1. Is there insurance coverage for mental health treatment?
  2. Health insurance plans should also provide mental health coverage. Before your visit, it is important to know whether a therapist is in your health insurance network. Often the mental health agency will be able to provide you with your co-pay information prior to your appointment. You may also wish to check your health insurance website for providers who are in network for you. If you have an out-of-pocket deductible, the deductible will need to be met before the insurance begins to pay for sessions. Co-pays for counseling sessions are often $15-40 dollars per session. Most college counseling centers provide this service as part of the tuition paid as a student, and additional fees are not required or are very nominal.

  3. Do health insurance companies typically cover the cost of prescriptions for mental illnesses?
  4. Yes, insurance companies should cover the cost of prescriptions for mental illnesses to the same extent that they cover other types of illnesses. There may be a cop-pay for your medication.

  5. What if I can't pay for therapy or medication?
  6. Many mental health agencies have client assistance funds, and most community mental health agencies have sliding scale fees based upon income. There are many programs that offer a reduced cost for medications. You can check on prescriptions that are covered under Target or Wal-Mart's $4/month or $10/3 month program and ask your prescriber to prescribe one of the meds on that list. You also can check this website --you may be able to get your prescription at a reduced cost or even free.