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Background: One of the recurring Nazi anti-Semitic campaigns began in May 1943. Goebbels introduced it with a lead article in Das Reich titled “The War and the Jews.” Soon after, this remarkable document appeared. The Deutscher Wochendienst was a weekly publication aimed at magazine editors, providing more in-depth treatment than the Zeitschriften-Dienst (also intended for magazine editors). Both came from the same office. It is a summary of Nazi anti-Semitic argumentation at a critical point in the war. Although much of the killing of the Holocaust was completed, the Nazis were still focusing on anti-Semitism. For someone looking for a scholarly project, it would be interesting to trace how these directives were followed in German magazines.

There is an analysis of this issue available: G. Bording Mathieu, “The Secret Anti-Juden-Sondernummer of 21st May 1943,” The Leo Baeck Institute Year Book, XXVI (1981), pp. 291–300. Although I seldom include German originals of textual material on this site, this is so rare and so significant that I am providing the original in this case.

The source: Deutscher Wochendienst, 21 May 1943 (# 8838-8846).

Strictly Confidential ——— Not for Publication


Anti-Jew Special Edition

The Goal: An Anti-Jewish Periodical Press

[8838]: German magazines currently have a unique opportunity to lead the anti-Jewish world battle. Since the Jews influence all areas of economic and cultural life in the most varied countries in the world, each magazine can address the theme from its area. We repeat once again that the claim that the German people knows enough about the Jews and does not need further education is in no way accurate. Even in domestic propaganda work, only constant hammering of familiar truths can drive this truth into the whole people and persuade it to act on it.

The effect abroad is currently even more important than domestically. The effect abroad even of a very small magazine is often underestimated. Perhaps an issue reaches the hands of foreign experts, or parts of the content become known abroad by citation, or in the form of letters that influence opinion beyond the borders of our fatherland. Think of the many foreign workers here, most of whom understand German and can read German. Although they may not get very many German magazines, there are still discussions between them and German workers who regularly read your magazine. Foreigners become conscious of the content of your magazine and it ends up in many daily letters going abroad. One may not underestimate the impact of such personal, intimate propaganda. What a father, brother, or friend writes to French, Belgians, Danes, Norwegians, and Ukrainians is truth itself for many. And these discussions make it into the enemy press, as this issue shows. Our propaganda has provoked anti-Jewish discussions in England, for example.

Our propaganda against the Jews can only be fully successful if the whole German press, meaning all newspapers and magazines together and simultaneously, reveal over several months the Jewish danger and the necessity of defeating it.

Since their beginnings, the Zeitschriften-Dienst and the Deutscher Wochendienst have provided their subscribers with information on the Jewish danger. We refer to recent issues like Nr. 196, where section 8314 discussed Bolshevism as a tool of Jewry in “When the Jew has Power” and 8315, which shows how Europe is resisting the Jews. We further refer to edition #204, with a lot of material on the theme “Jews are Criminals” under heading 8615, with examples from history. And in edition #207 (8712) which provided solid material to prove that the mass murder at Katyn was not an isolated case of Jewish hatred against the Poles, but rather a conscious continuation of Jewish policy against all Gentiles (“Judah Wants to Murder Europe’s Peoples”).

Collected Material:

To save editors the work of going through past years of the Zeitschriften-Dienst and the Deutscher Wochendienst searching for anti-Jewish material, we here provide updated and revised material on the most important anti-Jewish themes that we have previously covered. This issue also contains references to anti-Jewish literature. Every German county seat has a library that will have some of the many books mentioned here. Our intent is not that editors should pile hundreds of books on their desks, but rather use at least some of the many books that are available anywhere.

On Using this Material:

This special edition of the Deutscher Wochendienst may not be glanced through and then disappear forever into the filing cabinet. Rather, it is to be looked at each day and used to plan the next issue of each magazine. Our goal is that in the coming months each magazine page will in some way refer to the Jewish problem. It is less important to carry major articles on the topic than to make clear the activities of these human parasites through constant examples from Jewish history. Furthermore, each editor is to be sure that every statesman, businessman, scientist, artist, etc., who is a Jew, and every company, every bank, every concern of any type that is in Jewish hands or is led by a Jew, is clearly and openly identified. For example, always say the Jew Litvinov, the Jew Kaganovitsch, the Jew Rathenau, the Jewish bank Rothschild, the Jewish publisher Mosse, the Jewish newspaper the New York Times. However, never call a person or a company Jewish that is not Jewish. That must be followed with scrupulous exactness.

Political Magazines:

We want to give additional directives to magazines with a political nature or that carry political topics to provide additional themes. For example, cover Issac Adolphe Crémieux, the founder of the Alliance Israélite Universelle. He is the grave digger of modern France. And USA political leaders like the Jews Frankfurter and Rosenman are not examined enough. Jews in the Soviet Union are a constant theme for magazines. Some additional details. There was a Marxist conference in Zimmerwald, Switzerland in 1915 about bringing about a revolution throughout Europe. Aside from Lenin and Bersic, all of the twelve Russian participants were Jews, according to General Spirodovitsch’s book History of Bolshevism in Russia, which is based on official sources.

Jews have maintained their dominant influence in the Soviet Union to the present. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the October Revolution, Moscow’s Jews sent a message to Stalin that called him “Jehovah’s chosen one and the model for all Jews.” The 12-Uhr-Blatt has carried excellent material about the Jewdification of the Soviet Union, which we recommend. Nr. 111 of 10.5.43 provides the names of leading Jews in the GPU and internal commerce, in Nr. 112 of 11.5.43 the names of Jews in the armaments and agricultural industries, in Nr. 113 of 12.5.43 the names of Jewish commissars in the army and in foreign trade. We also recommend the following themes:

Immigrants in the USA (American Magazine recently established that Jewish immigrants from Europe brought five billion dollars to the United States over the last seven years. The magazine reports that thousands of Jews brought fortunes in the form of jewelry and valuables, then bought enormous factories or buildings. They invested their enormous fortunes in ways that make them increase automatically. The Jews brought $132 million in diamonds alone to the USA. The magazine expressed its open concern that Jewish immigrants have become “lords of the manor” at luxury resorts and behave in shameless ways.). — Jews and Arabs in Palestine (The rector of the Jewish university in Jerusalem has proposed a plan for Palestine that recommends two states, a Jewish and an Arab. This revives the so-called “Peel Plan,” which the Arabs have energetically opposed.). — Jews and the Mediterranean. (An estimated two million Jews live in the Mediterranean area. Besides Palestine, countless Jews live in North Africa, usually in ghettos. The Mohammedan population despises the Jews, resulting in frequent conflicts. The Jews gained full citizenship in Algeria and Morocco in 1830 through Crémieux’s efforts, which was seen by the Mohammedans as a great provocation. Citizenship was revoked in 1940, but was reintroduced after Roosevelt’s attack.). — Growing anti-Semitism in England. (Recently the News Statesman and Nation wrote: The growth of anti-Semitism in England and America is not generally known. It is intensifying above all in those parts of the population suffering most under the burdens of the war. What is new is that one can find anti-Semitic sentiments in circles where they previously were absent. Some see the Jews avoiding military service, others as active in the black market. Workers complain about anti-social attitudes among Jews. The business world is angriest, complaining about unfair methods and lust for profits by the Jews. Women who rent rooms and hotelkeepers despise the Jews and refuse them accommodation because they bring a certain unpleasant tone. All complain about how Jews defend themselves. If the Jew even thinks that he has been treated unfairly, he causes a great fuss. However, he has neither sympathy nor understanding for his fellow men. His egotism is so strong that he thinks only of himself, even in these hard times.).

For Business Periodicals:

Most articles about business can criticize the Jews and their conduct without being directly, openly, and primarily against the Jews.

Business has been mechanized by the Jewish spirit and alienated from its real goal: satisfying the needs of a national or local community. The Jew seeks his own material advantage more ruthlessly and unscrupulously than other races and nations. Jewish solidarity does not extend past its own tribe and racial community. They carry an international tendency in business, both in amassing capital and its opposite, international collectivism (communism). They strive for control of mobile (financial) capital and property (physical) capital. They were always there when a national or economic body was sick and weak: after military defeats, after revolutions, inflation, and natural catastrophes.

The Jews have no interest in or understanding for the government of host peoples. Indeed, they are hostile to it. They ceaselessly look for gaps in the law and exploit them for personal benefit. In comparison to their proportion in the general population, they are responsible for a very high percentage of smuggling, black marketeering, contraband goods, and the supply chain. They are active in speculation, artificial shortages, and usury. They deal in everything that has value, passports, identity papers, permits, documents, and are most of those involved in falsifying documents, counterfeiting, profiteering, and criminal bankruptcies. They ignore or get around price and quality controls. They are involved in fraud, spreading false information, fencing stolen goods, and similar crimes far beyond their percentage of the population.

The Jews are the opposite of “merchant princes” and traditional industrialists. They know no national considerations and connections and are ready at any time to corrupt the values of their host peoples when it is to their advantage. As factory owners they are often ruthless and unsympathetic, being uninterested either in the welfare of their employees or customers. They are deeply anti-social, taking consideration of their tools and employees only as long as it is to their advantage.

The following themes are appropriate for agricultural and forestry periodicals:

The shifting, homeless Jew is rare among farmers. He is not satisfied with the results of his own work. Only where land is an attribute of high social standing or outward appearance does the Jew appear as a landowner, hunting ground owner, etc.

Industrial and mining periodicals can take the following approach: The Jews have limited ability and inclination for hard physical labor. They avoid occupations where it is difficult to exploit the labor of others. They lack any professional pride.

Magazines for the trades can always note that Jews generally have limited ability and interest in the trades. There are good possibilities here for magazines in commerce and transportation. The Jews particularly prefer areas of commerce in which large and uncontrolled profits are possible. These include livestock trading, metals and ores, precious goods, antiques, used goods, grain, textiles, art, and pawnshops. They have primary responsibility for the decline in business ethics in these branches. They offer low prices when buying and demand, whenever possible, usurious prices when selling. They exploit the inexperience of their business partners. They are the opposite of “trustees.” They oppose fixed prices and try to bargain; whenever possible, they mislead their business partners about quality.

The Jews have a particular fondness for real estate (property speculation), which offers appropriate periodicals good opportunities for propaganda. They benefitted from the growth of large cities. Their specialty — particularly in difficult times — is buying and selling land and buildings. Rental property was also mostly in Jewish hands. The drive for profit without labor is particularly strong here.

The Jews have a preference for money and financial businesses. That can be discussed in banking magazines, an area that was previously heavily Jewdified. Jews were almost entirely absent from the credit union system, which was founded on mutual cooperation. The Jews sought influence on important industrial branches with the help of their positions in banking. The Jews had a particularly large role among founders of shady businesses.

For Social Policy Magazines:

Magazines in the social policy area have opportunities to conduct anti-Jewish propaganda on current topics, without carrying obviously anti-Jewish essays and articles. Here is an example typical of many social policy topics. We can look back this year on ten years of National Socialist social policy. In #8686, magazines were given various suggestions to compare the period before 1933 with the achievements of German social policy. These comparisons provide opportunity for clever anti-Jewish propaganda. The negative domestic consequences of a class struggle determined by the socialism of the System Era can be discussed, which was above all the result of Jewish-Marxist incitement of the workers. In contrast, today there is a united front of all productive Germans. Similar comparisons with Jewish ideology are possible between views of labor and achievement. Jewish thinking saw labor as drudgery in service of capitalists; today it is seen as honorable service on behalf of the whole people.

Women’s and family magazines have good opportunity to treat unhealthy Jewish influence on population issues, which the press leadership wants emphasized in magazines (see #8210 and #8542). National Socialism sees the woman as mother of the young generation, as the natural and best life comrade of the man, in contrast to the Jewish degradation of woman, which sees her as a subordinate creature — or crudely expressed — as an object of lust. Here one can consider the role of the Jews in prostitution, the leading Jewish role in the erotic literature of the System era, and numerous Jewish sexual crimes. The destructive Jewish influence is clearly seen in the attitude toward the motherly woman and the family. The mother to us is the model of renewing life; the concepts of mother and family are among the highest values of our ethnic culture. From the Aryan viewpoint, Jewish intellectualism leads only to the decay and destruction of marriage.

Such thinking should be inconspicuously present whenever the tasks of the woman in National Socialist Germany or our attitude toward women are discussed.

In this regard, editors are reminded that Jewish influence in the German women’s movement is best not made the subject of polemical discussions. It may be hard to make clear to the average reader that the outward achievements of Jews in the women’s movement result only from typical Jewish self-interest, from the desire to have their hand in everything.

For artistic periodicals:

Culture is one of the oldest areas of Jewish activity. Artistic periodicals must always make clear to their readers that attractive-sounding and seemingly objective cultural-historical formulations that come from a Jew always have a certain tendency. Their nature is their seeming objectivity. If one studies Occidental literature, for example for the period between 1830 and 1933, one can prove that European youth was brought by leaders of the Jewish spirit to a point where the individual young person no longer had values or a foundation. That was the crisis of the young European for many generations. He found a way out only when he finally came to natural ethnic values that gave him a worldview on which he could build his life. The Jew, on the other hand, sought to trap him in relativism, believing one intellectual current today, the opposite tomorrow, thus preparing the fruitful ground that could cut the individual from the ties of his family and his people, making of him a worker and exploiting his intelligence in an exclusively Jewish sense.

