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Background: The Nazi Party depended heavily on speakers to get its mesage across, particularly when the party wanted to say things that would be awkward to say in the mass media, which were accessible to foreigners. The speakers needed to be kept up-to-date. The Redner-Schnellinformation [Speakers’ Express Information], published by the party propaganda headquarters, provided speakers with guidelines for immediate campaigns. This is a translation of an issue dated 18 May 1943, in the midst of one of the party’s periodic anti-Semitic campaigns. It formed the basis for public speeches throughout Germany.

What I find particularly striking in the article is the quotation by a British sailor, hoping that Hitler will soon eliminate five million Jews. It is more vivid and specific than any other public statement I’ve found in Nazi rhetoric. For more information on the topic, see my article “The Argument for Genocide in Nazi Propaganda,” Quarterly Journal of Speech 91 (2005), 37-62. See also the instructions to the German press on this campaign.

The source: “Judendämmerung in aller Welt!,” Redner-Schnellinformation, Lieferung 60, 18 May 1943.

Twilight of the Jews throughout the World!

In his 8 May article in Das Reich titled “The War and the Jews,” Reich Minister Dr. Goebbels wrote:

None of the Führer’s prophetic words has come so inevitably true as his prediction that if Jewry succeeded in provoking a second world war, the result would be not the destruction of the Aryan race, but rather the wiping out of the Jewish race. This process is of vast importance, and will have unforeseeable consequences that will take time. But it can no longer be halted.

His words over recent weeks have confirmed by increasingly striking anti-Semitic statements in all nations. Even enemy nations, above all England and America, are no exception. There is increasing evidence that the widest circles of the citizenry of these countries are realizing that:

  1. All the misery, all the suffering, and all the shortages caused by this war are exclusively of Jewish origin, and that the war itself is the work of the Jews;
  2. The Jews cleverly keep themselves far from any battle or sacrifice of their own blood, but play a leading, and generally criminal, role in the public life of those nations affected by the war.

For tactical political reasons, it would be unwise to emphasize this growing knowledge of the Jews in our press and radio, since that would have the danger of encouraging those enemy nations, thanks to their exclusively Jewish leadership, to combat further growth of this view with all the resources at their command. It is, therefore, appropriate that our speakers present this to our German people in meetings and mass meetings. It offers a particularly good opportunity to present our constant warnings against and accusations of the Jews using new and interesting material. For the first time, we here present a series of enemy and neutral voices on the theme of “recognizing the Jews.”

The English journalist Swaffer, who works for the Labour Party newspapers People and Daily Herald, wrote a series of pro-Jewish articles for the English publication Worlds Press News. As the journalist later said, these hymns of praise for the Jews were a sort of “trial balloon” through which he wanted to get a clear picture of public opinion on the matter. Mr. Swaffer’s experiment was a complete success. He himself reported on the results in later articles.

Among the many letters, there was a flood of angry rejections of his praise of the Jews. According to one letter:

“It interesting to see you dance to the music of your Jewish masters. But it’s a good thing that the English people is finally recognizing the slumbering Jewish danger in its midst. I hope the knowledge continues to grow.”

Another reply went as follows:

“I do not know your nationality, but as long as you live in England, enjoy England’s protection, and are paid in English currency, you should try to be English. It’s enough that England was forced into this war against its will, which serves no other purpose than to protect Jewish financial interests. I hope that anti-Semitism takes hold everywhere in England. For too long, Jewish finance, Jewish speculation, and Jewish financial criminals and war profiteers have controlled us. The Jews in England have become a plague. In the future, our government should offer them no protection and no entrance visas. As a race, the Jews are cowardly, dirty, unpatriotic, and egocentric. We know only too well that our sons are fighting for Jewish England, and that they are cannon fodder for the Jews.”

A sailor in the English navy answered the journalist in this way:

“Are you a Jew yourself, or is there some special reason why you dance to the Jewish tune? The sooner Hitler destroys those 5 million Jews, the better off the world will be. Let us lift our glasses and drink to the day that there are no Jews left in the world.”

