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Background: The Nazi Party put out an official account of the Nuremberg Rallies each year from 1933 to 1938. These are photographs from the official party proceedings of the 1936 rally.

The source: Der Parteitag der Ehre vom 8. bis 14. September 1936. Offizieller Bericht über den Verlauf des Reichsparteitages mit sämtlichen Kongreßreden (Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP., 1936).

Pictures from the 1936 Nuremberg Rally

Cover of the Book

The book’s cover. Each party rally was given a name. 1936 was “The Party Rally of Honor.” 

Inspecting the troops Hitler arrives in Nuremberg and is greeted by his personal guard, the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler.
Acknowledging the crowd  Hitler’s standard hotel in Nuremberg was the Hotel Deutscher Hof. Here he greets members of the Hitler Youth.
Addressing the people Rudolf Hess opens the Party rally. The slogan at the back of the hall says: “A strong Reich is the bullwark of peace.”
Spotlights in the sky This shows the evening rally of about 100,000 party officials under the “Cathedral of Light” designed by Albert Speer.
Rows of troops Caption: “The high point of the rally. The SS, SA and NSKK march before the Führer.”
Der Fuhrer Hitler finishing an observance in honor of the dead.
Party banners Hitler consecrated 35 new standards for the NSKK, the party’s motorized auxiliary.
Saluting an officer Hitler dedicates new S.A. banners.

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