It must always be emphasized that there is never a creative Jewish culture. That can be proven by thousands of examples. The Jews surround a creative spirit, take him in hand, attempt to infect his thinking with theirs, and to clothe their own goals with the words and deeds of a genius. But they always remain imitators and never have a creative relationship with their host people. It would be false to ignore the role of the Jews in German intellectual history. Instead, one must emphasize it and show that what the Jew called freedom in the 19th century was never what the German means by freedom. The Jew understood how to use German Romanticism for his ends. We must demonstrate the subversive role of Jewry during the First World War to reveal the methods that he wants to use to attain victory. #8842 in the issue, titled “The Jews in Culture,” shows how the Jew used literature, theatre, music, film, and radio to achieve his ends. Magazines must show that the Jew is now using the same methods in England and America that gives him strength in times of crisis and always works against the host people and for his racial comrades.

Besides these directives, this special edition provides a wealth of material about politics, business, culture, and sections about the USA, England, and the Soviet Union that will suffice to fill your magazine for months with the anti-Jewish spirit that the press leadership currently must expect of each organ. The fruits of this propaganda work, which we emphasize once again, must be evident in each magazine: The German press must become an anti-Jewish press.

Themes of the Day

The Jews are guilty! [8839]


The constant task of all magazines is to make clear the racially and culturally destructive effects of the Jews in all areas. The last remnants of bourgeois sentimentality about the “poor Jews” must be eliminated. And the whole world must be educated about the Jews. Professional magazines have a particularly large role here.


STRESS: Each individual Jew, wherever he is and whatever he does, is guilty. There is no “decent Jew,” only more or less clever concealment. The Jew is a notorious criminal.

AVOID: Inaccurate charges of Jewish ancestry of individual politicians, scientists, and artists, since false information puts the credibility of the whole argument in question. If in doubt, find accurate information. Strictly avoid discussing religious issues! (e.g., “Was Christ a Jew?”)

Themes and Suggestions:


“The Jewish question is as old as the coexistence of this peculiar people with other peoples, who from the beginning rejected the Jewish people.” (Jüdisches Lexikon, v. III, p. 421.) Seneca (4 B.C. to 64 A.D.) stated: “The customs of that most accursed nation have gained such strength that they have now been received in all lands; the conquered have given laws to the conquerors.” Tacitus speaks of “this disgusting people” (deterriman gentem) in his histories. Theodor Mommsen, the greatest scholar of the history of the Roman Empire, wrote the following about the effects of the Jews in Antiquity: “The Jew is indifferent to the state; he is unwilling to give up his national peculiarities, which he willingly clothes with any nationality. In Antiquity, too, Jewry was an effective ferment of national decomposition.” He writes of Caesar’s period that: “How closely the Jews held together is shown by the remark of an author of this period that it was dangerous for a governor to offend the Jews in his province, because he might then certainly reckon on being hissed at after his return by the populace of the capital.” — Throughout the centuries there were repeated prosecutions of the Jews in France, England, Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Bohemia, Romania. Jews were expelled from Spain and Portugal in the 14th and 15th centuries.

Important historical judgments: Peter de Cluny (ca. 1146): “I do not recommend killing the Jews, but rather punishing their evils in an appropriate way. What is more just than to take from them what they took by fraud? They stole what they have in shameful ways, and worst of all they have not been punished for their insolence. It must be taken from them. — Everyone knows what I am saying. They fill their barns with grain, their cellars with wine, their pocketbooks with money, their chests with gold and silver, not by honorable farming, not through proper military service, not through any kind of useful employment, but through what they take from people by fraud, what they buy secretly from thieves, enabling them to sell the most valuable things for the lowest prices.”

Erasmus of Rotterdam (1487): “The poor man is robbed and swindled by the Jews. This can no longer be tolerated and may God have mercy. Jewish usurers reach into the smallest village, where they lend five guilders and take it back six-fold, interest is piled on interest and even more interest on top of that. The poor man loses everything that he has.” Martin Luther, table Talk: “Just as the magpie cannot stop its hopping and pecking or the serpent lose its fangs, so the Jew cannot stop killing Christians wherever he can.” (Erlangen Editions of Luther’s works, v. 62, p. 375.)

Giordano Bruno, Spaccio, Paris 1848: “It is true that I have never encountered similar views of justice, aside from wild barbarians, and I believe that they originated with the Jews, for they are such a pestilential, leprous, and dangerous tribe that they deserve to be exterminated before being born.”

Empress Maria Theresa (handwritten note in the Imperial Chancellery 1777): “Henceforth no Jew, whatever his name, should be allowed to remain here without my written permission. I know of no more harmful plague for the state than this nation, as it can reduce people to poverty through fraud, usury, and financial crimes, things that an honest man abhors. Therefore, as much as possible they are to be kept away and avoided.”

Voltaire, Dictionnaire philosophique and Essai sur les moeurs: “The Jews are an ignorant and barbarous people who have long united the most sordid avarice with the most detestable superstition and the most invincible hatred for every people by whom they are tolerated and enriched.” “The small Jewish nation dares spread an irreconcilable hatred against all nations; it revolts against all its masters. Always superstitious, always envious of the well-being enjoyed by others, always superstitious, crawling in misfortune, and insolent in prosperity.”

Domestic Politics:

The “Jewish question” after emancipation was encouraged by the American Constitution of 1787 and the French Revolution of 1789: Equality of the Jews on the basis of freedom and equality before the law. — Following Napoleon’s victories, emancipation in Hesse 1808, Frankfurt/Main 1811; complete lifting of barriers 1834; Baden 1808-1811; — Emancipation in Prussia through an edict of the king on 11 March 1812, Jews become full citizens; lifting of restrictions in Mecklenburg 1813. — Afterwards, many complaints, protests, and warnings, among others Goethe objected in 1823 to permitting mixed marriages: “All moral sensibilities in the family would be undermined by such a scandalous law.” Frederick Wilhelm IV: “Like Roland’s horn, I call to all noble, loyal men in Prussia to surround me as true liegemen, forgetting the smaller evil in the face of a greater, growing, dreadful evil.... The existence and rule of that vile Jewish clique with its following of silly and foolish dogs is such a misfortune for Prussia! The insolent band is attacking the roots of Germanic nature every day through speech, writing, and pictures.”

Last restrictions on the freedom of the Jews ended by the liberal revolution of 1848. — Proclamation of “Basic German Rights” in 1849, according to which civil or legal rights could not be granted or restricted because of religious (!) belief. — A cabinet order of the king of Prussia of 3 July 1869 lifted all limitations on the civil and legal rights of Jews, including “permission to hold office in all city and state bodies as well as public offices.” — Bismarck opposed this complete emancipation (speech in the United Parliament 1847): “I admit that I am full of prejudices; I have sucked them in, so to speak, with the mother’s milk and I cannot succeed in talking them away; if I should imagine having before me, as a representative of the King’s sacred majesty, a Jew whom I would have to obey, I must confess that I would feel deeply depressed and humiliated, that the feeling of pride and honor would leave me with which I now endeavor to discharge my duties towards the state. I share the feelings of the masses of the lower classes of the people and am not embarrassed by their society....”

Serious consequences from continuing Jewish emancipation. Statement by Heinrich von Treitschke in the Preußische Jahrbücher of November 1879: “Among the circles of highly educated men who reject any idea of church intolerance or national arrogance there rings with one voice: the Jews are our misfortune!” — Unwritten law prohibits unbaptized (!) Jews from high civil service positions and the officer corps. — The Jewish revolt of 9 November 1918 removes all barriers and demonstrates the power of the Jews over Germany. — This battle of the Jews to rule Germany is decisive for all Jews in the world, since the German people is the strongest carrier of Aryan cultural consciousness.

Jews infiltrate business, intellectual and cultural life, and then politics. After achieving political power, exploitation of it for intellectual and cultural foreign infiltration and economic exploitation (Example: Jews in the professions in Berlin 1933:

Percentage of Jews
Insurance doctors

In the legal faculty of the University of Berlin in 1931, 15 of 44 professors were Jews (34%); of the medical faculty, 118 of 265 professors and assistants were Jews (34%); 85 of 268 professors and assistants in the philosophy faculty were Jews (31%). — Attempts to assimilate the Jews fail from the beginning. Race is stronger than the desire to assimilate. Prudent Jews reject assimilation. —  The Jewish religious philosopher Martin Buber in his Drei Reden über das Judentum: “As there is a Jewish religion, so there is a Jewish nationality; it is demonstrated in the life of the Jews among the peoples.” — Walter Rathenau in his book Impressionen, Leipzig 1902: “More threatening is the social, the cultural question. He who wishes to see it should wander through the Tiergartenstraße at noon on Sunday or look into the lobby of a theater in the evening. Strange sight! There in the midst of German life is an alien and isolated race of men, loud and self-conscious in dress, hot-blooded and restless. An Asiatic horde on the sandy plains of Prussia. The forced cheerfulness of these people does not betray how much ancient, insatiable hatred rests on their shoulders. They do not realize that only an age that holds natural forces in chains protects them from what their fathers suffered. They hold together tightly, shut off from the rest of the world. — They live half-willingly in an invisible ghetto, not living members of the people, but rather an alien organism in its body.... It is an indisputable truth that the best Germans have a deep aversion to the Jewish nature and drives, which most of them do not say much about, admitting a few exceptions, but think it a peculiar natural phenomenon.” — The Jew Otto Weininger writes in his book Geschlecht und Charakter, 1903, of the “complete Jewish lack of understanding political thinking.”

The Jews in Germany differ from the life views of the German people politically, economically, socially, culturally, and morally. In politics they favor rootless liberalism. They support international pacifism and make propaganda for anti-state Marxism. In economic life they have a one-sided preference for commerce and dislike agricultural and physical labor. They prefer large cities where it is easier to earn money. Culturally, they are imitative, not creative, in theater, music, and film. Morally, they encourage eroticism in literature and art. Even in philosophy they promote immorality and pornography.

Jews as proponents of Marxism hostile to the state and people: Karl Marx (Mardochai), offspring of a rabbinic family, founder of the Marxism named after him. (The Jüdische Lexikon writes about another Jew, Moses Heß, born in 1812 in Bonn who was the intellectual ancestor of this doctrine: “ 1842 Heß founded the Rheinische Zeitung with left-leaning Hegelian radicals and was later its Paris correspondent. Here and in major theoretical essays during these years he represented an ethical communism hostile to the state, to which he won over those like Marx, Engels, and Bakunin from left-wing Hegelian radicalism. Heß became the father of modern socialism, “the communist rabbi.”) Marx is, in any case, the founder of the most extreme internationalism and pacifism, of economic communism, dialectical materialism, and the theory of class struggle. — 1848 publication of the Communist Manifesto: “The communists... openly declare that their ends can be obtained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.” — From Marx to the present, international Marxism is under Jewish leadership. — Marxism is simply the Jewish spirit. Prof. Gustav Mayer (Jew) wrote in the 25 April 1918 issue of the Neue jüdische Monatshefte: “With a spirit that overcame forever all supernatural forces because of its material nature, Marx was, without knowing it, in his deepest nature a Jew from the line of the prophets.”

The first Marxist politician in Germany: the Jew Johann Jacoby; founder of the first Social Democratic newspaper in Germany 1885: the Jew Karl Höchberg; Chair of the Social Democratic Party from 1890 to 1911: the Jewish clothing manufacturer Paul Singer, successor to the Jewish attorney Hugo Hasse; there were “only” 9 Jews in the leadership of the Social Democratic Reichstag faction, it became increasingly Jewish over time. — Marxist theoreticians are almost entirely Jews: Eduard Bernstein, Dr. Alfred Braun, Dr. Rudolf Hilferding, Jakob Stern, Simon Katzenstein, Rose Luxemburg, Dr. Alexander Helphand (Parvus), Max Beer —; the international Marxist scholarly journal (1883-1923) Neue Zeit. Revue des geistigen und öffentlichen Lebens had over 40 Jewish employees in 1905 — the entire Marxist party press is Jewish: Sozialistische Monatshefte: Joseph Block and Hermann Rehländer; Die neue Gesellschaft (weekly): Dr. Heinrich Braun; Der Sozialist: Gustav Landauer; Die Bücherwarte, Dr. Rubinstein; Frauenwelt, Tony Sender; Lachen links, Erich Kuttner, Das freie Wort, Ernst Heilmann; Die Gesellschaft (successor to Neue Zeit, which ceased publication in 1923): Dr. Rudolf Hilferding; Sozialdemokratische Pressedienst (founded 1920): Dr. Adolf Braun; Rote Fahne: Rosa Luxemburg; Vorwärts: Friedrich Stampfer; Freiheit: Dr. Rudolf Hilferding.

Jews as promoters of defeatism in the World War: The first mass meeting against national defense was on 13 August 1914 (!) in Hamburg, a declaration in the Social Democratic Echo signed by three Jews: Dr. Laufenberg, Dr. Herz, Wolfheim. — The Jew Hugo Haase voted as the leader of 14 Social Democratic representatives within the faction against approving the war loan on 4.8.1914. — On 24 March 1916 18 SPD members voted against the war loan, led by six Jews: Bernstein, Dr. Cohn, Haase, Dr. Herzfeld, Stadthagen, and Wurm. — Jews as founders of the USPD 1917. — Jews as leaders of the “Spartakus Bund”). — Jews as revolutionaries paid from abroad: The Jewish Soviet ambassador Joffe said openly in December 1918 that he gave Reichstag representative Dr. Oskar Cohn over 10 million rubles, which “Herr Cohn used to support the German revolution.” (After 11 November 1918 Cohn was under secretary in the Reich Ministry of Justice, and at the same time legal advisor to the Soviet embassy! Later this Jewish criminal condemned the “war criminals” Hindenburg and Ludendorff in Leipzig!) — Successor to the Jew Joffe was the Soviet Jew Tadek (Sobelsohn), who helped found the “Soviet Republic” in Munich (April 1919, whose members were exclusively Jews): Levin, Leviné-Nissen, Kurt Mühsam, Ernst Toller, Gustav Landauer (massacre in Munich).

