself, fights against itself. The German people wallows like pig in filth.” That Frenchman was right. The German people was wallowing like a pig in filth. Instincts had been released that led not to good, but sought after the ugly, the base, the crude. Read the newspapers from back then. Every day there were reports of suicide. After the war, it is said, 300,000 people committed suicide because they no longer wanted to or were able to live if they wanted to remain decent. That is how it was with the pilot from Fürth, Röth was his name. He was not able, and did not want to continue to live. It was hard then to find one’s way, to still believe that things could ever be different. The really valuable people withdrew. Those of the best racial makeup said: “I don’t want to see the filth, and don’t want to hear anything more until things are different.” This phrase — “until things are different” —was a Jewish success. The Jew could only work on the people as he did because those who were called to lead stood aside disgusted by the filth and waited.

In those days Adolf Hitler’s name was heard for the first time. A former front solder began to speak in Munich. I remember that a big merchant in Nuremberg said to me: “Someone named Adolf Hitler is speaking in Munich. I don't know who he is, but his speaking is unbelievable. You have to hear him.” A woman said to me: “Go to Munich. He is great, and I think the future belongs to him.” I went to Munich not because I believed that I would do what I did, but only to see if it was true that the future belonged to this man. After listening to him for a short while I was captivated. At around midnight he said: “Women go home. If you want to be a man, stay.” Three-quarters of the audience stayed and signed on as men who wanted to be his disciples. Then came the moment when I stepped out of the mass, climbed the stairs, gave him my hand and introduced myself, and said: “Here is my movement.” This was the bridge between north and south. Calm, cold reason, an egotistical stance, probably would have said: “Don’t do it. Why should you give what you have created to another?” My feelings said: “Give this man what you have created, here is the movement.”

Adolf Hitler’s name now was heard in Munich, in Northern Bavaria, and soon in other German provinces. The German miracle happened. Germans who had only read what he said now heard what others said, and joined the ranks of Adolf Hitler’s fighting community. Those who joined him were not the so-called highly educated from the schools, who have no feelings, only mind and understanding. Only reasoning men said: “Why should I have anything to do with a man who is insignificant, who is not able to do anything for me, whose faith, if I accept it, can only put me in great material danger!” Those who heard him were all insignificant, simple people. But it would be wrong to say that these simple people were really insignificant. Outwardly, they were insignificant based on their material possessions, but inwardly they were rich. People who believed then without ever having seen the Führer had to have remarkable strength. That was feeling, sentiment. Faith in God does not need reason, it takes the feelings. This great faith came to insignificant and simple people.

We remember being told of a man barely thirty years old who preached and spoke about that fact that material wealth was not important, but that inner wealth was. He said, as we later also said, that the Jews were the Devil’s people, and he who followed this people would be unhappy. This man’s disciples were fishermen. We understand only today what that means. Insignificant, simple, working people. It is said that a wealthy man once came to the Master and said: “What should I do?” The Master said: “If you follow me you will risk losing all that you have, perhaps even your life.” After the Master had said that, the rich man said: “Well, you know that I do not want to lose what I have. I will wait until you have won, and then I will join.”

When the name Adolf Hitler first surfaced among the people, his disciples were all simple people, and the rich waited. And he who believed himself mentally capable also waited. It is no accident that Adolf Hitler’s first community was composed entirely of simple people. They have the lowest party numbers and have medals on their chests. Adolf Hitler came to the German people and preached in the wilderness. His following grew larger and larger. More and more people in cities and villages said: “The man may be right. He wants good things.” Others said: “Sure, he can move the masses and that is good. He can beat the drum. He is a drummer, but not a statesman. He can never become a statesman, and if someone says he should rule the German people I must object. He lacks education. Where does he come from and where is he going? He lacks the education one must have, the support of a rich party that is necessary if one is to rule the people.” That is what people said back then. Then the next miracle happened. Adolf Hitler was called to lead the state. That was the last act of the Field Marshal before he was called to eternity. His last act was to say: “Adolf Hitler, you were a corporal in the World War, I was the Field Marshal. Now lead the German people for me.”

Yet another miracle. In 1932 the movement had its Judas Iscariots. They wanted to betray the master. I remember back to those days when the Black and Red parties rejoiced because of a letter from Strasser, a treasonous letter to our enemies. I remember many party members in the Reichstag who were weeping because they thought everything was over. Strange. Storm and rain often precede the sun. That is how it was then. Adolf Hitler believed. He did often say to us: ‘If we do not gain power now, then the German people can no longer be helped. After a few more years of this filth, when we have 7 or 8 million unemployed and miserable, in a few years, everything will be lost. After a few more years of the Jew taking our German women and defiling German blood, everything will be lost.”

