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Background: Julius Streicher is most known as the leading anti-Semite of the Third Reich (after Hitler, of course). This is a speech delivered in Nuremberg on 4 July 1939, two months before World War II began. Streicher had just returned from two months of recuperation after a skiing accident. He was also fighting for his political life, since he had ruled Nuremberg in ways that even alarmed his fellow Nazis. In February 1940, a tribunal of fellow Nazi Gauleiter would rule him unfit for leadership, and he was forced to leave Nuremberg for the remainder of the Third Reich, although Hitler guaranteed him the resouces needed to continue to publish his weekly Der Stürmer.

This speech presents a fairly typical Nazi outlook on world affairs just prior to the outbreak of World War II.

The source: Fränkische Tageszeitung, 5 July 1939, pp. 3-4.

The Führer Is with the People, and the People Is with the Führer!

by Julius Streicher

My dear fellow people’s comrades

If those who wished me ill had had their way, I would not be here. It was not easy for me to lie still in bed for eight weeks and follow the doctor’s orders. My longing for Nuremberg, and for you, kept growing. I wanted to return and look into your honest faces.

Passing through the row of torches held by your youth moved me deeply. Whenever one thinks of the reward that we old fighters want and hope to receive for our work, for our loyalty to the Führer, I can only say this: Our reward is not in material things, but rather in the love of the people for whom we have fought. The best reward for me has been the smiling faces of your children, your cheers, and everything else I experienced on the way here!

At this festive moment, our thoughts turn to larger matters. A few days ago on June 28 we remembered that day twenty years ago when we were forced to sign the Versailles peace dictate. We remember with pride the men who rejected this so-called peace treaty, which we were forced to sign. There were others like Hershberger who signed their names to it. That did not surprise us, since those who grew up in a parliamentary system had no character left, no feeling for the nation’s honor.

The German people was told that the treaty would bring with it democratic justice. The misled masses believed that the Treaty of Versailles would create the foundation for world peace. Even in this ancient German city, people rejected those who protested against signing the dictates of Versailles. Citizen opposed citizen. In those days, a Frenchman could write: “The German people is wallowing like sow in its filth.” Years of hatred between brothers, years of shame and misery followed.

Then Adolf Hitler rose up and presented his program! It was a program that did not advance the prosperity of a class or a party, but rather one whose fulfillment would bring blessing to the entire German people. The German people’s community grew out of hard, unceasing battle. This people’s community gave us the strength to once more find the path.

If we ask today what has become of Adolf Hitler’s program, we have to say that it has largely been fulfilled. Just a few examples. We promised to destroy Jewry. Today, the Jew has been defeated! The Reich Bank, once in private hands, represented the interests of International Jewry rather than those of the German people. Now, it has returned to Reich ownership. Then there were the Nuremberg Laws. They were announced in this city and carry its name. You Nurembergers can be forever proud of that.

We have learned from the Führer that one must wait if he wants to accomplish one goal after another. It was first necessary to create a new Germany army. Under its protection, one point after another of the party program was fulfilled. Although we still do not have our colonies back, that is not our fault. One thing, however, is sure: The day will come when we are once again a great colonial power. He who is honest has to grant that we have done what we promised to do!

Because of Adolf Hitler we have become a people once more, and a nation that no longer has to go begging to other nations, but rather one that can demand its rights with its own strength. Adolf Hitler has made us so strong in just a few years that other countries no longer dare to attack us.

Just as today in England a Jew can receive the title of lord, so, too, the former German Kaiser ennobled his court Jews.

Just as the German imperial house was ruined by its relations with Jewry, so, too, will the English people, who have long been ruled by the Jews, be destroyed by them. Proud England will meet the same end that it prepared for the Kaiser! Today England agitates against a new Germany, seduced by the Jews. One gets very excited about each Jew who commits suicide, thereby entirely forgetting that England’s blockade starved thousands of German women and children during the World War. Today, no one in England wants to remember that it continued the blockade after the war despite all the promises of the Treaty of Versailles!

We know that the English and French peoples do not wish for war with Germany. The Jew is the one who wants war! To those attempting to encircle us by building anew the same alliance one brought against us in 1914 we say: What was possible then is no longer possible today! The German people is different today than it was in 1914, and its leadership is different than it was in 1914. In the British Isles, too, people realize that in the age of the air force, there are no longer any islands. Thus, they turn for help to where the Jew, as the Devil incarnate, rules. Who would have thought that once proud Albion would beg for support for months in Moscow?

In recent weeks, we have seen people abroad trying to make a distinction between the German people and its leadership, just as they did in the period just before the takeover of power. Then they said: The German people is being raped! It wants nothing to do with Nazism! Today, they promise wonderful things to the German people if they will only desert Adolf Hitler.

However, the German people has learned from the past. It knows that such promises are lies. The German people and its leadership are united. It is ridiculous to attempt to separate the people from Adolf Hitler. The Führer is with the people, and the people is with the Führer!

There have always been alliances between peoples, but never before one like the one that unites the German and the Italian peoples! This alliance is without guile. The other side, however, has no trust. The negotiations in Moscow prove that each is ready to betray the other. We have our Führer, and the Italian people has its Duce. Providence sent these two men at the right moment. They will bend the world to their wills!

I am happy that 120 people’s comrades from Danzig are with us today. Let me assure you: Danzig will become German, and we in Nuremberg will support you when you need us.

It is wonderful to see how other peoples are growing nervous about the Jews, even as their governments seek to encircle us. We are completely at ease, and trust our leadership completely. Poland can be as crazy as it wishes. We know that fear is behind all the noise. If Polish newspapers write that two regiments of Polish cavalry would be enough to drive Gauleiter Forster from Danzig, we can only laugh. We know Gauleiter Forster. He comes from our Gau and went to our school! It is just as ridiculous when Poland attempts to denigrate German blood, saying that men like the immortal Field Marshall Hindenburg or Commander of the Army von Brauchitsch have Polish blood only because they come from the eastern part of the Reich.

We believe that all those who rise against us today will be defeated. With this faith we march into the future, proudly, calmly, and trusting fully in the Führer. I am happy that I had the opportunity upon returning to Franconia to speak seriously, but also confidently, to you. We have always seen clearly at critical moments, and in hard times we have always proven ourselves strong men and women. Today we can say: Should something happen that we do not wish for or want, we will stand together in an unbreakable community.

Never again during hard times will it be possible for a few to live well while others suffer. In such times, we will be sure that the same duties, and the same rights, apply to all. I urge you: March with us whom fate has made the political leaders of our wonderful Franconia. Follow the Führer with the same faith as always. Give to him your floral bouquets at the coming Reich Party Rally of Peace. Our greeting to the Führer should rise up to the heavens like a prayer: Our Führer: Sieg Heil!

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