Jews as traitors: “Germany —and this is our firm will as socialists — should lower its war flags forever, without having brought them back victoriously for the last time.” The Jew Stampfer in Vorwärts, 20 October 1918. — The Vossiche Zeitung was published by the Jewish Ullstein Verlag, headed by the Jew Georg Bernhard. In a company memorandum that was received by, among others, a business partner in Düsseldorf, the paper was characterized in this way: “The Vossische Zeitung is the paper with the best chances in Düsseldorf. The newspaper is treated generously by the French occupation authorities because it is known that the Vossische Zeitung is the only newspaper in Germany that favors good relations with France. The French occupation authority knows that the unrestricted sale of the Vossiche Zeitung is no danger....”

The Jew Richard Grelling, author of the notorious books J’accuse and Das Verbrechen, that supposedly proved Germany’s guilt for the war. The book J’accuse, in particular, did enormous harm to the German people, as even the Jewish magazine Das Tagebuch had to admit in 1929: “A few days ago Dr. Richard Greller, author of the most notorious of all the books on the war, the title of which was borrowed from Zola’s J’accuse, died in Florence. It is still not known in Germany how famous this book was at the time. It was translated into almost as many languages as the Bible and like the Bible encouraged patriotic fighters on the other side in their faith in the sacredness of their cause, strengthening their crusade against the German ‘heathens’....” — Maximilian Harden’s harmful effects: “Harden and the other Independent Social Democrats contributed . . . to wearing down the moral resistance in the German people and strengthening the intention of our enemies to hit us as hard as possible. He called the German people’s resistance to the Versailles peace conditions ‘complete insanity.’ With the help of these allies in Germany, our enemies forced the so-called peace treaty on us and held us down....” (The famous historian Hans Delbrück in his book Kautsky und Harden, Berlin 1920.)

Kurt Tucholsky (alias Peter Panter, alias Theobald Tiger), the worst and most despicable Jew in this group, railed against everything that was and is holy to the German people. His hatred against German soldiers was particularly despicable: “The moral conduct of the German officer corps in war has to be said to be entirely lacking. . . . Instead there was sneaky and silent corruption in the moral realm: one had women, crates to ship home, medals, and devilish arrogance.... The evil spirit of the German officer corps naturally colored everything below....” (“Offizier und Mann,” pp. 38-51.) — “The influence of the bad spirit of the officers on German women aides was, to quite a favorite word of a lieutenant, ‘devastating.’ Many of the young women were ruined after they returned home.... The German officer, and those in the ranks, were masters at treating whores as ladies and ladies as whores....” (“Of Little Girls,” pp. 134-136.)

A Jewish confession of shirking: “For three and a half years of war, I shirked whenever I could — and I regret that I did not, like the great Karl Liebknecht, get up the courage to say no and refuse military service. I am ashamed of this. I employed many means in order not to be shot and in order not to shoot.” — Defaming the sacrifice of those who fell: “The lowest type of man, the military chaplains of the major confessions, assured then that their behavior was absolutely moral. The victims of this mass insanity should not be criticized, but rather mourned. They died for filth.” Confession of treason: “For us radical pacifists ... if the peace of Europe, if our consciences demand, and I speak with full awareness of what I am saying, there is no secret the German military has that I would pass on to an enemy power if it seemed necessary to preserve peace....”

Fighting World Jewry [8840]

It is becoming ever clearer that World Jewry is waging this war with boundless hatred against Aryan humanity, against its spirit, against its worldview, against its culture. The Jewish puppet-masters in London, New York, and not least in Moscow prepared this war through shameless incitement of the peoples to war so that they raised their weapons against the Aryan powers of this earth. World Jewry systematically expanded this war in the hopes of gaining victory by exhausting its Aryan opponent.

World Jewry appears in this pitiless struggle in three ways: First as Jew, second as the Jewish related plutocrat, and third as the Jewish Bolshevist. The Aryan resistance is concentrated primarily in the Three Power Pact members, Germany, Italy, and Japan.

What is World Jewry fighting for? For millennia, nothing less than absolute Jewish world domination. This is already absolutely clear in the “Old Testament,” even if concealed by religion. Over the course of the millennia the Jew often seemed close to his goal, only to be stopped by Aryan peoples. Today, too, Jewry is striving for world domination. British and American plutocrats on the one side and Bolshevism on the other have outwardly different political goals, but that is only Jewish deception. The Jew strives for world domination so that he can rob and plunder the world to his own benefit without resistance or hindrance.

Aryan humanity, on the other hand, represented by the currently strongest Aryan people, the Germans, is striving for a just peace, the foundation for a great, constructive life force. The Aryan does not fight for world domination, proven clearly through the Three Power Pact that provides large living spaces for the peoples involved, which they can control without the danger of constant conflicts.

More than ever, today’s powerful human, racial, worldview, political, and cultural battle between World Jewry and Aryan humanity proves the true background to this gigantic struggle.


Each must know why and for what this war is being waged. He must know the background, for from this knowledge grows the strength to accept any demand necessary to win final victory. And he must now only understand the background, but also see the unnatural and foreign Jewish spirit in order to recognize and be conscious of his own true nature.


STRESS: It is irrelevant in which form attacking Jewry shows itself, be it as the plutocratic clique around Churchill in London, or as the Jewish-led Comintern, or the Jewish-led Soviet government, or as warmongers in the form of the imperialism of the high-level Freemason Roosevelt. Whatever the form, Jewry will find Aryans awake and at their post, ready to defend against Jewish and imperialist assaults, ready to strike back where it might be necessary. World Enemy #1, whatever his form, along with his paid and willing lackeys, has been recognized!

AVOID: Placing those peoples ruled or infected by the Jews on the same level as the Jews themselves and those in the leading Jewish and Jewish-related classes. We may not provide any material that — however distorted — could be used by the enemy to persuade misled peoples who oppose the war to establish a united front with their governments. Naturally, one should also avoid making contrasts between Aryans and East Asians. There are certainly racial and spiritual differences, but they will be overcome by the high cultural achievements of both sides and common goals. And after victory, there will be sufficient living space such that peaceful contacts will bring only blessings.

This theme provides an inexhaustible wealth of possibilities for each editor, who will easily find topics in his area of interest. We will therefore not provide specific topics, but rather limit ourselves to broad issues. Here as elsewhere, avoid uniformity of treatment. Our enemy, the Jew and his obedient lackeys, must be observed and attacked from high ground.


Jewish Goals:

  1. For millennia World Jewry has striven for world domination.
  2. It seeks positions of economic and political power in great empires of the past in order to connect Jewish egotism with national drives for power (Examples: Babylonian Empire, Egypt, Roman Empire, France, British Empire.)
  3. Peoples dominated by Jewish rule invariably are ruined. The Jew exploits them materially, racially, spiritually, culturally. (The plutocratic imperialism of the Jewish-related British ruling class has the same results. British colonies are exploited and their populations kept in absolute misery. —  The same is true of the brotherhood between some British plutocrats and Indian royalty, as long as they obey England!)

Aryan Desires

  1. Any form of imperialism is foreign to the Aryan nature. The Aryan wants life and seeks to establish the just order than is necessary for it.
  2. Creative Aryan peoples need no foreigners to haul their chestnuts out of the fire. The gain necessary living space through open battle. (Examples: The age of Germanic migrations. — The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation — The Second Reich — The Greater German Reich.)
  3. Where Aryan peoples rule, order and justice increase. Culture blooms, even for defeated enemies. (The Germanic tribes after conquering the old Roman Empire [Caution!] — Italian and German colonial methods aim not at exploitation, but at development. Lands and peoples bloom!

Modern History and Politics

The conflict between Pan-Jewry and Aryan humanity began in “modern” history with the emancipation of the Jews in Europe and the United States.

Jewish Goals:

  1. During the early and late Middle Ages, Jews were only tolerated. The Church, the nobility, and cities tolerated them only in clearly delineated areas.
  2. But since even in the ghetto Jewish commercial activities were not banned, the Jews understood how to amass wealth. Then they became moneylenders, and soon advisors to the nobility, etc. Their power grew with the acceptance of a foreign law.
  3. Once the Jews had the nobility in their usurious clutches, they could exert political pressure: usurious interest required raising taxes, the ruthless acquisition of all forms of revenue, etc.
  4. Jewish striving for power goes one step further. Emancipation was systematically prepared. This was achieved everywhere in major countries through revolutions (England 1740 — France 1790 — New York 1776.)
  5. After emancipation, the Jews gain positions of economic power. Unscrupulous desire for profit along with political games results in enormous gains. Jews infiltrate every area of business.
  6. Jews conquer cultural institutions and spread their own thinking from them (contempt for pure blood, pure marriage, and great works of culture.) Jews marry into leading circles. The process of Jewdification begins.
  7. Pan-Jewry marries into British plutocracy and Imperialism. Here they can inherit a world empire or undermine it from within. The Jew gains prominent positions in the USA and France. — The World War is prepared to destroy Germany as the center of Aryan resistance.
  8. The World War ends with the apparent fulfillment of every Jewish wish: Germany is beaten! Jewish exploitation and extortion will take the rest. Judah rules!
  9. Judah triumphs in the Russian Revolution and gains domination over a large empire with a colorful mixture of peoples. Judah uses the most brutal methods against the peoples of the Soviet Union to build a powerful war machine. The goal: to subject Europe, including the peoples formerly called “friends,” to Jewish dictatorship.
  10. The Soviet Union begins to pay a role in the League of Nations. Unheard of Jewish atrocities by the Bolshevists against the peoples of the Soviet Union are trivialized by the Jewish world press, while each new Bolshevist lie is eagerly spread.
  11. Pan-Jewry promotes war. British plutocracy on the one side and Moscow on the other side are chosen as the leaders. (Boycott against Italy in the war in Abyssinia — Moscow’s battle against Spain — Agitation against the Reich.)
  12. The Jews seek support from the American president and the London clique of plutocrats. London gives guarantees.
  13. Pan-Jewry thinks it is forced to strike regardless of the cost. It believes that in the event of war Germany and Italy will soon break apart. The Jewish world press calls all the warnings that the leaders of the Axis powers give bluffs. Poland was the first victim.
  14. Against all its expectations, Judah sees the German army defeat all the allies of British plutocracy. Norway falls. Holland and Belgium fall. France falls. England, previously the strongest bulwark of the Jews, is endangered.
  15. Judah must prematurely give up its hope of triumph: desperate propaganda forces the people of the United States of North America into the war. — The Soviet army is to attack.
  16. Judah must double and triple its efforts to involve the USA in the war. In the high level Free Mason F. D. Roosevelt, it finds a willing instrument to carry out Jewish orders.

Aryan Desires

  1. For centuries Aryan humanity protected itself against the “ferment of decomposition.” Cities and countries had strict measures for racial purity. Native laws and justice were widespread.
  2. The foundation of Aryan freedom and independence is Aryan law. The enemies of Aryan freedom therefore seek to replace native law with foreign law. A wedge was driven between the leadership and the people, mostly to conceal the self-interested “business” of the nobility and potentates.
  3. The masses of the free people are in reality not free, subject largely to the will of the nobility. Resistance (Peasant Wars) is bloodily suppressed.
  4. Large parts of Europe resist Jewish emancipation for a long time. Napoleon imposes it. After his fall there were partial restrictions. It was finally implemented in Germany 1849, Switzerland 1874, Spain 1876, Portugal 1910, Russia 1917.)
  5. There was strong resistance, but as racial self-confidence diminished it was presented as “backward” and contemptible.
  6. The Aryan, who became uncertain, defended himself only partially against the desecration of his holiest treasures. (Marriages with Jews and Jewesses remained “impossible” well into the twentieth century for many peoples, including the Germans, Swedes, etc. There was still strong resistance here to Jewish ambitions.)
  7. The German leadership did not recognize the Jewish-British-democratic alliance. As a result it did not make adequate preparations for war. Domestically, the Jew can continue his subversive activities, even increasing it during the war.
  8. Resistance began to develop in Italy and Germany, but also in the leading circles of the “victorious” nations.
  9. Germany under Hitler and Italy under Mussolini defeat communism and end Jewry’s power. Hard battle against Bolshevism.
  10. Italy and the Reich prosper. Despite boycotts by World Jewry, there are great achievements in every area. Italy and the Reich withdraw from the League of Nations.
  11. Continual policies of construction and peace by the Führer and the Duce are presented as signs of weakness by the Jewish world press.
  12. The Führer and the Duce continue the path of freeing Europe from the chains of the Versailles dictate.
  13. Despite their desire for peace, the Axis powers are not willing to surrender their necessary rights to life. Poland is defeated within a few weeks.
  14. Just as before, the Führer’s peace offers are laughed at.
  15. Together with Italy, Germany defeats Serbian-Greek resistance. It was supposed to last until at least August 1941. Jewish-British strategy suffers perhaps its greatest defeat: By a lightning attack the Führer ends the Bolshevist plan to attack and betray Europe.
  16. Europe unites to oppose Bolshevism. A growing unity of will results in a reawakened sense of Aryan community.

These developments reveal World Jewry’s infernal plan: First it wanted to exhaust German strength. The Jews did not care how that happened. Then Bolshevism and its hordes would break into Europe. The Jew could then easily take care of the English and Americans. But things did not work out that way! Why? The Führer gives the answer: “Throughout history, the lack of a great transformative idea weakens fighting strength.” World Jewry did not have an idea! But Aryan humanity realized a new idea of a just order and fruitful cooperation even during war itself. Side by side these peoples fight with the Germans against Bolshevism: Finns, Norwegians, Danes, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italians, Croats, Hungarians, Romanians, Slovaks: in short, all of Europe!