But when the need was greatest, help was nearest. Some believed that he then already had the material strength to do what had to be done. No, the parliament still sat in Berlin, and he was still obligated to listen to parliament and its demands that he answer whatever questions some bigwig of whatever party wanted to ask. “Do you want to build artillery and airplanes and submarines?” That was perhaps the most that occurred in the three months that Hitler had to endure everything that had to be endured. He walked through the Reich Chancellery past lines of officials who looked at him mockingly, some of whom did not greet him because they were his enemies. They had gotten their daily bread from the political parties. But they had not reckoned with the master. He created the Enabling Act. Those parties that believed the Enabling Act would preserve their existence voted for a bill that put an end to them. One fine day Hitler could say “There are no longer any parties, only the National Socialist German Workers’ Party and its representatives are now in the Reichstag.”

That was the great miracle of those days. The next miracle was May 1933. I will never forget it. I stood along with the Führer and others on the Tempelhof Field as for the first time a million-fold army of German working people marched past. He spoke to the entire German people and said: “German people, give me four years!” The others needed decades to fulfill their promises, and no one was responsible for the promises of those who preceded him. One government after another failed, and no one was responsible for what had been done by those before. Hitler said: “If you want to make a people happy, do not change the top. If the right man leads a people, he is responsible for what he does, just as in the rest of life everyone is responsible for what he does.”

The German people listened to him and I could see that the German people, almost in its entirety, said: “Yes, give him a chance.” The great army of organized workers said: “Yes, let him try. If he lies to us or betrays us, we will deal with him.”

In 1933 and 1934 groups of young, misled, stupid chaps tried to form here and there. They believed that they could do something about what had already happened. Sometimes they were criminals. Criminals have to deny. The spirit of denial cannot bring anything good, no matter how well-spoken.

It was wonderful. Hitler asked for the people’s support, and the people said: “OK, get to work.” In a few years this man succeeded in finding work for nearly 8 million unemployed Germans. Hitler relit the furnaces, got the smokestacks smoking again, the machines running again. It was unbelievable. But we saw it with our own eyes. Miserable unemployed people went to work again. He who has been in prison know what it means to have no work, to only be able to pace back and forth in his cell. Humane justice gives those who are not really criminals after a while a chance to work, be it stapling papers or making brushes or match boxes. Eight million unemployed German men and women were working again and could say: “Adolf Hitler did it.”

There are people who say: “Others after the war could have done what the Führer did in 1933.” No! They did not want to do it. A satanic congress was held in Basel in 1897, the Zionist congress. Only Jews speak at Zionist congresses. The speeches were secret, held behind closed doors. The Tsarist secret police secured the text of a speech, known as the Protocols of Basel. The Russian Professor Nilus published a book with this secret report. It was translated into every language, also English, and after the war I and a party comrade got an original copy from London. In this protocol it is written: “If we make a revolution, i.e., a collapse of the state, we will be able to do to this people whatever we want. We will close the factories and throw millions out on the street. And when these people on the street give up and starve, they will be willing tools to help us achieve Jewish world domination.” That is what is written in the protocol of Basel, also called the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. One must know these things to come to the fanatic faith that the National Socialist path, which must lead to the destruction of the Jews, is the right path.

Hitler came to power and knew that he could realize his final goals only when he once again had a happy people. I was there when an economic leader giving him advice said: “Make the economy healthy quickly and you will have the people behind you.” He replied: “No, first I need faith. I will begin working on the economy immediately, but first I need faith, and with that faith I can make the economy good again.” The German people’s faith grew already during the Kampfzeit into a body of people who had faith that the Führer could move mountains. That gave him strength, and then he created faith through his speeches and deeds.

With the new faith he drove the Devil out of the economy and one fine day he threw the Jews out from the whole economy. Today we can say that it is entirely free of Jews. Here and there are remnants, and here and there someone during the war tries to raise prices, but these are isolated cases or minor things that show that something of the Jewish spirit is still there. Still, on the whole things are good. What discipline, what decency on the part of the people. It means nothing when a few are caught and get either the appropriate fine or are beheaded or hanged.

