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Background: This pamphlet is one of the more astonishing propaganda productions of the Third Reich. Some background is in order. Theodore N. Kaufman was the 31-year old owner of a theatrical ticket agency in Newark, New Jersey who published at his own expense a 100-page book titled Germany Must Perish! in March, 1941. It called for the sterilization of the German population and the dismemberment of Germany, with its land being turned over to neighboring states. The book received no serious attention in the U.S., but the Nazis discovered it in July 1941. They played it up big, claiming that Kaufman was a close associate of Franklin D. Roosevelt, a member of his Brain Trust, and that Roosevelt himself had dictated some of Kaufman’s words. Late in September 1941, this pamphlet by Wolfgang Diewerge appeared in an edition, according to Goebbels, of five million. Goebbels had originally wanted to translate Kaufman’s whole pamphlet into German, but feared copyright problems. The U.S. was still not in the war, and he worried that the U.S. might retaliate by stripping German works in the U.S. of copyright protection. Goebbels himself wrote the last page of the pamphlet, but did not add his name, since he preferred Diewerge’s pamphlet to seem “unofficial.” A month after publication, the Nazis released a four-page flyer to remind Germans of Kaufman’s plan.

Diewerge claims the Kaufman’s book appeared at about the same time as the July 1941 meeting between Roosevelt and Churchill on the presidential yacht Potomac, though the first edition was actually published in March 1941. Kaufman rather enjoyed the publicity, and put out a paperback edition after the Nazi furor. He sank into obscurity thereafter and died in 1986.

I have chased down the original Kaufman book, so the quotations from him that follows are from his book. I’ve noted several interesting translation choices or omissions in the German.

Kaufman remained a mainstay of German propaganda for the remainder of the war, his last major appearance coming in a late-1944 pamphlet titled Never!, which collected every manner of Allied threat against Germany. My article titled “The Argument for Genocide in Nazi Propaganda,” Quarterly Journal of Speech 91 (February 2005) goes into this in greater detail.

The source: Wolfgang Diewerge, Das Kriegsziel der Weltplutokratie. Dokumentarische Veröffentlichung zu dem Buch des Präsidenten der amerikanischen Friedensgesellschaft Theodore Nathan Kaufman “Deutschland muß sterben” (“Germany must perish”) (Berlin: Zentralverlag der NSDAP, 1941).

The War Goal of World Plutocracy

A Documentary Publication on the Book by the President of the American Federation of Peace Theodore Nathan Kaufman (“Germany Must Perish”)

by Wolfgang Diewerge

At almost the same time that the two chief warmongers Roosevelt and Churchill were meeting on the American president’s luxury yacht “Potomac,” singing pious songs and praying for the victory of Bolshevism, leading personages in the United States and England received a small, long package that contained a miniature black coffin. Upon opening it, they found a card telling them: “Read the pamphlet ‘Germany Must Perish!” The day after this announcement, they received a 104-page booklet with a red cover, with “Germany must perish!” in gold lettering. The author was the president of the “American Federation of Peace,” the American Jew Theodore Nathan Kaufman from the ghetto of Manhattan [Kaufman’s name was given as “Theodore N. Kaufman in the book, but his real middle name was Newman. “Nathan” sounded more Jewish to the Nazis.]

The book called for exactly what its title suggested: the extermination of the entire German people, including women and children, and the partitioning of the territory of the Greater German Reich among its neighbors. As the way to exterminate a nation of 80 million people, the Jewish president proposed the disarming of the German people and the sterilization of all fertile men, women, and children.

Who is President Kaufman?

Kaufman CoverThe Jewish president Kaufman is no anonymous loner, no fanatic rejected by World Jewry, no insane creature, but rather a leading and widely-known Jewish figure in the United States. He belongs to Roosevelt’s so-called “Brain Trust,” the staff of politicians who provide intellectual and political advice to the American president. This circle provides the material for the hate-filled speeches against National Socialist Germany that President Roosevelt likes to give. It is the center of activity for those warmongers who expanded the war into the Balkans in the spring of 1941. The half-Jewish mayor of New York La Guardia, along with Roosevelt’s close confidante and friend Bernard Baruch (the “unofficial president” of the U.S.A.) also belong to this group, which maintains the closest ties to the leading men of the Soviet Union. They provide the impetus for the agitation for American military and material support for Bolshevism.

Theodore Nathan Kaufman belongs to this circle. He has appeared as a writer before. His influence on the American president has greatly increased in recent months. He is thought to be behind the meeting between Roosevelt and Churchill. The name Kaufman has also surfaced in connection with recent American terrorist actions in South America.

President Kaufman — Spokesman for World Plutocracy

It is indisputable that his book and his demand that “Germany must perish” is the official opinion of the leading circles of world plutocracy. In supposedly free America, a book not to the liking of world plutocracy has no hope of being published. It is either banned or bought out. Neither happened in the case of Kaufman’s book. To the contrary, it has been promoted in every way. Kaufman, of course, did not pay for the expensive propaganda, for example, the sending of those black coffins we previously mentioned. He claims to be the sole author, publisher, and distributor. He even tries to make it appear that he gave this program of extermination to the world from a pure “love of humanity,” and that he would prefer to die in poverty rather than withhold these “noble thoughts” from others. That is an old Jewish trick that no longer works on Germany. All the Jewish murderers who have been previously caught used the same methods, which they learn from the Talmud. The Jew Frankfurter, who shot Wilhelm Gustloff [the head of the Nazi Party organization in Switzerland], claimed that he planned the crime alone and carried it out by himself, despite all the evidence that he had an exact map of the area, that he was in debt, and received money from large Jewish organizations. The Jew Grünspan, the cowardly murderer of the German embassy employee Ernst von Rath in Paris, never admitted to his links to the “Jewish World League,” although his close cooperation with this Jewish organization could be proven by the documents our troops found after occupying Paris.