Jewish Goals

  1. The Jewish religion demands that Jewish blood be kept pure. A Jew may only marry a Jew to give birth to children. Jews view people of other races as animals. Keeping the Jewish race pure, believing world domination promised by Jahwe to the Jews, would hold Jews together throughout the world.
  2. The Jew makes sexual relations an instrument of his racial policy. Jewish women may marry gentiles. A Jewish male may bring gentile bastards into the world. Both contribute to the corruption of foreign races without harming Jewry. The opposite, in fact: Corruption of the blood is followed by corruption of thought and action.
  3. Although the Jew demands the strictest racial purity for his own race, he attempts to make the idea of racial purity contemptible and outdated, philosophically, biologically, etc. The goal is to make those of another race mistrust their deepest instincts.
  4. Although the Jew has firm principles for Jewish marriages, he attempts to debase foreign concepts of marriage. (Disparaging marriage, mocking families with many children, disparaging women — etc. In particular, he disparages and mocks the peasantry as the ancient source of racial strength.)
  5. The Jew understands in a masterly way how to make the natural sex drive an end in itself. (Jews as pimps — Jews and bordello owners — Jews as leaders of sexual psychology [Freud] — Jews and erotic literature, etc., etc.
  6. The Jewish attitude toward the woman is typical of its nature. She is in his eyes a lesser creature. The Jew Weiniger describes exactly what the Jew thinks about the woman.

Aryan Desires

  1. The Aryan sees in the chain of generations the eternity of life, but also the possibility of growth and further development. Maintaining the purity of blood is to him the guarantee of better offspring.
  2. The Aryan does not even think of corrupting those of other races with his blood. He has no desire for that. On the contrary. Over his long history he has learned that such blood mixing, even if it flows from the most honorable feelings, is always harmful to the Aryan nature. The highly developed Aryan race tolerates no mixing with other races.
  3. The Aryan, who sees the purity of race as a high ideal, expects only that other races will respect the same principle. He does not think of mocking racially determined customs of marriage and spousal selection.
  4. Tacitus wrote of the Aryan concept of marriage.
  5. The Aryan resists turning the natural sex drive into a commercial product or making it an instrument of subversion. All Aryan life principles attempt to subordinate the natural drive in healthy ways that serve ethnic and racial needs.
  6. In the eyes of the Aryan, the woman is the natural and best life comrade for the man. One can see what the Aryan thinks of a woman through countless statements by the best Aryans about their mothers, wives, and brides. For the Aryan, the woman carries the blood of the race.

Land and Peasantry

Blood, meaning race, must must unite with soil, the source of al non-human life. Man conquers the earth, but over the course of generations settles down and ultimately becomes a part of this earth.

Jewish Goals

  1. As long as we have known Jewry, it has not been settled, rooted in any particular soil. The never-resting Ahasver wanders through all regions of the world at all times. He dreams of his own homeland, but the sons of Israel follow their internal drive: Where things go well for me, that is my homeland!
  2. The Jew is by nature a wanderer, not rooted, not productive; he needs the productive achievements of other peoples if he is to trade and haggle, to live off the profits.
  3. Jewish racial hatred, therefore, is always directed primarily against farmers, against the rooted Aryan. (Exploitation of the farmer through commerce, usury, indebtedness of the farmer, despising the farmer, driving the farmer from his own land and soil, etc. — Destruction of the farmer through Jewish Bolshevism.)
  4. The Jewish spirit seeks profit, also from the soil. Contrary to all natural laws, he does not care for the soil, but exploits it relentlessly. Monoculture is a Jewish invention (see the USA, see the Soviet Union!) Monoculture is intended to destroy the independence of the peasantry and force the farmer under Jewish control.

Aryan Desires

  1. Wherever we find Aryans and Aryan peoples in history, they seek soil that they can farm, own, and increase their harvest.
  2. The Aryan is by nature rooted. With unique ancient strength farming generations hold to the soil, despite poverty and the greatest misery.
  3. The strength of Aryan blood in its people can be seen in the condition of the peasantry. Where Aryan blood rules, the peasantry is seen as the source of both food and blood.
  4. The Aryan farmer strives for benefit, but not for profit. Tilling the soil is a holy duty for him. Ancient wisdom teaches him that the soil must be used in many ways for it to keep its strength.

The Jew in Business and the War Economy [8841]


The Jews have a decisive role in the growth of the capitalist-liberal economic system. — Using business, peoples were corrupted by Jewish methods and thinking. The Jews concealed the danger and extent of their infiltration through their modern capitalism methods. The significance of Pan-Jewry’s conspiracy against humanity should be made clear.

It must further be shown how the Jews have always made profits by supplying armaments, and as a result had and still have economic reasons for unleashing wars. In the long term honest labor brings greater gains that speculation and crooked dealings, but since the Jews live primarily from those sources they must from time to time provoke wars and lengthen them in order to build their fortune at the cost of the honest labor of others.


STRESS: The business as springboard for the Jew to infiltrate politics and culture; methods to dominate the peoples. — Jewish world domination in various areas of business. — The Reich as an early leader in the fight against international Jewdification. — Just as attempts to throttle the German economy from 1933-1939 failed because of the battle for production and the Four Year Plan, so the Reich and its allies will also gain political-military victory. — Jewdification in England and the USA. — Bolshevism and Jewry. — An important reason for the superiority of the Three Power Pact is that they have no Jewish armaments suppliers and war profiteers. — but enemy armaments are controlled by them.

AVOID: Calling Jews “leaders” of business. — Confusing economic bubbles, fake prosperity, and growth based on domestic strength. — Citing Sombart without the greatest care (much of his writing is unclear, and sometimes contradicts our views.) — Role of the Jews in South America. — Remaining Jewish problems in countries that are fighting with Germany. — Denigrating the armaments industry as such (armaments manufacturers are necessary, but must be honest.) — Suggesting unproven relations between leading persons in German history and Jewish armaments manufacturers.)

Themes and Suggestions:


No liberal capitalism without the earlier dispersion of the Jews (a desert and wandering people) across the northern countries. — Jewish concealment over the centuries: as early as the 15th century many Jews in southwestern Europe were baptized, and thus were not recorded as Jews in records of commerce and migration. — Battle against the Jews in Spain and Portugal (1492-1499), — in German commercial cities (Cologne 1424, Augsburg 1439, Straßburg 1438, Erfurt 1458, Nuremberg 1498, Regensburg 1519), in Italy (Sicily 1492, Naples 1540, Genoa and Venice 1550). — In Frankfurt and Hamburg, major Jewish immigration, also in Holland. — Jews permitted in England 1650. — Jews at the Leipzig Fair (416 in the years 1675/80, 995 in 1767/69, 1652 in 1770/79, 3370 in 1800/09, and 6444 in 1830/39.) — Foundation of the capitalist economy by the Jews, based on gold and silver.

Jews as major participants in the Dutch East Indies Company and in English colonial trade (South Africa, Australia). — America as Jew-land (the first merchants were Jews; Jews from Portugal begin the plantation system, build sugar factories. Introduction of slavery.) — American presidents obey Jews.

Theod. Roosevelt sent a message for the first time in 1905 on the 250th anniversary of Jewish immigration to the USA., “it is a great occasion.” Ex-president Grover Cleveland: “Few . . .nationalities have had . . .more influence on building modern Americanism than the Jews.” “If conditions in America continue to develop . . . in 50 or 100 years the USA. . . will be a land inhabited only by slaves, Negroes, and Jews, and the Jews will naturally have seized economic hegemony.” (Sombart)

Jews in the USA economy today (see ZD 4641). — Jews rule England. — The decisive Jewish victory in 1858, Jewdification of English economic life. —  Jewish scandals (loan to Honduras, the Marconi scandal, the Sir Stuart Samuel scandal.) — German Jews as court and munitions suppliers. — Jews as founders of Bolshevism.

Early Jewish munitions dealers in England (Antonio Fernando Carvaja, immigrated to England between 1630 and 1635, with four other merchants he becomes grain supplier to the English army in 1649; Sir Salomon Medina, close friend of Lord Marlborough, who sold him information [Lord Marlborough is an Churchill’s ancestor]. — Jacob Worms, munitions dealer to Ludwig XIV. — The munitions dealers of the Thirty Years War (excellent material in Peter Deeg’s Hofjuden, particularly regarding the Prussian munitions dealers Zacharias and Elias Gumpertz, Salomon Isaak Fränkel’s son, Abraham Medel, Levy Seligmann, Bendix Cohn). — Imperial court and war Jews (Jakob Baschewi Schmieles von Treuenberg, the munitions supplier of the Thirty Year War; the Imperial court Jew families Oppenheimer and their war businesses). — Samson Wertheimer, Imperial Oberkriegsfaktor, the major munitions dealer during the Turkish War (good information in Dr. Robert Korber, Rassensieg in Wien, der Grenzfeste des Reiches, Wilhelm Braunmüller, Vienna 1939). — Samuel Oppenheimer, Imperial Oberkriegsfaktor.“For all commissarii are Jews, and all Jews are commissarii” (Moscherosch in the poems of Philanders von Sittewald). — Jewish munitions dealers of the 17th and 18th centuries. — Jewish munitions dealers at the beginning of the American War of Independence (above all Hajum Salomon). — The Jacobin army and its Jewish suppliers on the German Rhine (Beer Cerf-Berr de Medelsheim, the supplier of the Revolutionary Army). — What did the Jews earn during the French Revolution? (The role of Jewish munitions dealers and financiers during the French Revolution). — Army supply business of the House of Rothschild (see Egon Cesar Conte Corti, Der Aufstieg des Hauses Rothschild and Blütezeit des Hauses Rothschild, and also Peter Deeg, previously cited). — Jewish munitions dealers in the American Civil War. — General Ulysses Grant’s futile struggle against Jewish munitions dealers. —Stolen Jewish capital behind USA imperialism (financial background to the 1898 war against Spain over Cuba, the participation of the USA in the World War 1914-1918, and in the current world war). — Feeding themselves from corpses... (Jewish munitions dealers in the First and Second World Wars in France, England, and the USA). — The Jews as munitions dealers in Germany during the First World War (their role in war production 1914-1918; further details under the politics section). — The battle of an opponent of the Jews against Jewish munitions dealers in Germany (Rector Ahlwardt’s charges against the Jewish armaments factory Löwe). — “Make way for the righteous” (Dark sides of Jewish supplies to the German army during the First World War). When Rathenau organized supplies for our army. — Jewish economic dictatorship in Germany during the First World War. — Z.E. G. (Zentral-Einkaufs-Gesellschaft) = “Zu Englands Gunsten” [in England’s favor]: Jews supply Germany during the First World war. — Sklarz, Barmat, and Kutisker as munitions dealers. — Jewish munitions dealers as draft dodgers (even the Central Party representative Dr. Pfleger said in the Reichstag on 23 August 1915: “The worst is that this organization was a kind of insurance against the dangers of the trenches. One hired all sorts of people, and when the employees of this organization were examined, it turned out that about 80% of those said to be essential to the war effort were in fact suitable for military service.” His faction allowed him to fall). — Munitions suppliers, corruption and Jewry in history.

The Ballin-Rathenau economic system during the First World War in Germany. —Rathenau, the head of the German war economy, above all the raw materials war office, the “modern Joseph in Egypt.” —Albert Ballin, general director of the Hamburg-America Line, and the German war economy. — The Jewish circle around Rathenau and Ballin (Simon, Goldberger, Hermann, Arnold, Schwabach, Friedländer-Fuld). — Jewish merchants vs. German heroism. — The victory of the merchant worldview against the German people in 1918. — The economic organization and confusion of goods exchange. — The failure of the then German governments to resist Jewish pressures. The activities of war usurers, suppliers, and war profiteers 1914-1918. — Advertising in German newspapers during the World War. — The Jewish “war supply advertisements.”

Personnel matters in war offices and businesses (20% of those in high positions were Jews). — Departments of the war economic departments: The “Kriegsersatz- und Arbeitsdepartement,” the “Waffen- und Munitionsbeschaffungsamt.” — Dr. Offenbacher, the head of the “Pricing Office” of these departments. — The “Kriegsernährungsamt” (headed by the Stettin Jew Manasse). — The “Zentraleinkaufsgesellchaft,” in complete control of German economic activity; Jews on the board and in high positions. — The “Reichsgetreidestelle” (headed by Dr. Oppenheimer). — Supplies of industrial war materials and products in Jewish hands.

Jewish activities in the Spanish Civil War 1936/38. — Jews as weapons suppliers for Red Spain, their close relations with the French government. — Payments in stolen Spanish gold. — The weapons profiteer der Levante, the war profiteer of the Spanish Civil War. — Under Panama’s flag to Red Spain. — Jews profit from death.

Soviets and Jews in the Paris fraud case Goldberg vs. Hirsch regarding new weapon supplies to Red Spain. — French Socialist leader and Jew Léon Blum and “food supplies” for Red Spain.

Jewish war profiteers in the current world struggle (see ZD 4641 and 4676). — Jew Baruch, the main American war profiteer and chief adviser to President Roosevelt. — Baruch divides the profits. — Jews alone are behind Roosevelt’s armaments. — The Paris Rothschilds and their end in 1940. — Churchill and the Rothschilds.