Hitler said: “Give me four years!” He used those four years, and the ones that followed. Only six years have passed, and the Führer is right when he always speaks of a miracle. Remember that in only six years the Führer has transformed the people’s soul. There are no more parties. If today those who were members of such parties and who believed that they were organizations in which they could life safely, that they were organizations that could really make us happy, today they have to say: “Good God, were we wrong. It all seems to absurd, so ridiculous.”

Today everyone agrees that all the party chatter was nonsense. Imagine that back in 1933 or 1934 Hitler would have had to appear before parliament and be asked: “We have heard that you are secretly manufacturing cannons and submarines and airplanes. Is that true?” Imagine that Hitler had had to answer questions in parliament, and that the English and French had learned what had begun secretly. This work could only get done in a Germany in which a leader has the responsibility, responsibility first to himself and then to the people. He recently told the German people: “I have spent 99 billion to manufacture weapons, the best that a people ever had.” Earlier, he could not speak, and some asked: “What has been done with all the money?” If the Führer had explained it then, it would have been high treason and we would not have won the war with Poland, the Ostmark would not have returned home, nor the Sudetenland, and what has to happen would not be happening.

When one sees what happened in six years under Adolf Hitler’s leadership, one has to say that so much and so remarkable things never occurred in the past over decades and centuries. That is the great German miracle. Even decent foreigners call it a miracle. What is a miracle? That is when something happens that no one thought possible. And now people come along and send leaflets to Germany, the English and French drop leaflets from airplanes that say:

“German people, we do not want to do anything to you, we are only against the Führer, against Hitlerism. Get rid of the Führer and we will help you.”

Several of them, however, have already chattered about what they really want. They want to combine Southern Bavaria and the Ostmark [Austria] and maybe even us into a large state under some degenerate Hapsburger. They want a Southern German state once again under the rule of the bishops. Bishops are welcome to lead their religious communities. We have nothing against that, but render to the state what belongs to the state.

They think that the people, the German people, are so stupid, so ignorant, that they can split the Führer and the people through such leaflets. It is disgraceful that Rauschning, a former German who was once president of the Danzig Senate (and has lived for some time in France) has written leaflets that are brought into Germany. This only proves his stupidity, and he has been out of Germany for a long time. He writes stinking nonsense. Other English and French diplomats in Berlin, ambassadors and counsels, had opportunity to observe the German people. They did not notice that the people today is entirely different than it formerly was. They believe that the German people are willing to give up what has been accomplished for a few pounds of butter, for a few things that aren’t really necessary. They are of the opinion that what was possible in the past is still possible today. Formerly one could separate who should be the leader and the people. There were no leaders. Such as there were have since crossed the border and are reading something from the Old Testament in some Dutch church. Today the Führer and the people are one. Anyone today is a criminal who would say that he could gulp his coffee and live as he did before if Hitler would be handed over to the English and French, if North German and South German states could be created. There are a few such criminals, but the people does not accept them and they are in for a surprise.

They sent those leaflets, even though knowledgeable foreigners — I know a Swede who knows the German people — in London have said: “Don’t bother. Your leaflets are worthless.” But they keep coming. Recently a French plane landed in Fürth because it ran out of fuel. The old crate only flew 200 kilometers an hour and flew too far into the Bavarian Forest. It turned around and was shot down near Fürth. They landed in the forest but did not destroy their plane, nor the instruments or the valuable maps. They were happy that the war was over for them, which is remarkable. We found women’s stockings and tennis rackets in the plane, and also something else that we can’t mention here. They seem to have had a peculiar view of their war, of their activities in Germany. They seem to have believed that they were entering an already conquered country. Perhaps that’s why they had women’s stockings. Our planes in Poland had guns, and our Stukas hardly carried women’s stockings. They came along with their paper, which is fine since we can reuse them.

One may conclude that they believe that they can split the people from its real leader through such ridiculous methods. That proves that they have entirely false views, and that they will soon have a great surprise — that they will have to have one. They were stupid enough not to believe that Hitler had a destiny when he came to power. They did not notice that our withdrawal from the League of Nations in 1933 was the beginning of a great action, the beginning of a rejection of the dictate of Versailles. In their victorious mood “after the World War,” they still thought that a people like the Germans who had suffered so much under the war could never recover. That is why something secret could happen in Germany. They could not believe it, so they let Hitler work. The English were smarter and said: “We have to act. Now is the time.” The French, however, were more relaxed. They did nothing, so neither did the English. After our withdrawal from the League of Nations came the march into the Rhineland. We know that when that happened some Germans said: “Everything is lost.” There were probably officers who from their position as experts probably said: “We have destroyed the army. It was a small but capable instrument, but now it is split up so that we have the core for building new units.”