World Jewry Affirms Murder as a Political Tool

The murderers’ racial comrades from the first announced that they did not approve of the crimes of either Frankfurter or Grünspan. At the same time as they were making these hypocritical statements, however, Jews from all over the world, along with major Jewish organizations, were sending the murderers letters and telegrams, praising them in newspapers, providing them with money and goods, and hiring the best-known and most expensive lawyers. Bernhard Lecache, the president of the Jewish World League, had this to say from his then office in Paris about the Grünspan case on 9 November 1938, nearly a year before the beginning of the war:

“Our task is to declare pitiless war against Germany, the state enemy #1. One may be sure of this: We will fight this war until the Grünspans no longer need to go to gun shops to revenge with blood the misfortune of being a Jew!”

It is therefore to be expected that, at the moment the Jew Kaufman is revealed as an inciter to murder and his close relations with the president of the United States are uncovered, world plutocracy will deny it. This trick is obvious and has been used so often that it is recognized from the beginning. Just as Frankfurter and Grünspan remained admired figures for World Jewry even when they were in prison, Nathan Kaufman only wrote and demanded what is the goal and the dream of world plutocracy in this great battle that it has forced upon us.

The American Press on the Book’s Appearance

There is one other option. Just as with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Jews could claim that Germany Must Perish is a clever anti-Semitic forgery. One in fact could not imagine a worse charge against World Jewry than a plan to exterminate 80 million culturally advanced, industrious, and decent German women, men, and children. But this pamphlet is not the product of the hate-filled mind of a loner, but rather the capstone of thousands of years of Jewish plans for world domination. The Jews can no longer dispute the existence of the book. English and American newspapers have already promoted its distribution and discussed its contents. Copies of the book have also been flown to Germany. An original copy will be shown to the foreign press when this pamphlet is published. The picture on the cover of the author is also indisputable. And the publisher (Argyle Press, Newark, New Jersey) is also established.

Close Relationship with the Potomac Declaration

The book Germany Must Perish is the background music to the major foreign policy deception that the leaders of world plutocracy, President Roosevelt and his business partner in international warmongering, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, have launched to support their ally Stalin. While from the yacht “Potomac,” the peoples of Central Europe are promised raw materials, open shipping channels, peace and freedom, happiness and prosperity, the call that “Germany must perish and vanish forever from the face of the earth!” echoes through America and England.

Publication of the Jewish Book in the German Language Prohibited!

These tunes are not in harmony, and are also not intended for the same audiences. The alluring slogans from the “Potomac” were spread to German by lying radio stations. The Jew Kaufman’s book, on the other hand, has an interesting note on an interior page that bans any distribution or translation in foreign languages. The author further prohibits even excerpts of his book from being translated into German. That is further evidence that it is intended only for the internal use of Americans and Englishmen to help them understand the hypocrisy coming from the “Potomac.” The Germans first are to be persuaded to lay down their weapons. The promises Roosevelt and Churchill made are valid up to then. But once Germany is defenseless, the Jew Kaufman takes over.

The plan is carefully thought out and clever. Both the simultaneous publication and the inner consistency are important. The common source cannot be missed. World plutocracy’s hate speaks clearly from these documents. The international connections of world plutocracy are clearly visible.

New York, London, and Moscow are a Single Front

Just as Reaction, Bolshevism and liberalism were allied through their common Jewish foundations in the domestic German struggle against National Socialism, so today London, New York, and Moscow are arm and arm in the effort to create a second, more terrible Treaty of Versailles. This second Treaty of Versailles will bear no more relationship to the Potomac Declaration than the first Treaty of Versailles bore to Wilson’s declarations. World Jewry in New York, Moscow, and London agrees on the complete destruction of the German people. The Jew Kaufman has made himself the spokesman for this “peace proposal.”

Education about this Murderous Plan is Necessary for Germany

It is, therefore, fortune that his book fell into German hands in so timely a fashion for the entire German people to learn about it. Although reprinting it is forbidden under international law, there is no objection to printing the central parts of a publication that concerns a community in order to help that community form its own opinion.

Of course, this publication is unpleasant for the Jew Kaufman and particularly for those behind him. They will certainly attempt to interfere with this publication by legal tricks. As previously mentioned, Kaufman particularly feared that his book would become known in Germany. And now this Jew, who calls for the extermination of the German people, demands that the laws of the very people he wants to condemn to death for “lack of culture” and lawlessness” protect his filthy work. This by itself is enough to show the intellectual nature of the Jew Kaufman and his ilk. It is the same kind of shameless Jewish behavior we saw earlier in Moabit [a prison in Berlin], when Jewish murders were defended by Jewish attorneys. They wanted to ignore the law as long as they were carrying out their dark deeds. But as soon as they faced a verdict, they relied on German law.

It would be a terrible mistake to withhold this pamphlet from the German people. International law recognizes that the rights of an individual cease when the survival of an entire people requires the lifting of copyright regulations. That is the case here. The German people can fully understand the full significance of its fateful struggle only when it is a witness to the revealing of the Jew Theodore Nathan Kaufman.