Just as striking are the following statements by other readers:

“Don’t you have anything better to do than to waste valuable paper by defending a human race that sees earning money as the only thing that is worthwhile? The Jews exploit England’s hospitality. One almost wants to ask how much the Chief Rabbi paid you to write your article.”

“Christianity teaches that the Jews are good for nothing. The Jewish religion, however, teaches that they are the Chosen People to whom one day all the other peoples will be subordinate. Such a doctrine raises our suspicions. Since the Jews are systematically raised to be arrogant, is no surprise that no one likes them.”

“The growing opposition to the Jews in England can be traced to the ‘poor’ Jewish refugees from Germany. We gave them shelter, freedom, jobs, and a chance to earn money while our men have to fight and die at the front. The whole British public has noticed that not a week passes without one of these immigrant Jews being revealed as a black marketer or a financial scoundrel.”

The Swedish newspaper Dagposten, in its 8 May edition, carried a long article about growing anti-Jewish opinions in England. The reporter writes that England proves the old truth: Anti-Semitism becomes epidemic wherever there are a lot of Jews.

In mid-April, the Daily Mirror carried a story that complained fervently about the many refugees of all stripes in England, primarily the Jews, “who steal the world from God himself,” while the English are either serving in the military or engaged in hard physical labor.

On 1 April, the News Chronicle reported on the obnoxious behavior of the Jews in a fancy spa in the north of England. Even the rabbi of the Jewish community, in the face of a strikingly large number of Jewish spa visitors, had to strongly warn his co-religionists to be less obvious in public so as to avoid arousing hostile reactions.

Particularly interesting in this connection, the organ of a British association supporting economic, social, and political reform carried a major piece on the dangerous economic and political influence of Jewish world capital.

The paper came to the conclusion that the methods of Jewish capital domination over the economic and social life of the world’s independent nations leads to a latent, long lasting condition of war that is responsible for all the miseries and conflicts. The paper presented this clear example:

“A telephone call from London can lead to the manufacture of a certain machine part, formerly made in Germany, in some country on the other side of the world. The affected firm in Germany thus loses what may have been its best customer. We give Germany as an example, since it best demonstrates the results. If this action is multiplied, the country soon has no trade with its neighbors, but instead suffers under growing debt piled on it by the same profit-hungry usurious financial figures. The suffering country has no other choice but self-reliance, a noble goal, but one that the financiers hate since it robs them of lucrative business. The suffering country uses its raw materials for its own purposes, and it is understandable that it builds a reserve of war materials in case it is attacked by countries controlled by monopoly finance. As long as there are two competing financial systems in the world, there will always be potential cause for war between the respective nations.”

This article caused the Jewish Chronicle, the Jewish organ in London, considerable excitement. The paper claimed that the line of thinking repeated here was “unhealthy,” and called it dangerously anti-Semitic. The Jewish paper thus itself revealed that the criminal economic methods described in the article are, in fact, the Jewish norm.

This wisdom revealed by this British association is nothing new to those who know the Jews. The Jews themselves have said for a long time that their whole purpose and goal is to enslave the world through economic, social, and political misery. War is always an opportunity to them for big business, which is why they want wars. The Jew Dr. Martin Eli Rawage wrote this about his own race in the New York monthly The Century Magazine in January 1928 :

“We are the ones who incite world wars, and the main beneficiaries of such wars.” [This was a favorite Nazi quote, though the article cited is clearly satiric in intent.]

Georg Bernhard, formerly a widely known press Jew in Germany, wrote on 1 September 1938 in the Jewish weekly Die neue Weltbühne, at the time published in Paris:

“It cannot go on like this. If a new world war does not break out in the near future, 150,000 or 200,000 Jews will have to emigrate.”

The Jew Bernhard’s longings were followed a half a year later by this triumphant conclusion of the London Jewish paper Jewish Chronicle of 3 March 1939:

“The Jewish Question is being discussed by statesmen in a way more acute and compelling than ever before in the history of the world. They can do whatever they want, but the nations of the earth well never be able to get away from this question. The Jewish serpent will show its hydra’s heads everywhere, blocking the way to a relaxation of international tensions. We Jews will not allow peace in the world, however hard statesmen and peace advocates try to bring it about.”