If the others had responded everything would have collapsed. But things did not collapse. I remember that as we marched to the Rhine, Foreign Minister Neurath called the Reich Chancellery and told the Führer: “The English demand that we make at least a gesture and withdraw some troops back from the Rhine to show Germany’s good will.” I myself heard the Führer’s answer over the telephone: “Tell the gentlemen we are ready to make a gesture by sending more battalions to the Rhine!” However, we did not have any more troops.

The genius of a man born to be a leader is that he sees beyond the knowledge and beliefs of the experts, doing things that may or may not succeed. If they had not succeeded, Hitler would long since have passed into history, cursed by the people and deserted by those not closely bound to him.

But it succeeded, and there will be more successes. A great miracle occurred during these six years. The people is once again happy, each has work and food. It is not yet finished. We know that the Führer will deal with the housing shortage when peace comes. He will build housing as he once built the West Wall and artillery to protect the German people. He has not been able to do everything, but what has been done is the most important. We once again are happy, we have food, we have our honor. We all know what it means when a people suffers the contempt of the world. There was a time when Germans traveling abroad denied that they were German and learned foreign languages as fast as possible. There was a time when we had to bow down to any passing foreigner, as did our government. Today we hold our heads high when we meet foreigners, and the time will come when some who are English will be ashamed to be English. That time is not far distant.

When one looks at Germany today he has to say: “It’s a miracle. Impossible things have happened.” Why is it a miracle? Happy domestically, armed against the rest of the world. What will happen next?

You know that declarations of war came from England and then France during the first days of September. There are people who draw certain conclusions from the fact that both ambassadors did not come at the same time, and that the French ambassador even expressed his regret that he had to deliver the declaration of war. We think otherwise. We know one thing clearly: England and France declared war on us. The fact is that England and France promised help to Poland. Poland did not get that help. He who knows the history of the English people knows that he who depends on Albion will never be fortunate. Albion built its empire on enormous promises. If the English had to pay for all their crimes in the world over the centuries, they would hang on the gallows. I remember the murder of the Boers. The Jews ordered the mass murder of the Boers, the incarceration and starvation in concentration camps of women and children. England attacked the Danish fleet during peace and shot it to pieces. The Danish Empire collapsed. The Dutch navy collapsed. The Spanish, the Portuguese, all collapsed, since that is what England wanted. The English did not do that honestly and openly, they did not risk their own lives. They did not risk themselves, they did not win honestly. We are now seeing the decline of an empire based on crime.

We have been at war with England and France for eight weeks. Nothing has happened yet. The reports announce: A little harassing fire, scouting missions. What will happen? It is not our task here in public to reveal our thinking and what we know. But all of us, and the entire German people, feel that one man will determine what will happen. We feel that there is no other way. The Führer reached out his hand to them and said: “We have established security to the east. We have nothing against you. Keep what you have. Shake hands!” Those who lead other peoples have refused to make a peace that would finally bring satisfaction to the world. The evil neighbors do not want peace, so there must be war. We can leave it to the Führer, his generals, and our soldiers. They will find the way to peace.

Our task at home is to have strong hearts, whether as the mother of sons or wives, to join in the coming decision. Today we can say: “Today it is either – or. Either the German people wins, or it perishes.” There are others who say, as I have already suggested, that if they win everything will be over, we will only be slaves. Perhaps even an Adolf Hitler could no longer call us back to life, to do what our Führer Adolf Hitler did. That would be unthinkable.

A Jewish newspaper in Holland wrote: “This is the final battle, and this final battle can end in only one way: Either the German people or the democracies will win. If the German people are not defeated, we Jews must die. If we win, we will present the German people and the whole world with a big bill.” That means: If we get them by the neck, we will slaughter them as pitilessly as we previously slaughtered animals. That is what the Jew says. We know what the Führer said during the Kampfzeit: If National Socialism does not succeed in restoring the German people to health and arm it in order to provide lasting security, everything is over. Then those Germans who are not murdered will work as slaves somewhere in the world, serving the Jewish people.