The Jew as Pseudo-Scientist

Millions of American and British readers thus have a book in their hands that clearly demands the murder of the German people. Even in countries in which years of constantly growing agitation against everything having to do with Germany and National Socialism has corrupted judgment to the greatest degree possible, and in which public opinion has suffered under the greatest terror, such a brutal murder plan cannot be proclaimed without covering it with moral, historic and philosophic justifications. Thus the Jew Kaufman does not begin his book with the demand to sterilize the German people, but rather presents himself in Talmudic fashion to his readers as a patriot, philosopher, anthropologist, and general friend of humanity.

After proclaiming his love of peace, the Jew Kaufman next takes an interest in American soldiers. He hypocritically regrets the possibility that they might have to go into the field, and writes:

“If our soldiers must go forth to kill or die in battle, at least let them be given not alone a Slogan, but a Solemn Purpose and a Sacred Promise. Let that Purpose be an Enduring Peace! And, this time, that Promise must be kept!”

Who broke Wilson’s promises from 1917, which also proclaimed enduring peace? It was the powers that today once more demand the disarmament of the German people. Trusting in Wilson’s 14 Points, the Germans laid down their weapons in 1918. Today, on the basis of publications, laws and documents, the world knows that the German people were systematically betrayed. Instead of a just peace, world plutocracy’s leading mean dictated a program of destruction, based on ice-cold hate, the pinnacle of which was to lay all the blame for the war on the German people.

The Jew Hates Front Soldiers

Kaufman is so concerned about the “holy goals of the soldiers,” but who is it in all countries on earth who has insulted and betrayed front soldiers? We will not even speak of November Germany [November 1918], when they were the targets of crude Jewish mockery and miserable jokes, when communist bands incited by the Jews tore their medals from them, when military flyers with the Pour le mérite were murdered as deserters, when the cabaret Jews poured their filthiest thoughts on German heroes. No, even in the so-called victorious nations the front soldier was betrayed and the Jew was the war profiteer.

The War against the German People

The Jewish peace president Kaufman begins by discussing the reasons for the war the plutocrats wanted:

“Today’s war is not a war against Adolf Hitler. Nor is it a war against the Nazis. It is a war of peoples against peoples; of civilized peoples envisioning Light, against uncivilized barbarians who cherish darkness. It is a struggle between the German nation and humanity.

Hitler is no more to be blamed for this German war than was the Kaiser for the last one. Nor Bismarck before the Kaiser. These men did not originate Germany’s war against the world. They were merely the mirrors reflecting centuries-old inbred lust of the German nation for conquest and mass murder.”

The Jew openly admits that this war is being waged against the entire German people. He thereby reveals the swindle that worked in the World War and is now being tried again: separating the leadership from the people. In 1918, the German people believed that the abdication of the Kaiser and the elimination of the monarchy would bring them “a life of beauty and dignity.” The enemy exploited Germany’s lack of leadership for shameless oppression, which never would have been possible without the November revolt. Today, English agitation is attempting once more, this time in vain, to separate the German people from its leader. The Jew Kaufman cynically makes plain what one should think of the slogans of Roosevelt and Churchill. They are a trap for the stupid, a reaching back to the moth-eaten methods of the World War. Kaufman openly says what World Jewry wants: the hatred of world plutocracy is directed not only at the Führer, but against the entire German people.

And thus he adds the “proof” that the whole German people is guilty for this war, and is responsible for it:

“This war is being waged by the German People. It is they who are responsible. It is they who must be made to pay for the war. Otherwise, there will always be a German war against the world. And with such a sword forever hanging overhead the civilized nations of the world, no matter how great their hopes, how strenuous their efforts, will never succeed in creating that firm and solid foundation of permanent peace which they must first establish if they ever intend to start the building of a better world.”

Who Wanted This War?

A digression is in order here: Who declared war on 3 September 1939? England and France used the local conflict over Danzig and the Corridor, where justice was indisputably on the side of Germany, to declare war on Germany and thus cause a world conflagration. And the United States has been trying to “get into the business” for months with repeated provocations. It prays daily for another “Lusitania,” and regrets that in the case of the “Athenia,” German attentiveness ruined their finely spun plans.

Murder from the “Love of Peace”?

Since the provocations did not succeed in making the war mood in the United States agree with the will of the Jews, moral arguments had to be found. The Jewish president Kaufman calls for world peace, and says that the death of the German people is the precondition for that.

“For not only must there be no more German wars in fact; there must not even remain the slightest possibility of one every again occurring. A final halt to German aggression, not a temporary cessation, must be the goal of the present struggle.

This time Germany has forced a TOTAL WAR upon the world.

As a result, she must be prepared to pay a TOTAL PENALTY.

And there is one, and only one, such Total Penalty.

Germany must perish forever!

In fact — not in fancy!”

The “War Lust” of the German People

To justify the murdering of 80 million people, Nathan Kaufman is forced to ascribe irremediable criminal tendencies to the German people. He declares that a lust for war is the most prominent characteristic of German men and women.

“The personal war-lust of those who lead the German people is but a component part of the war-lust which exists as a whole in the German masses. German leaders are not isolated from the will of the German people because apart from this will they could not come into being or exist at all. The personal inspiration, the motivation, even the acquiescence to their deeds are one and all drawn by German leaders from the very depths of the German national soul.”

The problem of Germanism must not gain be passed along to the next generation. The world must never again be stretched and tortured on the German rack. Ours is the problem; ours the solution. The world has learned that regardless of what leader or class rules Germany war will be waged against it by that country, because the force which compels it to action is an inseparable part of the mass-soul of that nation.”