Depersonalization of economic life: money rather than labor becomes the decisive factor; Objectification of credit relationships through impersonal documents (currency exchange, shares, bank notes, obligations); Growing foreign influence on legal relationships; Stock trading and speculation; Real estate swindles in the 1870s; Continental Iron Company (four of the six founders were Jews); 27 of 80 directors of Berlin land surveying companies were Jews, 47 of 148 founders of north German machine factories were Jews, etc. — Jewdification of the electric industry (Felix Deutsch, father and son Rathenau, Director Berliner). — The merchant (Ballin, Friedländer, Arnold) vs. the industrialist (Krupp, Borsig, von Siemens). — Jewdification of the pricing system; prices are determined not by labor and costs, but by speculation. Fraud, shoddy goods, egotistic drive for profit, lack of concern for the community, exploitation of the economically weak (selling cheap goods). — Jewdification of competition and advertising. — Jewish treason against the German people through war companies during the World War. Jewish swindlers as millionaires (Barmat, Kutisker, Katzenellenbogen, Hagen-Levy, Goldschmidt, Schlesinger, etc.). — Jews govern England (Rothschild, Sassoon, Melchett-Mond, de Pas (Kohle), Baer and Sir Leon (metals industry), Sir John Ellermann (ship travel), Instone-Einstein (air travel), Bearstead-Samuel (oil industry), Lord Hirst (electric industry), Sir Burton (clothing), Marks (shops), etc.

Jews in control of war economies in all ages and in all European countries. — Jews in the meat industry (attacked by the German press already during the First World War). — Jews in the grain trade. — The Jewish grain monopoly in Germany (Jews purchased grain in the territories occupied by Germany 1914-1918). — The case of Nathan and the fish supply. — Jews in the oil and fat industries. — The Jew Barmat and the Reichsfettstelle. — The Jews in the Reichslederstelle and the fur and leather trades. — The Jewish coal monopoly in the Reich (Jews also caused the great coal shortage in Germany after the World War). — The Jewish Kriegsmetall-A.G. — The Frankfurt Rothschilds and the metal monopoly. — “Jewish profiteering with Christian church bells.” — The “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Volksschulbeschaffung” under Jewish leadership. — Jews in the potato and tobacco markets. — Dumping of German war material after the end of the war by the Jews. — The case of Sklarz in the German war and revolutionary leadership. — Preference for Israel in distributing foodstuffs.

Jews in the French war industry. — War incitement by Jewish industrialists. — Jewish capital involved in the Schneider-Wendel factory. — Jews as important manufacturers: Citröen (production of tanks and munitions). — The Jewish role in French chemical production. — Crude oil under Jewish ownership (The Jew Mercer was president and director of the Cie. française des pétroles). — Jews in the French military transport system. — Jewish energy trusts in France.

Jewish concealment tactics in all military economic systems. — The Jews always subvert military supply needs. — The effects of the system on the general policies and military leadership of foreign powers.

Jewish Confessions:

Jewish reluctance to work: “If Israel does the will of God, its work will be done by others” (Talmud); “Rabbi Eleazar said: ‘There is no lower labor than manual labor; it is degrading.’ (Talmud); “To be forced to work . . . is the worst thing for a young Jew, it is shameful and degrading. The dislike of physical labor is second nature to the Jew, in innate feeling” (Samuel Roth, 1934); “We despite labor, and those who do work do so from necessity and always hope with time to escape it so as to live a ‘good life.’ (Ahron David Gordon, 1916).

The Jew hates farmers: “He who wants to turn Jews into farmers is misguided” (Theodor Herzl, 1896); “The Jews did not conquer the Occident with the axe and plow, but rather a clever, cunning, and practical haggling spirit, even making of Germany a ‘new Palestine’ (Wilhelm Marr, 1879); Today the nomad is everywhere the more important, viable type who oppresses the thick-headed peasant” (Leon Feuchtwanger, 1932).

Jewish haggling spirit: “Finally, one must remember that even in the ages of the Phoenicians and Carthaginians, the Jews were a people of merchants” (Cesare Lombrosco, 1894); “Jewish prostitution is the worst of all ways to exploit people, and if Jews could be excluded prostitution would soon diminish greatly” (The Jewish Chronicle, 1910).

Judah and Marxism: “It may not be overlooked that the Jews are among the fathers and pathfinders of socialism” (Alfred Nossig, 1922); “We gave them (the Marxists) the spiritual guidance that the power of the State prevented them from acquiring; they guaranteed the safety of our lives and the foundations of our work as Jews (Arnold Zweig, 1934); “The feeling of property born from dependence on the soil is lacking with the Semites, these nomads who never had a homeland and never wanted one. That explains the undeniable drive toward communism since the most ancient times” (Kadmi-Cohen, 1929); The Jew is a born communist (Otto Weiniger, 1921); “Jewry is the mother of Marxism and communism” (Le droit de vivre, 1933); “Marxist socialism came from the Jews (one can with justice simply call it modern Jewish)” (Ch. Müntz, 1907).

Social Issues:

Behind the glittering facades are the most primitive working conditions, break rooms, and sanitary facilities. The Jew Pinner said this about Rathenau’s social attitudes: “The so beautifully expressed social feelings end outside — the offices of the AEG.” —The myth of “poor Jews”: Some percentages from the years 1905 to 1910:

Jewish Percentage of the Population Jewish Percentage of Tax Revenues

4.3% of the population in Breslau were Jews, but they had 20.3% of total income; in Frankfurt a. M. Jews were 7% of the population but had 28% of total income.


“The Five Frankfurters” — mocking Gentile stupidity. — Jewish armaments dealers on the stage (good material in Dr. Elisabeth Fränzel’s book Judengestalten auf der deutschen Bühne, Deutscher Volksverlag, Munich). — Eberhard Möller, Rothschild siegt bei Waterloo.


Besides previously cited sources on the Jewish question: Dr. Hans Jonak von Freyenwald: Jüdische Bekentnisse aus aller Zeit und Ländern, Nuremberg, 1941. — Dr. Peter Aldag, Juden beherrschen England, Berlin, 1939. — Werner Sombart, Die Juden und das Wirtschaftsleben, Leipzig, 1911 (of only limited usefulness). — Théophile Malvezin: Historie des juifs á Bordeaux, 1875. — Rich. Markgraf: Zur Geschichte der Juden auf den Messen in Leipzig von 1664-1839, In.-Diss 1894. — Otto Glagau, Der Börsen- und Gründungsschwindel in Berlin 1876.

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  3. Newspaper and Magazine Articles: Württembergische Landeszeitung, 17.9.1940: “The head of American War Profiteers.” — Königsberger Allgemeine Zeitung, 13.3.1941: Jew Baruch, Roosevelt’s Chief Adviser.” — Die Front, Zurich, 1.11.1938: “Finance Jew Baruch and American Rearmament.” — Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, Berlin, 18.9.1940: “The Rothschilds of Paris and Their End.” — Frankfurter Volksblatt, 15.6.1940: “The Waterloo Coup: Nathan Rothschild Won the War on the London Stock Exchange.” — Same source, 6.6.1938: “The Jew Rothschild’s Path. From the Frankfurt Ghetto to Europe’s Palaces.” — Breslauer Neueste Nachrichten, 21.7.1940: “The Plutocratic World of the Rothschilds.” — Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, 7.8.1940: “Churchill and the Rothschilds.” — “The Jew Blum’s Economic Tricks. Millions in Profits for Unusable War Material,” Recklinhauser Zeitung, 10.1.1941. — “Profiteering by Blum and Mandel,” Volksdeutsche Zeitung, 5.11.1940. — “The Jew Blum’s War Business,” Der Angriff, 26.9.1938. — “Leon Blum, Protector of War Profiteers,” Regime Fascista, 10.1.1941.

The Jew in Culture [8842]

International Jewry’s international agitation claims that a new age of dark barbarism and cultural destruction has begin in Germany because of the National Socialist revolution. We have often provided examples of the rise of German cultural life since 1933. Each German can see that for himself. We now want to examine the effects of the Jews in German cultural life before 1933, showing Jewish cultural decay. All magazines — particularly scholarly publications — have a wealth of material available for a lively discussion of this important theme. Illustrated magazines have a particularly good opportunity to have a strong impact on their readership by contrasting Jewish and German works of art.


STRESS: There is no creative Jewish culture. The Jew is always only imitative, and in specific Jewish ways. The Jew has never had a creative relationship with his host people. Jews in culture are always destructive, foreign, and harmful. Main Jewish activity: Exploitation and misuse of the creative intelligence of the peoples, then slandering and ultimately destroying them. The people has never had any kind of relationship to Jewish art.

AVOID: Discussing religious-philosophical questions. Mentioning examples of cooperation between Aryans and Jews. Do not criticize a people by mentioning its willingness to follow Jewish “art”; that is and remains the fault of the nation’s intellectual leadership.

Themes and Suggestions:

Beginning of the Jewdification of spiritual and moral live in Germany with advancing Jewish emancipation. — Börne praises Goethe’s death as the “liberation of Germany.” — Development of the spiritual-moral Jewish question. — Decisive foreignness in Jewish spiritual and emotional life. — By the end of the nineteenth century, Jews had a dominant role in all areas. The corruption of German cultural life was already visible:

“No one can deny that Jewry has had a leading role in the dissolution and corruption of all relationships. A Jewish character trait is the determination to produce words without labor . . . (Conrad Alberti [Sittenfeld, Jew] in Gesellschaft, 1899.

Hand in hand with cultural destruction goes the suppression of all German values and any German defense against Jewry:

“One of the most dangerous and specifically Jewish characteristics is brutal, almost barbaric intolerance — a strange contradiction in a tribe that is always crying for tolerance. There is no worse tyranny than that of the Jewish clique. He who dares to oppose this Jewish clique it attempts to beat down with bestial brutality. The Jew usually tries to destroy his opponent in the intellectual sphere by ruining his livelihood, undermining his comfortable existence, or concealing as much as possible his opponent’s existence and efforts, to lie about him. He simply ignores those who think differently. Killing with silence, the most despicable of all methods of combat, is specifically Jewish . . .”” (C. Alberti, previously cited).

Through these methods, the domination of the Jew was almost complete before the beginning of the World War. The Jewish “administrators” of German culture proved themselves absolutely incapable or sensing anything at all of the powerful age of the World War and transforming it into creative art. The greater part of them certainly did not even wish that: consciously wanting to destroy, they saw “their” opportunity in the World War. There was cultural decline everywhere, mocking plays about “soldiers,” lying “heroic literature and visual arts” as predecessors of intentional cultural decay. Open support for revolt after November 1918. Rejection of patriotic thinking and affirmation of the International. That included Jews who had previously claimed to be “national.” Transformation of Jews from imperialist warmongers to cautious waiting as the war situation changed, to determined pacifists after 1918. That included contempt for all ethical values of Prussia and the German military spirit and its achievements in the war. Portraying German culture as barbarism.

After the revolution of 1918, tremendous increase in cultural decay, the crassest revelation of the Jewish “spirit” now free from all restrictions, since he has achieved absolute dominance of German cultural life. The Jewish spirit was most evident in its leading representatives, who were recognized and praised by international Jewry.

Jews in Literature:

Best-selling books are almost all written by Jews: Emil Ludwig, Stefan Zweig, Alfred Döblin, Franz Werfel, Jacob Wassermann, Lion Feuchtwanger, Georg Hermann, Kurt Tucholsky (alias Peter Panter, Theobald Tiger, Ignaz Wrobel, Kaspar Hauser), Ernst Toller, etc.

By the end of 1930, 2,010,000 copies of Emil Ludwig’s (Cohn) books had been sold, 800,000 in Germany and 1,210,000 in translations into 25 languages. A typical example of Jewish intellectual production, pushed by the cleverest advertising:

He “treated” nearly all great men of world history. He was interested in psychological nonsense about the tiniest human emotions and viewed everything from that standpoint. Whether Goethe or Christ, Michelangelo or Bismarck —  all were only men following their psychological drives. He was not interested in their great historic achievements. His “historical’ method and approach to things is clear from his self-evaluation of his Goethe volumes: One of the leading Goethe scholars spent an entire year pointing out “minor errors (about Goethe) that were unavoidable given my rapid style.” “That is how long it took me to write the book”! Among other things, he says this about Bismarck: “All of these defiant characteristics are those of a freedom-loving soul who, were had he been born in the lower class would have carried the red flag.” Aside from the bad German, truly terrible historical falsification.

Georg Hermann, author of the well-known Berlin Biedermeier novel Jettchen Gebert, affirmed the internationalism during the World War:

“As a Jew I belong to too old a race to fall victim to mass suggestion. Words like people, war, and state are hollow and meaningless to me. For me, only the words person and serf have meaning, but the other races are apparently still too young to sense their majesty.... We must learn to put humanity above nationality.”

The overthrow of all ethical values and relationships can hardly be described more clearly than by this Jew:

“States are states. In the concept of state, as formerly known in the world, lies war, murder, expansion, subjection, sacrifice by the masses, blood, lust for power and land, never being satisfied, longing for fame. Fame? What is fame, really? That a million people and billions in goods are sacrificed for the power of a man so that the country can become larger and the individuals in it still more miserable, poorer, uneducated, enslaved, with the result that later because of these million that he sacrificed, the other side will sacrifice new millions of human lives, new billions of value ... and so on in a never-ending chain cum gratia in infinitum... That is the fame of the ruler. That is what one calls history. The directors of this bloody world theatre are called kings, field marshals, generals, admirals, and are honored with monuments. Our children must learn their names, details, and dates by heart... and no one tells them what a miserable, blood-soaked, worthless thing this fame is and what beasts are crowned with it. I am convinced that in 5000 years, rulers, field marshals, and kings will be spoken of in the same way as Schinderhannes, Orsini, Rinaldo, and other talented murders...”