Look back over these twenty years. Here in this city and in Franconia, I have always preached what today you see has become fact. Remember how I was laughed at when I started to say in this very hall: “The Jew is the archenemy of the German people and of humanity. Remember how hard we worked to tell workers that they should realize that the Jew created the Red organizations, how hard we worked in this city and in Franconia to make it clear that we could only be happy if we destroyed the Jews. Look at Germany today! There are still Jews among us, about 2,500 in Nuremberg, but none in the countryside, and those who are here are old. Is not Germany more beautiful and different? It is not wonderful to see a German lad next to a German girl? Was it not terrible when we saw the bloom of young womanhood at the side of a crooked Jew and were unable to do anything about it? Remember how the Jew once practiced racial defilement, but how today it is impossible to corrupt the blood of the German people and its young womanhood, as once he did.

Things are different in Germany. The enemy is on the ground. But this we know: As long as the Jew has power among other peoples there can be no peace. We do not want war against the English and French peoples. A Jewish newspaper recently carried a letter, which you can read, it was found in Prague, and this Jewish newspaper wrote: “Our representative in England is Hore Belisha. He represents Jewish interests in England, not those of the English people. He will become the single ruler in England” That is what the Jew wrote. The head of the French government is Dalidier, but behind him is the Jewish Minister of Education in charge of the youth and a Jewish state secretary. And other ministers with Jewish blood. The Jews in the government forced the peoples to march to war. Believe me, when you look at the pictures of laughing French prisoners, we know that such prisoners can laugh only when they are not fighting for an idea. They marched into the field for the Jew. In France people say: Why are we fighting Germany, which has nothing against us. In England a number of men say that it is a crime to march against Germany. But that is what the Jew wants.

That is what I tried to hammer into you over twenty years in my speeches and in my fighting newspaper Der Stürmer. For twenty years I said: “The Jew is our misfortune!” For twenty years I said: “Peoples that follow the Jews collapse.” England and France are going down a hard path. They are collapsing because of the Jew.

We will see each other again, whether in this hall or another. I wish I could prophesy to you. I prophesied as we still preached in the wilderness after the war: We will win, and also as we were shot down before the Feldherrnhalle [during Hitler’s 1923 Beer Hall Putsch] and our flags were drenched with blood and some took off their brown shirts because they had lost their faith. Even then I said that we would win, for we have faith and a flag sanctified by blood. So far we have been victorious, we have defeated our domestic enemy. Do you believe that this splendid German people that has accomplished such wonderful things over the last twenty years can be destined to be destroyed by Jewish-led democracies? World history would then have no meaning.

But world history has a different meaning. Its meaning, which is being fulfilled, is found in a prophesy written on parchment that is in a museum somewhere in the Reich capital. Hundreds of years ago someone found a prophecy on parchment in a monastery in Brandenburg. A monk wrote it, and one shudders when one reads it. He said that something great would happen to the German people around the year 2000. It would first be thrown to the ground, lying bleeding, and beg for help. This people would then arise again, it will receive a leader, and this leader will lead it to happy times. The enemy of the German people, the Jew, is wading through an ocean of blood toward world domination. He will have to die.

It is the prophesy of a visionary. That is why I believe it. And I believe one thing more: A bastard people is not destined to rule over those of sound blood. The German spirit will restore the world. Visionaries of the past have always said: “The German spirit will heal the world.” The time will come when prisoners will not have their eyes gouged out and their ears cut off, when the good guides the age, and the Germans will bring about this age. If there is a chosen people in this world, it is the German people.

We must hammer that into our children, just as we sing “Germany above all in the world.” We must tell our children: “You belong to the chosen German people. We are the brains of the world, our technological achievements are amazing. When the Americans make this or that remarkable thing, it is from German blood that emigrated, and when there were soldiers during the World War who were ready to fight for America, they were of German blood. The German spirit will heal the world. The German people has proven over the centuries that it has character because it has the noblest blood. The time will come when those peoples that believe themselves able to rule us will be thankful that they can drink from the well of German strength and the German soul. Perhaps some people that today is branded as a robber people will later be restored by blood it has received from Germany. The blood of such a robber people is corrupt, filthy. If this blood is once again freed, when the empire has collapsed, this people will perhaps recognize that it is not called to domination, but rather to common action for the great German idea. Then one can say that the German spirit has healed the world.” In the times in which we live, that is what we must say to our children.

In such times we must dedicate ourselves to a great idea. For us old fighters, the greeting “Heil Hitler” is like a prayer. When we meet each other and say “Heil Hitler,” we do it not from habit. This greeting has great significance for us. “Heil Hitler” for us is a call that goes out to the German people as a prayer, and so should it resound through the city of the Reich Party Rallies and through all of Germany: Adolf Hitler, may the blessing of Heaven be with you in the coming days. Sieg Heil!

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