Nothing is less true than this claim that the German people lust after war. At most, one can accuse us of being too good-natured and peace-loving over our history to take advantage of opportunities. The German people have always gone to war only after exhausting all other possibilities. Even during the current struggle, how often did the Führer extend his hand of peace, not because of defeats, but after brilliant victories! Each time the Jew spat on the hand that offered peace.

The Desire to Destroy Women and Children

To deal with the response that one cannot hold babies and old women responsible for German war lust, Kaufman performs some genuine Jewish calculations:

“In fact, we shall, in pursuing our point, favor Germany by allowing that as much as 20% of her population is entirely guiltless of complicity in her crimes, as well as being foreign to any share of her war-soul. We therefore grant, for argument’s sake, that some 15,000,000 Germans are absolutely innocent.

BUT — shall Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Austrians, Norwegians, Dutch, Belgians, Frenchmen, Greeks, Englishmen, Irishmen, Scotsmen, Canadians, Australians and Americans — for we too may ultimately feel the spike of the German boot — shall all these people, numbering some 300,000,000 of the most civilized, most enlightened on earth suffer constantly and face unnatural death every generation so that some small part of Germany’s population may continue to exist? Are those 15,000,000 Germans so valuable, so indispensable to mankind, that 300,000,000 guiltless men, women and children shall fight a war with Germany every time she so decrees? Shall perpetual struggle against Germany be the only future facing civilized peoples? Why breed children while Germany breeds war?”

Who Should Die — Germans or Jews?

Here a modest point may be permitted: There are about 20 million Jews in the world.

How would it be if one wanted to treat 20 million Jews according to the proposal of their racial comrade Kaufman rather than 80 million Germans? Then peace would certainly be assured. For the Jew is the troublemaker, the warmonger, everywhere in the world.

Nowhere was that as plain than in Germany after the takeover of power. As long as the Jew controlled the parties, owned the press and film industries, and had captured the intellectual leadership of the masses, Germans fought one another. Since the Jews have been expelled, the German people’s community is unshakable. No one today thinks of murdering a fellow citizen because he has a different occupation, or of hating someone because he was born somewhere else. Eliminating the Jews from the German people’s body has given to the German people peace.

The same is true of Europe. France is the plainest example. Today, it is indisputable that France was driven into this war against its will and against its interests by a Jewish clique. Since the influence of the Jews in France has been limited, the door to mutual understanding is slowly opening.

It is not necessary to waste words discussing the value of the German people. And American Jews are hardly in a position to judge the cultural values of the German people. The names from intellectual history that Germany can place on the scales assures it a unique place in this area, one that Jewish complainers can hardly alter.

Kaufman next wonders whether the victories Jews have won in the past, at most with their mouths, have been properly used. In typical Jewish fashion, he uses expressions from business when discussing war, and speaks of “selling out.” He asks:

“Is selling-out our soldiers to become a national habit? For quite patently, to fight once more in democratic defense against Germany with any goal in view save that country’s extinction constitutes, even though it lose the war, a German victory.”

Jewish Lust for Revenge

Now Kaufman falls into a lust for revenge:

“When the day of reckoning with Germany comes, as come it will, there will be only one obvious answer. No statesman or politician or leader responsible for post-war settlements will have the right to indulge in the personal luxury of false sentiment and specious sanctimony and declare that Germany, misled by her leaders, shall deserve the right of resurrection! It is the bounden duty of the present generation to those yet unborn, to make certain that the vicious fangs of the German serpent shall never strike again. And since the venom of those fangs derives its fatal poison not from within the body, but from the war-soul of the German, nothing else would assure humanity safety and security but that that war-soul be forever expunged, and the diseased carcass which harbors it be forever removed from the world.

There is no longer any alternative: Germany Must Perish!”

The Germans Are Animals!

The Jew Kaufman’s book further states:

“We can remove a tiger from his natural environment, his lair in the jungle, and with patience so tame him that eventually he will respond to our caress, feed from our hand and perform at our command. The more acquiescent he becomes in response to this outward conditioning, the more we are deceived in believing that his jungle days have been forgotten. This is a fatal deception. For inevitably there comes a time when the tiger-soul within the tiger drives him again to the use of fang and claw. In that inexorable response to that irresistible soul-force, the tiger reverts once more to jungle lore. He becomes, one again, a killer.

And so it is with the people of Germany. They may respond for a while to civilizing forces; they may seemingly adopt the superficial mannerisms and exterior behaviourisms of civilized peoples but all the while there remains ever present within them that war-soul which eventually drives them, as it does the Tiger, to kill. And no amount of conditioning, or reasoning, or civilizing — past, present, or future — will ever be able to change this basic nature. For if no impress has been made upon this war-soul over a period of some two thousand years is it to be expected that of a sudden, on the morrow, this miracle will occur?

This analogous linking of the people of Germany is no vulgar comparison. I feel no more personal hatred for these people than I might feel for a herd of wild animals or a cluster of poisonous reptiles. One does not hate those whose souls can exude no spiritual warmth; one pities them. If the German people wish to live by themselves, in darkness, it would be strictly their own affair. But when they make constant attempts to enshroud the souls of other people in those fetid wrappings which cloak their own, it becomes time to remove them from the realm of civilized mankind among which they can have no place, or right to existence.

We need not condemn the Germans. They stand self-condemned. They have lost the wish to be human beings.

The Germans are but beasts; they must be dealt with as such.

This is an objective viewpoint, carefully considered and factually sustained. It is the view taken of them in this book.”

