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Background: In the earlier years of the war, the Nazi Party’s publishing house put out a series of twelve booklets on various aspects of the war. Clicking on the covers will lead to a larger version of the cover. In four cases, there are links to translations of material from a booklet. These had print runs as high as five million.

Nazi Booklets on World War II

Volume 2 Number 1: The first in the series, dealing with the West Wall fortifications.
Volume 2 Number 2: A rough English translation of this title might be “Up and at ‘em!” It contains stories of Luftwaffe attacks on England from the early days of the war. This appeared in fall of 1940.
Volume 2 Number 3: “Ten Hours Quicker!” This contains reports of the Nazi invasion of Norway, supporting the Nazi claim that they acted ten hours before the planned British invasion.
Volume 4 Number 4: “Storming England’s Gates.” This contains stories about various German units in action, mostly in France.
Volume 5-6 Number 5-6: “The Victorious Campaign in France.” This one was on the defeat of France. It includes a section on the Nazi occupation of the Channel Islands.
Volume 7 Number 7: “Attacking the Enemy! Stories about our navy.”
Volume 8 Number 8: “Bombs over England.” Accounts of Luftwaffe attacks on England.
Volume 9 Number 9: We Forge the Weapons. Stories of war production.
Volume 9 Number 10: The title is “Fighting England in North Africa!” The stories all involve the German desert campaign.
Volume 9 Number 11: Material on the invasion of Russia in 1941.
Volume 9 Number 12: “Poison! Poison!”: An exposé of British propaganda.

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