The quintessence of this Jewish spirit: “How ridiculous: Life is not the most valuable thing. I reject that and wait for the proof.” — “Better a coward for five minutes than to be dead for the rest of one’s life.” That is naked Jewish materialism, with no mask! That is how they were — and are! Georg Hermann is the best evidence against the lie of “decent Jews.” Before the World War they were “patriotic” — after the World War traitors. Some of the “great Jewish minds” before the World War were the worst imperialists — Harden, Kerr, etc. — After the World War the purest international pacifists.

Alfred Kerr (Kempner), model of those without reverence or tradition, absolutely ambitious, educated Jews, depraved in intellect and character, filthy from need: “What is a character? Often the opposite...; we are characters ... for several minutes.” His biographer Joseph Chapiro, in the book Für Alfred Kerr. Ein Buch der Freundschaft. Berlin, 1928:

“Always a son of his time, always of his time, always at the side of this time, he is led by no tradition, by no deep respect for Homer or Shakespeare or Moliére.... Now he stands in his time, in ‘the universe,’ as a ‘strong personality,’ with a deep belief that the individual is the driving force of the community. Next he is a heretic ... soon a fanatic admirer of the people, the masses, the great city ... He lacks, as previously said, any prejudice; he never has a fixed worldview from which he judges the world....”

The affirmation of friendship speaks volumes for the effects of the Jewish spirit. — Hatred against everything Aryan is Kerr’s basic principle: “The Greek Prometheus is a Kaffir over against Job. Job was the Prometheus of the soul — not merely a young scamp like Prometheus....” Many of Kerr’s “poems” display the lowest attitude toward women: “Beware of women, they clutch and hold, attach miserable chains, to male life.” — From there to pornography — the Jewish approach to eros — is only a small step.

Ernst Toller, typical example of the revolutionary Jew. His transformation from enthusiastic soldier to Marxist revolutionary. — In 1919 he headed the workers and soldiers council of the Munich Soviet. — characteristic of the lack of deep connections and relations of the Jews to a fatherland. His play Die Wandlung, Potsdam, 1919, is the clearest confession of the eternal Jew. This drama was thought to be one of the most important pieces of modern literature until 1933. The denigration of the idea of the fatherland can hardly be expressed more clearly. Clear proof of the inability of the Jew to engage in ethnic and political thinking.

Leon Feuchtwanger has the honor of providing the clearest portrait of the Jew in his novel Jud Süß, known throughout the world. In is significant that the whole international press praised this filthy work in long reviews!

“He completely incorporates the Jewish nature, and one is almost surprised by the cynical openness with which Feuchtwanger develops the character of his racial comrade. There is a paradoxical alternative. One is not sure if one should be most astonished by the shameless style in which the Jewish writer Feuchtwanger describes everything from the highest to the lowest, or by the disgusting, repulsive character of the Jew Süß. This novel —  indirectly — provides an unintended self-portrait of the Jew in the character of Jew Süß. — No more revolting picture could have been provided by the worst enemy of the Jew. Jew Süß is one of those typical characters who can bear any humiliation, tolerate any degradation, accept any insult if it serves his hunger for money and power. If he is thrown out today, he returns smiling tomorrow, one of those Jews who sucks the blood from the people..; one of those Jews who under the mantle of friendship is the enemy of all Christians; who ruthlessly injures and exploits the ‘foreigner’ and seduces and defiles his women, but claims for himself the right of inviolability and invulnerability.” (Die Juden in Deutschland, Berlin 1936.)

Mocking of religion and moral anarchy. The Jew Tucholsky wrote:

“The most disgusting and evil laws are still in force: the law against sodomy — The Hammer of Witches [a Medieval treatise on witches] cannot have been worse — and the one on prostitution, which sticks people’s noses in other people’s beds — and the one on blasphemy — and — and —and —and —.” (Weltbühne, 17.7.1919.)

Jews in Theatre

From the director of the Prussian State Theatre, the Jew Leopold Jeßner, down to the provincial stage: Jews everywhere, nothing but Jews. The key positions in theatre: the theatrical agents, entirely in Jewish hands. Instead of promoting young and promising talent, there is exploitation and spiritual and moral blackmail characteristic of the Jewish agency:

“A significant number of them (the Jews) were brokers, earning their way by trading..... Why not also trading in people? The international connections of the agencies, which first gained transcontinental and international power with the film agencies of unpleasant memory, fit well with the international interconnectedness of the modern Eastern Jewish movement. A knowledge of things and people, skepticism in the right place and courage when called for, insolence against those in authority and shamelessness in exploiting those seeking work, all this characterizes not only the agencies, but also an entire group that would have been parasitic if its activities had not been, as we already showed, absolutely necessary under today’s cultural and economic conditions.... Every actor remembers the degradation of this slave market. With some agents, even those who provided musicians for concert halls, the way to the stage passed through the beds of the oppressor. Dreadful creatures stood in the way of artists, who only after paying tribute and accepting the worst consequences could begin a career.” (Arnold Zweig in his book Die Juden auf der deutschen Bühnen, Berlin 1929.)

The Jewdification of the theatre is shown by the Deutscher Bühnenspielplan, Winter 1929/30, which has the following list of theatre directors in the Reich capital:

Berliner Theater: Robert Klein — Deutsches Künstler-Theater: Robert Klein — Deutsches Theater und Kammerspiele: Max Reinhardt (= Moses Goldmann) — Großes Schauspielhaus: Artur Schwelb — Komische Oper: Martin Zickel — Komödie: Max Reinhardt — Komödienhaus: Viktor Barnowsky (= Isidor Abrahamowsky) — Lessing-Theater: Heinz Saltenburg — Lustspielhaus: Martin Zickel — Metropol-Theater: Rotter (= Schai) — Renaissance-Theater: Gustav Hartung (= May) — Theater am Nollendorfplatz: Ludwig Klopfer — Theater am Schiffbauerdamm: Ernst Joseph Aufricht — Theater des Westens: Rotter — Theater in der Stresemannstraße: Viktor Baranowsky.

The Jew Reinhardt mentioned here was at the same time director of the “Theater in der Josefstadt,” “Professor” at the Vienna State Academy for Music and Visual Art, and later took on the Große Schauspielhaus. — The Jew Jeßner along with the Bolshevist Piscator experimented with cultural Bolshevism on the stage of the Prussian State Theater: The transformation of Schiller’s idealist Die Räuber into a Bolshevist political play was the greatest theater scandal in the Reich capital. — Protests by responsible German-thinking circles in Berlin when Jeßner was appointed general director of the State Theater. “Here it must be mentioned that the head of the theater department in the Ministry of Culture was the Jew and former attorney Seelig.”

Degradation of private theater to a business of the worst type. Examples are Reinhardt and above all the Rotter brothers:

“Under these newcomers, library theater became a naked, crass business enterprise advertised by vivid posters.... They came from who knows where with money.... They destroyed the last remnants of the concept of ensemble; they turned the most prominent actors into the terrible concept of star; they turned stage sets into toilets and displays of interior decoration; they began by feigning literary value but soon gave that up. They considered themselves literary theater directors, and afterwards this or that gentlemen has carried on the Rotter brothers’ customs as tradition.” (Arnold Zweig, previously cited)

Jews completely dominate theatrical criticism. — The political play on stage. Ludwig Sternaux on the premiere of the Jew Toller’s play Feuer aus den Kesseln:

“...his new play is only written to make a political point and also money, and is not worth getting excited about. It is so confused historically, so irresponsible, so overdone and cheap in its desire to make the point at any cost that one almost has to laugh. It is shameless and arouses disgust. I would like to see the country that would permit such shameless things as we have been recently subjected to. It is only possible with us....”

From Toller to the Jew Walter Mehring to the Jew Ferdinand Bruckner (Theodor Tagger) and his revolting, pornographic, anarchistic political play Kreatur, which presents lust as the “meaning of life,” finds “god” in cocaine, sexuality, hysteria, psychosis; Verbrecher: an anarchistic attack on law and order, “there is no criminal” or “we are all criminals.” Pimps, blackmailers, homosexuals, psychopaths, neurasthenics, whores, underworld types and big city decadence are the marks of his life principle beyond good and evil; Krankheit der Jugend: Battle against paragraphs 175 and 281 [laws prohibiting homosexuality and abortion] with unsurpassed shamelessness.

The Jewish nature was particularly clear in the revue. Here the inclination to unscrupulous immorality, sex, and pornography was most evident.

“The racial origins of the revue are confirmed by actual conditions. All of Berlin’s revue directors were Jews, beginning with James Klein, who has the claim to fame of being the first to pollute Berlin with his revues, to Hermann Haller, the Rotter brothers, Rudolf Nelson, and Erik Charell (Löwenberg). The whole revue system, writers, composers, directors and stars, down to the committee that shamelessly subjected the girls to a thorough examination of their physical charms, was almost entirely a Jewish enterprise.” (Die Juden in Deutschland, previously cited.)

Characteristic revue titles: Take Your Clothes Off, Lovely and Slender, Off and On, A Thousand Women, A Thousand Naked Women, Strictly Forbidden, The Sins of the World, Sinful and Sweet, Houses of Love, and so on. — Newspaper announcement for James Klein’s review Take Your Clothes Off (1928): Kömische Oper: James Klein’s powerful new revue Take Your Clothes Off! An evening without morals in 30 scenes. Including 60 prize-winning nude models. Hunting for beautiful women. Experiences with a 15-year-old girl. Bathing in natural water. The enormous heavenly bed. The woman with a whip. Sun and naked magic.... This reveals Jewry in all of its shamelessness:

“... the result is great corruption and demoralization of the German stage; everything is seen from the perspective of the sex drive. Since the spiritual connection is lost, satisfying lust fills the inner void and the ‘partner’ ultimately is nothing but a sexual object. There is practically no difference between a woman and a whore; love is a business and prostitution is the socially appropriate way to ‘arrange things.’ The man is a sexual animal whom the woman can exploit to meet her need for luxury — as long as the relations do not change from the ‘cavalier’ to the pimp, and not only in the underworld, but even more in the ‘upper’ classes where the rich woman treats her ‘friend’ like she does her automobile. Money and sex are the driving forces of the revue: what has rotted over time is of value in the revue.” (Die Juden in Deutschland, previously cited).

Jews in Music:

The situation was essentially the same with regards to the domination of music by the Jews: the Jew Leo Kestenberg was director of music in the Prussian Ministry of Culture, and also professor at the Hochschule für Musik and head of the music department at the Zentralinstitut für Erziehung und Unterricht in Berlin. Nearly all choir directors were Jews (“General Music Director” as a “Jewish first name”). Complete control of the entire German concert system by Jewish concert agencies. Monopoly by Jewish music publishers. Jewish musical criticism was all-powerful, and used every means to promote Jewish composers and Jewish stars.

Jews in Film and Radio:

Jewish production, Jewish distribution, Jewish stars, Jewish criticism. — Always the same close cooperation in all areas. — Always the same goal: Suppressing and destroying German spiritual and emotional life, mocking all ethical and moral German values, particularly those of the more primitive classes, in order to build a Jewish world dictatorship upon the back of an amoral, dehumanized and spiritually corrupted mass, the path Jewry followed since the Bolshevist revolution.

Jews in England [8843]


Contrast between the English people and the Jewish intermarried and influenced English upper class. Jewry has leading positions in England’s public life. Jews as instigators and beneficiaries of the English policy of world domination.

The Jew is always responsible for the racial decline of a people and its national weaknesses in the cultural, scientific, political, and economic realms. Fighting Jewry is therefore the duty of all racially conscious peoples. — England is the headquarters and center of World Jewry. — The Jew rules England.


STRESS: Misuse of Parliament and the press for Jewish interests. Anti-Jewish currents (Mosley, Mosley supporters in concentration camps. Protest against emigree doctors, protest against the art trade). Intellectual relations between English (Puritans) and Jews. Common English-Jewish interests. Social misery. The Jews infiltrate the English people, as they do everywhere. This at first aroused resistance, unlike the case with the royal house, the government, the nobility, and big landowners. The Jew joined the plutocracy, became part of it, and enslaved the masses of the English people. Finally, he drove the people into war, from which he earned large profits. The Church is on the side of the Jews.

AVOID: Claiming Jewish ancestry unless it is absolutely certain (proof is hard to find in most cases!). — Making the Jew and his friends (royal house, government, nobility, and large landowners) entirely responsible for the collapse of the Empire (the people are also guilty). — Discussing Germanic blood in the English nobility, drawing parallels to German developments, making connections with Continental nobility, and discussing relationships between nobility and business in Germany.

Themes and Suggestions:

Politics and Business:

Jews increase five-fold since 1914. — Jews concealment in England. — Not mentioned in Who is Who. — Anglicized Jewish names. — Jewish peers. — The “British-Israel” movement. — Awards for Jews on the king’s birthday. — The society of Jewish parliamentarians. — Locker-Lampson, defender of the Jews. — 80,000 man Jewish Foreign Legion? (Plans in Palestine, Jews fight for England). — Lord Balfour and the Zionists. — Jewish profits from English rearmament. —  Warmongering, too, is only a business. — Disraeli’s legacy. — When England was still free of Jews. — Chaim Weizmann, Judah’s agent in London. — England as Jewish birth home (foreign children born in London can opt for English citizenship). — Jews build the Empire. — Emigres from Germany were not interned. — The Tommies march for Judah.

Lord Hirst, the ruler of the electrical industry. — England’s chemical industry under Jewish leadership. — Rothschild determines the price of gold. — Sassoon and the Opium War. — The Montefiores and English capital. — Armaments profiteers: Lyons and Burton. — Jewish supply firms in England. — The Empire: English power and Jewish business.