The Jew and Treason

Despite ranking Germans with predatory animals, Roosevelt’s confidante cannot entirely ignore the fact that despite all the agitation in the United States, there are still people who do not accept these conclusions. He simply calls these Americans traitors. Of course, for the Jews treason is only a “gentleman’s offense,” but when it helps, the Jew is happy to appear as a concerned friend of the fatherland. We know this method from German domestic politics. For years the Jews mocked everything that had to do with the front soldier. But as the “Iron Front” [an anti-Nazi coalition from the last years of the Weimar Republic] was about to collapse, as the democratic parties were decaying, the Jew suddenly remembered “nationalism.” It was almost moving to read what the filthiest Jewish papers had to say about the “heroic” march of “bourgeois” front soldiers in 1932, because it promised a weakening of the “Nazis.”

And so now the Jew Kaufman presents himself as an American patriot out to protect the United States:

“Naturally there are men in the world, in our own country included, who think otherwise and who would deal differently with the German menace. It is the custom of such men to take, what they term, a ’sensible’ view of the problem and progress of humanity. These men would rely upon fate to fashion the future. . . . They would suggest a compromise with the Germans, the so-called ‘Negotiated Peace.’

Fortunately, such men are not yet in the majority, nor will they be, unless Germany can harness, employ or bribe enough of them to spread the German netherworld doctrines throughout the earth. But even as a minority the danger which these ‘appeasers’ represent is none the less real and they must be harshly dealt with. They are downright traitors to their country.”

After insulting peace-loving Americans, Nathan Kaufman launches into a hymn in praise of peace. In eloquent words, he praises peaceful life:

“And in all the world we find that peace is the common denominator which binds together the people of all nations, of all color and races, in common thought and prayer. But peace never comes of itself!

I believe that peace can be produced, not merely conceived. But never so long as war persists.

Then why does war still exist?

Simply because it has not been made impossible for it to be waged.

There is only one way to abolish war: impose a penalty of such dire magnitude and frightful consequence upon aggressor peoples as to render it virtually impossible for any nation to start a war.”

The Jew as Punishing Judge

To carry our this judgment, the Jewish peace president recommends, of all people, he and his racial comrades, who have the primary responsibility for preparing for and conducting this war, Throughout their history, the Jews have presumed to be the chosen people. They constantly present themselves as the moral arbiters for others. Jehovah is the great judge, the God of revenge, who punishes Gentile peoples without pity. The Jew Kaufman is pleased to imagine himself as such a punishing judge,

With genuine Jewish self-righteousness, he writes:

“War must not be fought with weapons of ever-increasing destructiveness but with penalties infinitely more frightful and hazardous than war itself. This book sincerely believes that it has found such a penalty; and by its imposition upon the people of Germany, this book believes that not only would a great scourge be removed from the world, but a great good born to it.”

Who Wants World Domination?

As further justification of punishment, Kaufman claims that the German people are striving for world domination. To accuse Germany of having plans for world domination is an old Jewish swindle. The Führer has branded this a lie in all of his statements on foreign policy and clearly stated what the German people want: living space for its population, self-sufficiency on agriculture, and the protection of its peaceful labors. It is perverse when the rulers of the United States, the British world empire and the enormous Soviet Union accuse Germany, a nation whose size can hardly be compared to theirs, of plans for world domination, as the Jew Kaufman does:

“For it must be patent by now that all Germans, without exception, are unanimous in agreeing that world-domination must, now or in the future, be definitely achieved by Germany. There is only one way to frustrate such a desire: the goal of world-domination must be removed from the reach of the German and the only way to accomplish that is to remove the German from the world!”

The German People Is National Socialist

Now comes the most remarkable passage from this book that demands Germany’s destruction. It is the only place in which the Jew says the truth about the German people:

“Therefore it is most essential that we realize as an irreconcilable fact the truth that the Nazis are not beings existing apart from the German people. They are the German people!”

The Jew Kaufman continues:

“For to the German, Nazi or not, the Mailed Fist is as stimulating and meaningful a symbol of all the aims and aspirations of his nation as the Statue of Liberty is to the American. Make no mistake about it; world-domination is not a mirage to the German; it never was, and so long as Germany exists as a nation, it never will be. A belief to the contrary, if too-long sustained, may well result in the world’s enslavement by the German. . . . It is in every respect a deliberate, ruthlessly calculated plot to rule the world or, failing that, to annihilate it! And so long as the German nation exists it intends, in one form or another, now or later, to bring about just such a catastrophe.”

Roosevelt’s confidante presents this terrifyingly-portrayed people as one quite incomprehensible to the “peaceful and civilized” inhabitants of the Soviet Union, the “law-abiding gangsters” of Chicago, and the Indians and Arabs who, in the British colonies, enjoy “all the privileges of freedom.”

“Such civilized nations regard individual rights, the sacredness of human life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as the virtues of mankind and itself, the individual states, as guarantor of those rights. And though, at one time or another during their existence nations may have sought political and economic adjustments, even territorial aggrandizement through force of arms, it must be noted that no Western nation has ever made such a religion of war, such idolatry of armaments, and such a cult of mass murder and destruction as has Germany and her peoples.”