This claim by the Jewish Chronicle is consistent with two other Jewish declarations which as far back as 1934 proclaimed Jewish war against Germany. Emil Ludwig Cohn, the classic example of a Jewish emigrant gifted at incitement, wrote in the American magazine Les Annales:

“Hitler does not want war, but he will be forced into it. England will have the last word, just as it did in 1914.”

In the same year, the Jewish magazine Natche Retsch wrote:

Our Jewish interests demand the final destruction of Germany. The German people itself is a danger to us. It is therefore impossible to allow Germany to grow strong under its current government.”

Jewish hatred toward us corresponds to our goal. One always meets people who want to believe that our constant claims that this war is a matter of “either/or” are not accurate. These mental midgets unable to see beyond their noses believe that a compromise peace would not be all that bad for the German people.

This ignores the fact that the Jews who brought about this war think of us with blind hatred and total opposition. For them, there is no end to the war short of the total destruction of all German life. That is why Th. N. Kaufman wants to sterilize the German people, or why another Jewish apostle of hatred, writing in England, calls for the complete extermination of the German people. A third plan known to us involves the deportation of all German children, and is motivated by the same blind hatred. Finally, the clear intention of our big capitalist-plutocratic opponents in England and America is to give Germany and Europe over to murderous Soviet terror. That is the plan of World Jewry, which unleashed this war and directs it through its puppet statesmen in England, America, and the Soviet Union.

In England and America, the realization is spreading that the Jew alone is behind this war and all of its terrible suffering. This will fulfil the prophecy in the essay by Reich Minister Dr. Goebbels that was quoted at the beginning of this essay:

“We are convinced that at the end of the war Jewry will face a humanity that fully understands the Jewish Question.”

This understanding is advancing in giant steps. At the beginning of this month, an article in the Swedish newspaper Folkets Dagbladet, datelined Washington, reported that according to official statistics published in the New York World Telegram the number of Jews in New York has grown from 1,760,000 to 2,206,000. That means that every fifth New Yorker today is a strongly religious Jew. This statistic includes only religious Jews. In truth, the Jewish percentage of the city has to be significantly higher.

This, too, indicates growing anti-Semitism. The Swedish newspaper reported that recently, growing numbers of leaflets have been spread, pointing to a secret organization opposed to the Jews.

The same thing is evident in Argentina, South Africa, and in all the other nations not involved in the war. As we know from our own struggle in Germany, the Jews are attempting to combat this growing awareness. On the one hand, the rabbis work hard to warn the Jews against standing out too much. They also try to persuade the Jews not to be so open in making money through of the war. However, they know only too well that anti-Semitism cannot be eliminated in that way, since the Jew is unable to change his inner nature. Wherever one does not give him a good kick and keep him down, he grows arrogant and obnoxious, using every available opportunity to commit crimes of corruption, black marketering, hoarding, raising prices, and other such crimes.

They thus quickly turn to the old familiar tactic of shouting that they are persecuted innocents, encouraging their puppet statesmen to pass laws protecting the Jews.

In London, they organized a “Conference to Combat the Danger of Anti-Semitism.” The Daily Herald reported on the conference, and complained that “anti-Semitism is spreading like poison in the whole body politic.” The conference concluded with a call to make spreading anti-Semitic ideas a crime punishable by law. Formerly, anti-Jewish statements could be prosecuted only as seditious statements. Anti-Semitism itself was not illegal. Now the Jews are demanding legal protection. At the same time, they demand that the British government make the radio available for “educational talks” on the Jewish Question so that people will understand the “plague of anti-Semitism.”

This is the old cry of the criminal who shouts “Stop thief” to divert attention from himself.

It will do them no good. Their own behavior insures that they will be seen through more and more. In these nations, too, people will finally realize that there is only one way to peace, namely the one expressed in the words of a National Socialist poet of our day:

Peoples, Awake! To end the misery,
Judah, the ancient enemy, must fall!
Ours is the victory over misery and death:
Freedom and peace for us all!”

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