Connections between political and economic power in England. — Jews amass enormous fortunes. — Jews become bankers (moneylenders during the Crusades and in building Christian churches and cathedrals). — The Jew Aron financed the construction of 10 English monasteries. — Jews incite wars (higher profits). — Usury by the Jews (43 1/3% a week and 33 1/3% annually for Jewish loans, sometimes doubling the interest rate). — Prime Minister Disraeli’s (Jew) foreign policy. — Leading Jews involved in scandal: the Honduras loan. — King Edward: encircler and friend of the Jews. — The Sir Stuart Samuel scandal. — Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann establishes contacts with all the Allied powers during the first months of the World War. — The Opium War in China is a terrible chapter in English commercial policy (see 2225). — String puller in the opium affair is the Jewish Sassoon family, which “works” under full British protection (David S., 1792-1864, had the opium monopoly extending as far as Yokohama and Nagasaki. The greatest crime against the Chinese people). — Sassoon’s daughter married the Marquess of Cholomondeley, lord steward under Edward VIII (Sir Philip Sassoon was a member of the English cabinet). — The Boer War = Jewish war (the Jew Alfred Beit, diamond dealer, carried out the destruction of the Boets for Cecil Rhodes). — The Jewish family Samuel controls two large Asian crude oil companies. — Sir Marcus Samuel, now Lord Bearsted, founded the Shell Transport and Trading Company. — Arthur Michael Samuel wrote a treatise on British mercantile policy during the World War, which was accepted by the chamber of commerce of the British Empire and was a foundation of the Paris Economic Conference held by the Western Powers. — Jewdification of the finance system and life insurance. — Nathan Rothschild’s stock swindle. — Abdication of Edward VIII was the work of the Jews. — England pledged to promote Jewish rights in all countries (7.11.1917). — Weak popular defensive reactions against Jewry (the English people rejected the Jews in many areas; sometimes there was hatred against the Jews). — Jews occupy leading positions in the Ministry of Education. — Jews hold leading positions in medicine and physics.

The role of Jewish high finance in lending to the nobility (e.g., Sassoon, Montefiore, Montagu, Mond, Rothschild, R. D. Isaacs). — Jewish blood in the veins of British nobility (examples in Mühlen). — Change in the number of titled English nobility (before 1800, only 175 titled peers in the House of Lords, 276 with titles in the nineteenth century, and 310 with titles in the twentieth century.) — The House of Lords is no longer the representation of the English nobility as it once was, but rather “a gathering of representatives of high finance who have been decorated with noble titles" (Mühlen).


The English, the “chosen people,” as descendants of the Jews (frequency of the name David in the English royal house). — English Jews are first mentioned in 700. — Cooperation between king and Jews. — Jews as taskmasters for kings. — Influence of the Jews on English history, particularly regarding wars. — One Jewish oath was as good as twelve by Christians. — First ritual murder discovered in England in 1255. — Under Richard I Jews first own land. — Cromwell tolerates the Jews. — English Catholics support equality for the Jews. — The Jews enter Parliament (middle of the 19th century). — Lord John Russell, early fighter for the Jews. The influence of the Jews increases. — Cooperation with the royal house becomes closer (particularly under Victoria and Edward VII.). Jews are elevated to the nobility (today 40 nobles are full Jews). — Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield, the first Jewish earl.

Population Policy:

There are an estimated 2.5 to 3 million Jews today in England (and much mixed blood, particularly among the nobility). — Constant growth in Jews coming to England. Constant increased poverty of the English people and forced emigration.

Social Policy:

Jews as London building owners. — Slums, but profitable ones. — Penalties for having many children (discrimination against families of soldiers). — Strikes in India against Jewish enterprises. — Jewish capital destroys the position of Whites in South Africa. — White and Black slaves in gold mines. — Do the coolies in Hong Kong have it better? (No). — Another war profit: unemployment!


The Old Testament unites the English and Jews. —  The “lost tribes of Israel”. — Half of those in radio are Jews. — England’s Jewdified press. — The Jewish Ellermann concern. — Mister Eden’s friends in the press. — Jews in London editorial offices. — Puritanism and Jewry. — The domination of Jewish advertising in England’s “free press.” — Jews dominate English film (film censors are selected and paid by film companies. Film Jews Erich Pommer, A. Korda, the three Isidore brothers, Mark and Maurice Osterer, and Oskar Deutsch control nearly the entire English film industry). — Jews in English art and literature (the painter Solomon J. Solomon, the sculptor Jacob Epstein, the publisher Palgrave). The most prominent English playwrights are Jews. — The music critic Moses Biaritz. — Numerous Jews in the English theatre (Jewish actors, etc.). — Radio producer Jew Godfrey Isaacs. — The English press is entirely Jewdified. — Leading Jews direct English life.

Science and Education:

Jewish professors and lecturers in England. — Close relations between Jewry and the Archbishop of York, president of the Society to Protect Science.” — Major Jewdification of the Cambridge faculty. — Leese and his movement: “Imperial Fascist League.”


Racial profiles from England (English and Jews). — Who bleeds and who earns? (Sacrifices of the English people, war profits for the Jews.) — English housing misery and its exploiters. — White and Black slaves in South Africa. — The Rothschilds in England also look Jewish, not English.


The Rothschild family policy (Jewdification of the English aristocracy). — Jews conquer the British Empire. — Plutocracy revealed. — Jews and British predatory wars (see Die Rothschilds, 2839). — Ahasver’s rule over England. — How Rothschild got into the English Parliament (the first Jew was elected on 29 July 1849: Rothschild as the member for London City. As a Jew he could not take the oath in its traditional form. There were conflicts, and in 1850 it was decided that he could take the oath on the Old Testament).


Institut der NSDAP zum Studium der Judenfrage, Frankfurt a. M., Schwindstra 1. — Press Department of the Foreign Ministry, Berlin W 8, Wilhelmstr. 74 (11 00 13). — Press archive of the Hochschule für Politik, Berlin W 8, Charlottenstraße 48 (16 52 01). — Antisemitische Aktion, Berlin W 9, Potsdamer Strasse 17 ( 22 88 81).

Jews in the USA [8844]

In the last analysis, England is ruled by Jewry; the same is true for the USA; the English-North American world conquest plans serve Judah’s goal of subjecting all Gentile peoples to exploitation, racial corruption, and gradual destruction.

Supporting material:


The mass migration of Jews from England to the USA began in the middle of the nineteenth century. — Jews in the USA (either in Jewish districts [ghettos] and living among gentiles of other races; outside the ghetto, he often does not belong to a religious organization, mostly concealing himself). — From the beginning, the Jews held together, to their advantage and to the disadvantage of Gentile USA citizens, working together in faith, morals, outlook, business, commerce, and industry in ways serving their Jewish goals. The often conceal their efforts as “humanitarian,” appealing to the human feelings of Gentiles as they undertook their harmful, expletive, and destructive campaigns.— Jews also succeeded in exploiting workers in the USA, along with peasants, farmers, craftsmen, and richer gentiles. — The Jew also used Freemasonry in the USA to influence and train a number of gentiles — mostly those in important positions — turning them into his submissive tools. — The influence of the Jews grows from year to year in the USA.

The Jews as warmongers:

Especially in the USA, the Jews have twice been warmongers against Germany. — When England faced the loss of the war in 1916, its government worked to draw the USA into the war, but received a negative answer; the Jews in England (Dr. Chaim Weizmann, Solokov, Chief Rabbi Dr. Hertz, the Rothschilds, etc.) joined together and won over the Jesuit-trained Lieutenant Colonel Mark Sykes for the great Zionist plan: drawing the USA into the war. — President Wilson followed the demands of American Zionist Leader Brandeis (justice of the Supreme Court with a secret telephone line to the White House) and joined the side of Judah, the warmongers. — The Jews in England and especially in the USA used all their strength to get the USA to enter the war against Germany, and as a reward from the British government demanded Palestine for their pan-Jewish purposes — The Jews in the USA won on 6 April 1917: the government declared war on Germany. — The comment by former New York mayor Hylan regarding the forced entrance of the USA into the war against Germany is significant: “Wall Street (Judah) is the breeding round for political and financial schemes and intrigues that have the goal of bringing everything under its control. Wall Street appoints party leaders, determines candidates for public offices, and ruthlessly uses the army and navy of the USA for its own purposes.”

The second warmongering campaign by USA Jews against Germany: In 1936 Churchill told USA General Wood: “Germany is becoming too strong; we (that is, England and the USA) must destroy it!” After that, the half-Jew Bullitt (owner of huge numbers of shares in armaments concerns) was named USA ambassador in Paris. — In 1937 he used Freemasonry to incite the obedient Jewish-influenced Roosevelt (in whose veins Jewish blood flows) to publicly attack Germany. — By 1937 the President of the USA already had the right “to determine if and when there was to be war between two countries.” — Bullitt “persuaded” the Polish ambassador in Paris to reject every German proposal. — In 1938 the French magazine Je suis partout wrote: Roosevelt has understood that war is the only means that will enable his small Hebraic brain trust to take revenge and reconquer central Europe. It would naturally not be a war in which the United States would take the initiative, no, rather a war that British sailors and French soldiers would wage for the Chosen People. The main goal is to make the peoples obedient and lead them with fine words to the slaughterhouse!” — Since 1938, the Jewish press used radio and film advertising to flood the USA with warmongering favoring the goals of the Jews: publicly it was for democracy, humanity, world peace, and so in, but actually it was aimed at Germany’s destruction. since it was exposing the Jews, and beyond that to gain enormous war profits, to weaken or destroy all Gentile peoples, and ultimately to establish a Jewish dictatorship over the entire world.

The Jews and the President of the USA:

Roosevelt’s ancestor Johanna Samuels was apparently of Jewish descent: a demonstrable infiltration of Jewish blood into the Roosevelt family occurred in the second generation with Nicholas Roosevelt, born in Esopus in 1685; in the seventh generation the mother of the current president, Sarah Delano (“Delano” is Roosevelt’s middle name) of Jewish descent. — The president received a “medal” from the American Hebrew, the highest honor American Jewry can bestow: Roosevelt is especially proud of that Jewish recognition. — Roosevelt is a Freemason (member of Holland Lodge Nr. 8 in New York and honorary member of “Architect’s Lodge 519” and member of the “Great Lodge of Georgia”; he holds the 32nd degree (the highest degree is 33): all of the president’s three sons are also high level Freemasons.

The president won reelection by promising absolutely to keep the USA out of European conflicts; immediately after the election he let the mask fall and incited war against Germany.

Roosevelt’s friends and advisors:

The chief advisor of the President of the USA is the Jew Bernard M. Baruch, who carried through the declaration of war against Germany in 1917 and later promoted the Dawes Plan, in order to make German workers the slaves of international Jewish-plutocratic high finance. — In 1937 Baruch offered to pay for filling gaps in USA military supplies out of his own pocket ($3.3 million); the offer was not accepted, but the proposal was approved and Baruch could do enormous business. — Before the outbreak of war, Baruch consulted regularly with Churchill and Eden. — The Jewish Secretary of the Treasury Morgenthau is related by marriage to the governor of New York, Herbert Lehmann, who is an Orthodox Jew. — The half-Jew Laguardia is a well known enemy of Germany. — The Jew Professor Felix Frankfurter (born in Vienna), judge of the Supreme Court of the USA, whose main activity is sneaking his particularly suitable Jewish pupils into high positions in the States, particularly places near the president. — One of the Jews that Frankfurter advanced is Benjamin Cohen, who is in the “White House” and occupies himself primarily with “lawmaking.” — The Jew Samuel Rosenmann [sic] of the New York Supreme Court is also the president’s personal attorney. — Secretary of State Hull (married to a Jew): Hull’s chief aide is the Jew Leo Pavolski; most members of the State Department are Jews; the president of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, Bloom, is a Jew.

Organization of Jewry in the USA:

  1. The “American Jewish Committee” and the “Kehillah” (the activity of the latter is secret; it has great influence on American life; it is almost unknown to gentiles. Both groups were established as a protest against the factual conclusion by the police commissioner of New York General Bingham, according to which 50% of all crimes in New York were committed by Jews [1906]: Bingham also provided revelations about Jewish pimps, and was fired; the “Kehillah” is the largest and most powerful Jewish association in the world; Jewish capitalists, Bolshevists, rabbis, union leaders, etc., all belong to the “Kehillah” and each helps the other).
  2. “American Jewish Congress”: and
  3. “American Labour Committee” (huge Jewish association). These three organizations are a parallel government for the USA that has all power in its hands. — The publicly announced goal of the three associations: Aid for Palestine and support for needy Jews; the real goal is to make the USA into a Jewish state, a step on the way to the final goal of a world Jewish dictatorship.
  4. “Zionist Organization of America ” (ZOA): Official goal: Building a Jewish state in Palestine along the lines of Th. Herzl; 80,000 members in the USA; including affiliated organizations 250,000 members; President: Salomon Goldmann.
  5. “Union of American Hebrew Congregations” over 2,000,000 members.
  6. “Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations”: 400,000 members.
  7. “Anti-Nazi League”, New York; promotes agitation against Germany; carried out the whole boycott effort against Germany; Laguardia is a member; the organization destroyed several hundred thousand bales of cotton to implement the boycott against Germany: 5,000,000 members, including affiliated organizations.
  8. Women’s organization “Hadassah”: 60,000 members in the USA; affiliated with the “World Organization of Zionist Women” (Wizo).
  9. “National Conference of Christians and Jews”: Based in New York; effort to establish Jewish world domination; unites about 250 other Christian-Jewish organizations.

There are also others organizations, some Christian, that support the goal of a Zionist state. — Jewish leadership of Freemasonic lodges in the USA.