No Comparison Possible

This objective and loyal representative of world plutocracy now asks whether it is possible to work out some sort of agreement with the German people, despite their “bad characteristics,” that would enable the world and Germany to live together peacefully and justly. He has no hope of that. That Germany is a “gruesome reality” is not a foundation for peace. Kaufman complains that the traitors of 1918 have vanished, On this point he writes:

“For, in the first place, there is no longer living in Germany that so-called ‘older generation’ with whom reasonable talk might be made. This woeful handful is gone and forgotten and in its stead stands that brown-shirted legion singing that glorious Horst-Wessel paean: Today Europe, tomorrow all the world! Enlightened reason with perverted chanters of a world-dirge composed by a drunkard, written in a brothel and dedicated to a pimp.”

“Today Germany and tomorrow the entire world” does not happen to be in the Horst Wessel Song, but comes from a National Socialist march.

Once Kaufman has established that peace would not be possible even with a democratic Germany, he examines as a last possible solution the control of Germany by an international armed force. But that does not seem sufficient to him. Even as a Jew, he perhaps feels that the German people could not bear such oppression over the long run, since he writes:

“Even if such a huge undertaking were feasible life itself would not have it so. As war begets war, suppression begets rebellion. Undreamed horrors would unfold.

Thus we find that there is no middle course; no act of mediation, no compromise to be compounded, no political or economic sharing to be considered. There is, in fact, no other solution except one:

That Germany must perish forever from this earth! And, fortunately, as we shall now come to see, that is no longer impossible of accomplishment.”

World Plutocracy’s “Peaceful Solution”

To world plutocracy, this solution means: Death for Germany. The following passages from the book by President Roosevelt’s adviser are so clear in their thinking, so hate-filled in their conclusions, and so typical for the manner of thinking of the powers that want to exterminate National Socialism, that they should be printed in full. Here the enemy speaks clearly, without any concealment or caution. This is the source of enemy war propaganda. Here is revealed the deepest cause of this great war that the Greater German Reich today must fight for its life and its freedom.

Now President Kaufman has the floor to plead for the sterilization and, therefore, the death of Germany:

“When an individual commits premeditated murder, he must be prepared to forfeit his own life in consequence. When a nation commits premeditated murder upon its fellow nations, it must be prepared to forfeit its own national life.

On the point the laws of man and God are explicit:

‘An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a life for a life.’

But what is the law of man or God to Germany? Nothing.

She recognizes only German law; so be it.

It must then be a German law, if such a law there be, which decrees her penalty — the penalty of death. [There follows in Kaufman a long quotation from Heinrich von Treitschke on this, which Diewerge omits.]

Let Germany’s will be done!”

The Most Practical Death Sentence

Kaufman understands that you cannot hang someone unless you have him. In view of the strength of the German Wehrmacht, it seems to him impractical to carry out the death sentence by force. Apparently, he does not think his racial comrades suitable to defeat German soldiers on the battlefield. To be moral and civilized, the Jew proposes the following way to carry out his crime once the German people has been disarmed:

“There remains now but to determine the best way, the most practical and expeditious manner in which the ultimate penalty must be levied upon the German nation. Quite naturally, massacre and wholesale execution must be ruled out. In addition to being impractical when applied to a population of some seventy million, such methods are inconsistent with the moral obligations and ethical practices of civilization.

There remains then but one mode of ridding the world forever of Germanism — and that is to stem the source from which issue those war-lusted souls, by preventing the people of Germany from ever again reproducing their kind. This modern method, known to science as Eugenic Sterilization, is at once practical, humane and thorough. Sterilization has become a byword of science, as the best means of ridding the human race of its misfits: the degenerate, the insane, the hereditary criminal.

It is a safe and simple operation, quite harmless and painless. Its effects are most often less distressing than vaccination and no more serious than a tooth extraction. Too, the operation is extremely rapid requiring no more than ten minutes to complete. The patient may resume his work immediately afterwards. Even in the case of the female the operation, though taking longer to perform, is as safe and simple. When one realizes that such health measures as vaccination and serum treatments are considered as direct benefits to the community, certainly sterilization of the German people cannot but be considered a great health measure promoted by humanity to immunize itself forever against the virus of Germanism.”

Perhaps there are those who still doubt the seriousness of the Jewish murder plan. Perhaps they simply cannot believe that the famed “conscience of the world” would permit this mass crime against a cultured nation once Germany was disarmed. But the conscience of the world has accepted other things, for it is a Jewish invention, not an Aryan one. No one would be concerned about a disarmed Germany and its allies if those in power in New York, London, and Moscow carried out sterilization.

Pitiless Extermination

He then adds:

“The population of Germany, excluding conquered and annexed territories, is about 80,000,000, [Kaufman actually wrote 70,000,000, but Diewerge corrects it] almost equally divided between male and female. To achieve the purpose of German extinction it would be necessary to only sterilize some 48,000,000 — a figure which excludes, because of their limited power to procreate, males over 60 years of age, and females over 45.

Concerning the males subject to sterilization the army groups, as organized units, would be the easiest and quickest to deal with. Taking 20,000 surgeons as an arbitrary number and on the assumption that each will perform a minimum of 25 operations daily, it would take no more than one month, at the maximum, to complete their sterilization. Naturally the more doctors available, and many more than the 20,000 we mention would be available considering all the nations to be drawn upon, the less time would be required. The balance of the male civilian population of Germany could be treated within three months. Inasmuch as the sterilization of women needs somewhat more time, it may be computed that the entire female population of Germany could be sterilized within a period of three years or less. Complete sterilization of both sexes, and not only one, is to be considered necessary in view of the present German doctrine that so much as one drop of true German blood constitutes a German.

