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Background: The Nazi Party depended heavily on speakers to get its message across. Those speakers needed to be informed. The following is a translation of instructions to speakers in November 1942 ordering them to tell audiences that the Allies intended to wipe Germany off the earth. The text mentions Theodore Kaufman, whose 1941 American book Germany Must Perish provided welcome material for propaganda. This material then appeared in thousands of speeches by individual party speakers throughout the country.

The source: Redner-Schnellinformation, Lieferung 46, 6 November 1942.

Speaker Express Information

Attention! Important! Urgent!



Effective immediately, great attention is to be given in every meeting to the base and criminal murderous intentions that our Jewish-Plutocratic enemies have for our German people as “post-war goals.” As a reminder, here is a brief summary of enemy plans and intentions. They are to be discussed thoroughly in every meeting.

1. Extermination of the German People through Sterilization

In the spring of this year, a book was published in the USA that displayed the inimitable Jewish hatred of Germany. In it, our plutocratic opponent announced his desire, should he be victorious, not only to cripple us politically, but to completely wipe us out. The Jew Theodore Natan [sic] Kaufman, one of Roosevelt’s close aides, demanded the complete sterilization of the German people in his book Germany must perish. [Kaufman’s book actually had appeared in Spring 1941.]

Displaying genuine Jewish sadism and revealing all his depraved and perverse instincts, the Jew described how to murder over eighty million Germans. 20,000 Jewish physicians are to carry out the most violent and brutal policy ever announced by the Jews, which can be compared only to the history of the Jews in the Old Testament. First, Kaufman demands that all German soldiers be sterilized, then all young men, teenagers, and boys, and finally, women and girls. One can imagine what would happen to our German women and girls if they fell victim to the perverse lusts of these murderous Jewish beasts.

The final result of this plan would be the extermination of the whole German people in a single generation — this one.

2. The Deportation of German Children

A few weeks ago, a new and disgraceful Jewish-democratic proposal for what to do after victory reached us from England. Reuters, the official English news agency, carried a cable from South America that announced a plan to ensure the complete wiping out of Germany after this war. It demanded that all German children between the ages of 2 and 6 be hauled away from the love and care of their parents and be taken abroad, far from any German influence. Their consciousness of their German ethnicity would be destroyed, and they would, from their earliest years, become slaves accustomed to the rule of a Jewish-plutocratic world dictatorship.

Such thinking is so inconceivable to our German people that many of our people’s comrades see such thoughts as the result of a sick mind. Speakers must take the greatest care to be sure that the seriousness of these destructive Jewish plans is made clear, and that people recognize the fanatic will behind them. Many tens of thousands of kidnapped Spanish children, of whom a few physically, mentally, and spiritually ruined and destroyed survivors have recently been found in the Soviet Union, prove that our enemy is ready to do this, ignoring every impulse of thought or conscience. As we marched into Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia, our troops found thousands of examples of such crimes, which are beyond our comprehension. At a train station in Latvia, our soldiers found a whole box car filled with corpses, some of which had starved to death, but also children and babies that had been slaughtered in a bestial manner.

3. The Last Cry for Revenge: The Destruction of the Whole German Youth

Most recently, a New York news agency provided official confirmation of such horrible British intentions:

“Among the questions being discussed in the USA is that of the forced education of German youth after the war. One is considering the possibility of forcibly re-educating German youth, and if this does not succeed, of deporting them to render this youth harmless.”

This makes clear that deportation is no longer thought to be enough. Some “moderate” circles argue for “re-educating” the whole German youth, but this meets the bitter opposition of the “radicals” who have as their goal wiping out German youth.

The Jews and plutocrats are outdoing themselves in their boundless hatred, but are also betraying their great fear of the fighting strength of our German youth, which has proven itself unbeatable in three years of war on every front. They want to destroy this youth. This is the war goal they confront us with today.

In view of such a clearly expressed war aim by our enemy, our people must be told repeatedly what is at stake in this war. In the face of our enemy’s terrible and brutal goal of destruction, there may be no voice, no thought, other than of giving everything in battle, labor, and sacrifice, for victory.


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