Themes and Suggestions:


The young American style that modeled itself politically after England was subverted by the Jews in the USA; Aeschylus, Euripides, Irish ballads and popular music, Shakespeare disappeared; The Jews Jake, Lee, Skubert [sic], Ziegfield, Harries produced Jewish-Oriental plays (Mecca, The Garden of Allah [nude dancing], leading to the “Shimmy”).— The Jew introduced “Nigger songs” everywhere, promoted “writers” like the author of “Yes, We Have No Bananas”; he founded magazines to promote “sex appeal”, demoralized the American population through corresponding books, films (film king Jew Laemmle), revues, etc. — The Jews have understood how to give all forms of art a tone: Jewish “artists” led the gentile people to moral and spiritual decline.


From the start of its emigration, Jewry in the USA went into commerce, business, and finance, avoiding any form of physical, value-creating labor and rapidly gained almost unlimited influence on domestic and foreign commerce.


Since the beginning of his industrial activity, the Jew in the USA has produced worthless things lacking quality, workmanship, endurance, and taste. — The Jew despises craftsmanship and is only interested in producing as much as possible from his raw materials, while keeping pay at the lowest level, bribing Jewish union leaders, encouraging strikes against competitors, etc.


The agricultural population of the USA is about 30,000,000, among whom are almost no Jews (according to the American Jewish Yearbook only 130,000 of the 4.85 million Jews in the USA live in small towns, villages, or on farms). — In the countryside, the Jew is known only as a traveling salesman, peddler, or as an dealer in poultry, fruits, and vegetables; his business methods have everywhere earned him the title of “crook.”


There is hardly a Jew in the USA working underground in mining. — In mining districts, the Jew is found only as a trader or deal maker. — If a new supply of metal, oil, and so on is discovered in the USA, a mass of Jews immediately shows up and take over trade in the district.


The Jew in the USA is particularly active in transportation as owner of moving companies, etc.; now and again also as a taxi owner in profitable cities. — The Jew is never a railroad worker, professional driver, etc.


The Jew in the USA is unknown in forestry; however, if a settlement develops he appears as a merchant. The rape of North American forests is a dark chapter in the history of Jewish exploitation of the country’s natural treasures.


The Jew shows up only occasionally and temporarily as a worker, since he shies away from physical labor. — The Jew in the USA as building contractor saw his jobs only as an opportunity for exploitation; he built tasteless buildings since he lacks any architectural sense. — The Jew Strauss was appointed head of the administrative department in charge of housing.

Legal system:

The danger of Jewish shysters and their treasonous cunning is known in the USA. — A “well-known” Jewish lawyer is mistrusted by gentile Americans (frequent deposit swindles, etc.). — Jewish attorneys represent on a “contingency” basis, including those whose injuries are the result of fraud. — Plots in divorce cases, bribery of witnesses, perjury, etc., are only “little” crimes of Jewish attorneys in New York. The gentile citizen of New York knows that he will not receive justice in financial matters from a Jewish attorney. — Gentiles have a chance of success only in, for example, cases involving debts on the other side of the river, where Mayor Hague excluded the Jews. — The Jews sit on the Supreme Court and maintain close relations with their racial comrades in all subordinate offices.

Financial system:

Since the collapse of the fraudulent Jewish “Bank of the United States” (over 50 branches in the city of New York alone), the public has had great mistrust toward Jewish banks (further example of fraudulent Jewish banks: “Strauss Banking Comp., Sam. Insull). — Later the Jews used treacherous stock maneuvers to retake control of the banking system. — The behavior of Jewish loan companies in the USA (in each city) made government intervention necessary. — Countless cases in which Jews made loans with interest that totaled 2-3 times the amount loaned. — On the mortgage market, the Jews in the USA demanded discounts that were “nothing but a way of getting around the usury law.” — Jewish firms involved in real estate can be called fraudulent enterprises almost without exception (Example Florida: during the height of the property boom the Jewish Binder brothers sold property that was under water).


The Jew here is primarily a bungler, abortionist, dealer in patent medicines that bring very high profits.

Labor movement:

The “little” Jew in the USA is always an enemy of the state; the rich Jew is an exploiter “from above,” who works with the relevant labor leader, who is usually a Jew as well, and increases social misery to a degree that must appear incomprehensible especially to the German who thinks about the rich natural resources with which the USA is blessed.


New York (Nearly 3 million of its 11 million inhabitants are Jews) has the highest crime rate in the USA. — The first large criminal gang in the city (1825) was founded in the business of the Jew Rosanna Peers (Perles); that was also the headquarters of “Captain” Coellmann (Jew); the leader was the Jew “Bowery-Moses,” his successor was Samson (Jew). — The second big criminal gang met in the grain dealership of the Jew Elias Hart; its leader was Judson (Jew). — The leader of the notorious “River Pirates" was the Jew Saul. — The worst criminal in the city in the middle of the 19th century was the Jew “Italian David.” — The center of crooked gambling in New York was the gambling hell of the Jew Sam Suydam, whose best customers were the Jew John Jacob Astor and the later U.S. Marshall Captain Isaiah Rynders (Jew). — The later owners of the countless gambling hells were almost without exception Jews. — In 1888 the Jews began the first organization of pimps and prostitution, which soon spread to the whole country. —  The widespread fencing system was introduced in the USA by the Jew Joe Erich and built up through a large number of his racial comrades. — The Jewess Mandelbaum taught courses in bank robbery and extortion. — For a long time bank robbers were mostly Jews (Red Lyons, Bill Mosher, Shinburn, etc.). — The king of burglars in the USA was the Jew J. D. Gradys. — Among the worst gangster leaders in the USA were, among others, the Jews Danny Lyons, “Bucklige Jackson (Jakobsohn), Ignaz Lupo, and Monk Eastman (Edward Ostermann), who headed the organizations for drugs, pick pocketing, burglary, and prostitution. — The rate of serious crimes has climbed rapidly since 1900 (crime statistics for New York and the whole of the USA show that the Jewish percentage of crime was the greatest, and increased from year to year). — Jews as Public Enemy #1 (1938 the Jew Jacob Gurrah Schapiro; then the Jew Lepke). — New York is typical of the whole United States.

Current position of the Jews in the USA:

The Jews in the USA have power in their hands, suck the people dry and enslave them; they have greatly increased the national debt, corrupted and undermined everything; they have power in a few hands of Jews or Jewish lackeys; they have encouraged the worst conditions as well opposition to the law, produced a wave of crime and violence; they have waged war (boycotts. etc.) against everything social (also the social state). — They have introduced the absolute rule of gold (money), and they have brought farmers into great debt, and in part completely destroyed them. The Jews in the USA treated gentiles just as prescribed for the Jews in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Population policy:

There are 4.85 million Jews in the USA, about 3.7% of the population. — Jewish immigration in the USA is encouraged by the “Hebrew Immigrant Society” in New York which on request helps any Jew outside the USA to immigrate, even when it is not permissible under immigration regulations; the society “cares for” the Jews, securing all necessary papers, documents, and money, and provides all necessary advice. — Cities are the centers for Jews in the USA (Jewish percentage of the population is about 3.7%, in New York state 17%, in New York City 25%, two-thirds of all Jews in the USA live in seven industrial cities on the East Coast, while in the agriculturally-oriented states of the union the percentage of Jews in the population is well under 1%).

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Jewry and Cultural Bolshevism in the Soviet Union [8845]

Themes and Suggestions:

Worldview and religion:

The chair of the Atheist Federation (112,000 branches) is Jaroslavsky (born Gubelmann), a Jew. — Mass murder of priests; priests sent to labor camps; demolition of churches, regardless of their cultural value.— 47 museums of atheism established, book series. — Intensified anti-religious propaganda after 1940. — On the other hand, recently “war religious services” have been introduced. — 1938: “World Congress of Atheists and Freethinkers" in Moscow under the leadership of Jews (Jaroslavsky, Scheinmann).


The founder of Jewish leadership of the sciences in the Communist Party was the Jew (people’s commissar) Lunatscharski, who also encouraged free sexual relations in the schools. — In recent years the vice chairman of the People’s Commissariat for Propaganda, M. Epstein (Jew) came to the foreground if the leadership for science. — Founder of the “Society for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries” is Olga D. Kamenev (her former husband a Jew!).

With regards to ancient history, the head of the Soviet “Institute for Anthropology and Ethnography of the USSR” said that for folklore and ethnography there is only one proper approach, Marxist historical materialism.

The leading history scholar is the Jew Friedland: “Marxism is nothing but the only and final word in genuine science.” — Soviet science has established a “Jewish Scientific Institute,” directed by Jewish professors.

In the field of local history, cloisters were turned into museums and the items on display gradually stolen. — Valuable archives and libraries were burned in the USSR.

Philosophy and psychology in the USSR are based on the untenable Jewish doctrine of Marxism. — The foundations and principles of education were established by Jews based on Jewish theories of Marx-Lenin (catastrophic results).

Literature studies were based on the Marxist “sociological method”; the younger group of scholars (40% Jewish) radicalized this method.

In history, the “bourgeois” and Marxist views battled, with the Jews finally helping their Marxist view to an easy victory. — The Jew directs every branch of science in the USSR, as professor, commissar, teacher, and student. — The Committee for University Matters by the Council of People’s Commissars is 50% Jewish. — No scientific meeting, speech, etc., occurs in the USSR without permission and supervision by a communist cell, which are mostly led by a Jew. — Jews are 30% of professors, 29% of academic staff, 25% of lecturers (has increased in recent years!).


Soviet legal historians base their work on economic materialism and the dialectical method (adjusting to and “justifying” Marxist claims). — Legal practice is essentially subordinate to the party, which the Jews dominated from the beginning, increasing their control from year to year: since 1940 the Jews have made extraordinary gains, either through Stalin or through the Jew Kaganovitsch who is behind him (Stalin lives together with his daughter); this was especially clear in appointments to important positions in newly-won territories (West Ukraine, West White Russia, the Baltic states, Bessarabia, and Bukovina). — Old communists were gradually replaced after 1938; sometimes condemned to death under some pretext or another. — Jewdified judges.


Dominance of the Jews in all economic commissariats. — Jews as factory heads, union leaders, etc. — Jewish people’s commissar (Mechlis) for state finance: above all people’s commissariats. — Jews as directors of technical educational and research institutes.


Jews put gentiles in insignificant editorial positions as a way of concealment. — TASS (news agency): 16 Jews, among them the head. — Izvestia: 34 Jews holding all important positions. — Pravda (central organ of the Bolshevist Party): 34 Jews. — Bolshevist Press (organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party): supervises the direction of the entire Soviet press; 1941: 88 Jewish employees. — The situation everywhere else in the USSR is the same as with the three leading organs.


28% Jews in the relevant people’s commissariats. — The Academy of Architecture is led by the Jews Lewinsohn, Kornfield, and others, Jews unsuited for cultural matters (kitschy buildings!) — Poorly designed and badly built buildings (Jewish corruption!).


The writers Eliot, Rubinstein, Enossovitch, Schwedik are Jews. — Film Lenin: all major posts were filled by Jews. — Awards (medals) for about 50 Jewish producers and directors (1939). — About 34% of the relevant people’s commissariat are Jews.


Dramaturgy positions (programming) are particularly filled by Jews. — Immorality in casting. —  In 1940 about 100 Jews in theatre were awarded Soviet medals: they are “people’s artists of the USSR.” — Gentile performers unemployed for years.


Political productions of the “Red Ballet” in Moscow, frequently attended by Stalin and other Soviet leaders. — Senanove, a young communist, as prima ballerina. New Soviet operas are boring. — Poor quality costumes.


High percentage of Jews as composers and virtuosos (Weprik, Schönberg, Rosé, Saminski, Achron, etc.). — The society “National Jewish Composers” includes Gnesin, Rosovsky, Krein, and others. — Particularly high percentage of Jews in the USSR as guest artists abroad.


37% of the radio announcers awarded prizes in 1940 are Jews. — Three of the six directors of the “Radio Committee” of the USSR are Jews. — The entire radio system is subordinate to the party apparatus (the leadership of which is largely in Jewish hands).


Sale by museums, collections, and private owners (Rembrandt, van Eyck, Rafael, Titian, Hals, Watteau, Velasquez, among others). — Sale of 1086 tons (!) of paintings and sculptures from 1929 to 1933 by the Jewish-led people’s commissariat. — Destruction of cultural inheritance and national treasures by the Bolshevists or people’s commissariat. — Unemployment for painters as a result of insufficient commissions, with the exception of a few modernist Bolshevists, mostly Jewish painters. — High living costs and expensive materials, lack of interest and incompetence of the supervising “cultural” offices. — Poverty of the broad masses (making private purchases impossible).


Article in the Moscow magazine Wetschernjaja In June 1940 a number of leading film people received medals as “Master of Film Arts” (89% were Jews). — Major films: Alexander Nevsky, director Eisenstein (Jew); Minin and Posharsky: script by Schlowsky (Jew), director: Doller (Jew). — Typical “Jewish morality” in the entire Soviet film system. —Soviet cultural propaganda using film guided by the people’s commissariat, about 33% Jewish


The famous Sabbas Monastery was turned into a museum, but part of it was used to house juvenile criminals; they stole most of the museum’s objects and sold them at markets in Moscow. — Achievements of the Red muse: from the Epic of 150 Million by the “famed” Soviet writer Mayakovsky (Jew): “Your soul: steam, compressed air, electricity! The alms givers, the navel-gazers, let the axe dance over their heads! Strike! Strike! Brass knuckles to their noses! Start afresh!” — A Moscow university institute was ordered to slice Mayakovsky’s brain into 250,000 pieces to establish where artistic genius had its seat.

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