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How They Lie

How was the German soldier once depicted by enemy atrocity propaganda? We all know them, for we had fathers, brothers, sons, and men out there. For instance, on 20 March 1915, the newspaper “Le Rire Rouge” published the following picture of the good German soldier:

A bloodthirsty murderer of women and children, a robber and plunderer, who nourishes himself with sausages made from human flesh — that was how it saw the brave and loyal German soldier.

Each of us knows what a crude and baseless lie this is. Every decent person in the world should have known this. And yet: “Some of it will always be believed, the stupid and gullible will never see through it all” — so hope the political liars and slanderers.


The lies that began 25 years ago continue today.

In 1938, another newspaper, one worst of the yellow press, used this cartoon to show the alleged

“Nazi tyranny” that supposedly threatened the world.



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[Preliminary Translation by Katherine Lynch. Final page copyright ©2000 Randall L. Bytwerk]

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