Of course, after compete sterilization there will cease to be a birth rate in Germany. At the normal death rate of 2% per annum, German life will diminish at the rate of 1,500,000 yearly. Accordingly in the span of two generations, that which cost millions of lives and centuries of useless effort, namely, the elimination of Germanism and its carriers, will have been accomplished fact. By virtue of its loss of self-perpetuation German Will will have atrophied and German power reduced to negligible importance.”

Jewish Murder of Nations

As monstrous as a plan to cold-bloodedly exterminate a people of 80 million is, and as much as one may be inclined to consider it impossible and unbelievable, World Jewry is serious. We would not be the first people to be murdered by the Jews. A look at world history, beginning in biblical times and continuing to the present, shows that numerous peoples have lost their lives and disappeared from history because they drew the enmity of the Jews. And in recent days, murder plans of this nature have been part of the political demands of our enemies for our people.

We need only think of the statement by the Frenchman Clemenceau, whose Jewish cabinet chief and close confidante Mandel whispered to him that there were “20 million Germans too many.” That was not an empty phrase, but threatened to become reality. Millions of Germans died in the post-war period, and millions more were never born because of poverty. The army of seven million unemployed with their 20 million family members would have been condemned to starvation, had not National Socialism saved them. The suicide rate had reached alarming levels.

Mass Murder in the Soviet Union

Or we may remember the Soviet Union. Millions of the intelligentsia were slaughtered. Jewish commissars played a central role. Millions of people were intentionally starved to death. And now during the great battle for freedom in the East, Jewish commissars with machine guns stand behind the Bolshevist soldiers and shoot down the stupid masses if they begin to retreat. The Jew has always avoided honest, open combat, not from a love of peace, but from simple fear. Instead, he has always chosen murder, the cowardly and treacherous crime, from the rear, even when in power. The list of Jewish murders is very long, stretching from biblical times to the present day. Every opponent of Jewry — whether an individual or a people — has always been at risk of being murdered.

This Plan Is Not Fantasy, But Jewish Realpolitik

Thus it is not unbelievable, only all too understandable, that the Jew Kaufman has said what World Jewry wishes and hopes for: The murder of the German people. It does not bother the Jew that one day, the last aged survivors of the German people will crawl among the ruins of German cities, speaking Polish or Czech, speaking a few German words only when it seems safe. No, that is his goal. That is what he inciting other peoples to do, that he why he reaches into his wallet to pay those in every nation. The cost of bribing a statesman is never too high for him, no lie about National Socialism too filthy, no crime against German women and children too cruel. The Jew feels that German victory in Europe would make his position impossible. Thus, he attempts to mobilize the world. To eliminate forever any danger to his parasitic existence, he has decided to exterminate the German people.

The Murder Program

Roosevelt and Churchill outlined their plan for world improvement in a number of points. The Jew Kaufman wants to do the same. To systematize the extermination of the German people, he has proposed nine articles of a detailed program of murder, which is as follows:

“Germany has lost its war. She sues for peace.

The imperative demands of the victor people that Germany perish forever makes it necessary for the leaders to select mass sterilization of the Germans as the best means of wiping them out permanently.

They proceed to:


1. Immediately and completely disarm the German army and have all armaments removed from German territory.


2. Place all German utility and heavy industrial plants under heavy guard, and replace German workers by those of Allied nationality.

Sterilization of the Wehrmacht

3. Segregate the German army into groups, concentrate them in severely restricted areas, and summarily sterilize them.

Sterilization of the Civilian Population

4. Organize the civilian population, male, female, and children [Kaufman’s original does not include children] and sterilizing them.


5. Divide the German army (after its sterilization has been completed) into labor battalions and allocate their services toward the rebuilding of those cities which they ruined.

Partitioning the Reich

6. Partition Germany and apportion its lands. The accompanying map gives some idea of possible land adjustments which may be made in connection with Germany’s extinction.

Travel Limitations

7. Restrict all German civilian travel beyond established borders until all sterilization has been completed.

Banning the German Language

8. Compel the German population of the apportioned territories to learn the language of its area, and within one year to cease the publication of all books, newspapers and notices in the German language, as well as to restrict German-language broadcasts and discontinue the maintenance of German-language schools.”

One group is to be excepted from murder: Jewish emigrants. It is a small consolation that the United States only wants to accept those elements who have been traitors to their guest land who have enough money.

Article 9 of the peace program, the emigrant clause, states:

Exception for Jewish Emigrants

9. Make one exception to an otherwise severely strict enforcement of total sterilization, by exempting from such treatment only those Germans whose relatives, being citizens of various victor nations, assume financial responsibility for their emigration and maintenance and moral responsibility for their actions.

This makes it clear that only Jews will escape the plan for murder.

The president of the American Federation of Peace closes with an emotional appeal:

“Thus, into an oblivion which she would have visited upon the world, exits Germany”

Partitioning the Greater German Reich

The Jew Kaufman’s book provides a map, which we include on the back cover of this pamphlet. It corresponds to article 6 of the murder program and shows how World Jewry wants to partition Germany. Each German should study and remember this map. That is how Germany will look if the plutocrats win the war. Consistent with its dreams of great power status before the war, Poland receives East Prussia, West Prussia, the Warteland, Pommerania, Mark Brandenburg, Silesia, and the Reich capital Berlin. The Czechs move into Vienna, Dresden, Leipzig, and the Alpine areas of the Reich. France stretches into the Ruhr and Thuringia. The Hollanders get Hamburg and Lübeck, while the Belgians will have to satisfy themselves with most of the Rhine provinces. And in all these areas, adults and children will have to learn and speak the language of the occupying state until the last German dies.

