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Background: The Nazi produced numerous propaganda leaflets aimed at Allied troops. The following small collection comes from shortly after D-Day in 1944. The small images are thumbnails. Clicking on them will bring you to a larger version.

For more on leaflets, see Paper War: Nazi Propaganda In One Battle, On A Single Day Cassino, Italy, May 11, 1944 (Mark Batty Publisher, 2005).

The source: I thank Eric Best for providing me with scans of the originals.

Nazi Leaflets for American Soldiers in 1944


 This leaflet attempts to persuade American soldiers that the V-1 rocket will turn the tide of the war.


 The reverse of the above leaflet, with quotations from the foreign press.


 Another leaflet on the V-1, showing scenes of apparent disaster in England.


 The opposite side of the above leaflet.


 A leaflet to encourage surrender.


 The opposite side of the above leaflet. The German text says to give the bearer safe conduct.


 Another attempt at demoralization.


 And another.


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