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Background: Nikita Khruschchev, the Soviet leader, made a state visit to the GDR in 1957. All such state visits were carefully orchestrated, of course, though Krushchev did enjoy genuine popularity. These pictures come from an illustrated book published in East Germany to commemorate the visit. They acccompany a page with translations from the book.

The source: Freimut Kessner, Der Zwang des Herzens (Berlin: ZK der SED, Abteilung Agitation und Propaganda, 1957).

The Call of the Heart

The cover
Kruschchev Photo

Caption: “One will fills and unites them: To serve the happiness of the peoples by showing them a bright future.”

Explanation: Khruschchev is being met by Walter Ulbricht, then the GDR’s leader.

Kruschchev Photo Caption: “N. S. Khruschchev speaking at the mass meeting at the Berlin East Station. ‘We, the messengers of the great Soviet people, come to you with the wish to strengthen and firm up the friendly relations between our nations. . . . We know that we are visiting friends.”
Kruschchev Photo Caption: “N. S. Khruschchev: ‘There is no task more noble than fighting for peace and friendship.’”
Kruschchev Photo

Caption: “N. S. Khruschchev: ‘The German people have suffered much, and made many sacrifices. The ruins here in Dessau still bear witness to that fact. . . If the German and Soviet peoples work shoulder to shoulder for peace, there will be no war in Germany, no war in Europe.”

Explanation: The large slogan behind says: “We fight for lasting peace in firm friendship with the Soviet Union — Down with the power of German imperialism — May socialism be victorious in all of Germany!”

Kruschchev Photo

Caption: “Once again the masses are gathered at the East Station on 14 August 1957.”

Explanation: Khruschchev is leaving.

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