Such a map may seem to be the dream of a crazy fanatic, but it is hard reality. We remember that, during a visit by the American Sumner Welles to the then French Prime Minister Renaud, a slip on the part of the censors revealed a similar plan to the public. The publications of the former Polish warmonger clique with similar “scientifically based” demands are generally known. The Greater German Reich, with its natural and historic borders, is a bulwark of peace and progress, of honor and social justice, but it is the deadly enemy of those forces allied with world plutocracy. If they ever have the opportunity, it will be their greatest triumph to follow Kaufman’s plan for partition. Just as Polish and Bolshevist murders stabbed and clubbed even the corpses of ethnic Germans who had been tortured to death, the so-called statesmen on the enemy side take sadistic glee in drawing borders and setting up control commissions for the condemned German people, even before the end of the war. The Jew Kaufman’s map is a clear formulation of the territorial war goals of our enemies. Polish bands as victors in Berlin, Czech legionnaires marching into Vienna and Dresden, French colonial troops in the Führer’s buildings in Munich, Queen Wilhelmina as the victorious field marshall in Hamburg — that would be the final chapter in the history of the German people, according to the will of world plutocracy.

The Last Act for the German People

This is the picture that the Jew Kaufman and his racial comrades in New York, London, and Moscow have of the final fulfillment of their political desires:

In long, gray columns, the regiments and divisions of the disarmed German Wehrmacht appear. The weapons are broken, the aircraft destroyed, the big guns empty. The glorious flags have been sent to New York, London, and Moscow, there to be mocked by subhumans.

Slowly, column after column is taken into the barracks and tents where mocking Jewish doctors carelessly sterilize them. Each German soldier has to pay the Jews for the operation. Then the troops march, under Jewish and Soviet supervision, to forced labor in the wild mountains of the Balkans, to Siberia or the Arctic Sea. There, the heroes of this war, the Führer’s soldiers who bear the Knight’s Cross, will be tortured with the “tested” methods of Soviet forced labor, serving as slaves under miserable conditions, until starvation releases them from this life.

Meanwhile, Jewish doctors will be set loose on German women and children. Whatever perverse lust have been been imagined in the dark minds of the Jewish people will be unleashed on defenseless German women and children. All the bestial horrors that were previously conducted in the dungeons of the GPU, far from public view, can then be carried out in the “offices” of Jewish humanitarians. No one will defend the honor of these tortured women and children.

The only place to which they could turn might be Mrs. Ellinor Roosevelt. Just as after the World War, she would certainly send a few cans of condensed milk and rancid bacon to make herself seem a shining example of “Christian charity.” But that would not stop the horrible misery that would prevail in Central Europe. The only power that could hinder it, German soldiers, would be wasting away as slaves abroad.

Victory or Death — That Is What This War Is About

One must know this to know what this war is about. It is not a war of the past, which can find its end in a balancing of interests. It is a matter of who shall live in Europe in the future: the white race with its cultural values and creativity, with its industry and joy in life, or Jewish subhumanity ruling over the stupid, joyless enslaved masses doomed to death.

World plutocracy succeed in 1918 in betraying the German people in the most infamous way. While Marxists organized demonstrations in favor of Wilson’s 14 Points behind the lines, the vultures gathered in the capitals of the Jewish alliance to fight over the spoils. While naive citizens or bribed subjects, who were then presented to the world as heroic representatives of the German people, either did not see through the swindle or even propagated and promoted it, Jewish writers, sure of their triumph, confident that a tortured and demoralized Germany would never rise again, revealed the recipe for their victory. The Kaufmans of 1918 wrote their memoirs as the German people lay in the dust. Every word in their mocking memoirs is today part of the knowledge of the politically educated German people.

World plutocracy today faces the fact that the German people once again cannot be defeated militarily. To an unprecedented extend, the strength of the whole nation has been mobilized. All of Europe supports the Führer’s efforts to build a new order. Blow by blow, the accomplices of world plutocracy’s warmongers are beaten down. England’s final fortress on the continent, the Bolshevist Soviet Union, is crumbling. The war speculators in England and America think that the time has come to trick the German people a la Wilson. They believe they can use their lying slogans to reach a people that is still in the spiritual state of 1918. They think the German people are as they were when Jewish emigrants fled the National Socialist revolution.

To Victory!

But today the German people knows what is at stake. It knows how to distinguish between the lying humanitarian slogans that come from the “Potomac” and the real plan of extermination by Jewish President Nathan Kaufman. The German people knows that the International Jew stands behind the war will of world plutocracy, and warmongers throughout the world. It knows that these hate-filled opponents have only one chance of success: The disunity of the German people. National Socialism has eliminated this possibility. If world plutocracy believes that this struggle can end only with the deadly destruction of one side, then it must know that the German people will not die. All German men and women are fighting and working together in an inseparable people’s community until the victorious conclusion of this struggle. As the Führer said on 30 January 1939:

“The peoples no longer want to die on the battlefield so that the rootless international Jewish race can earn money from war and satisfy its Old Testament lust for revenge. A higher knowledge will triumph over the slogan “Proletarians of all nations, unite!”: namely “Creative members of all nations, recognize your common enemy!”

German People!

Now you know what your eternal enemy and foe plan for you. There is only one defense against their plan for destruction: Victory! Reading this Jewish murder plan for the German people will only steel your strength and increase your will for victory And now, back to your weapon, your plow, your workbench or desk. Our slogan is:

Fight, Work, Win!

Kaufman’s Map

Kaufman map

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