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Background: This page contains translations of the Wochenspruch der NSDAP, a weekly poster with inspiring quotations, issued by Gau Westfalen-Süd. For more details, see the index page.

The source: Most of these are translated from the copies at the German Bundesarchiv in Berlin.

Weekly Quotation Posters of the NSDAP

Page 4: Issued by Gau Westfalen-Süd

“He who wants to live must fight, thus he who does not have the drive in this world of eternal struggle does not deserve to live. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (1 - 9 January 1938)

“Nothing is impossible, it all depends on what one wants! Adolf Hitler.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (10 - 16 January 1938)

“In the people’s community only he has a right to live who is ready to work for the people’s community. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (17 - 23 January 1938)

“Above us all is the great command: You must do your duty to serve your people! Adolf Hitler.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (24 - 30 January 1938)

“Our great goal is to build a foundation that will guarantee the life of our people for many centuries. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (31 January - 6 February 1938)

“The German nation must endure! No sacrifice to too great to preserve it! Adolf Hitler.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (7 - 13 February 1938)

“Working people, whether they work with their minds or their hands, are the nobility of our state, they are the German people. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (14 - 20 February 1938)

“Adolf Hitler is Germany, and Germany is Adolf Hitler. Rudolf Hess.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (21-27 February 1938)

“There is no better guarantee of peace than the fanatical unity of the German nation. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (28 February - 6 March 1938)

“Heroes’ Memorial Day 1938: The new Germany is the proudest monument that we could erect for those who fell.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (7 - 13 March 1938)

“It is wonderful to live in an age in which men are given great tasks. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (14 - 20 March 1938)

“It is again wonderful to be a German, and a joy to live in Germany! Adolf Hitler at the Reich Party Rally of Labor.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (21 - 27 March 1938)

“Whatever may happen, the German Reich as it stands today will never again be defeated and never again torn apart. Adolf Hitler in Vienna, 14 March 1939.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (28 March - 3 April 1938)

“On the referendum of 10.4.1938: German people in Austria, Prussia, Bavaria, and in all the German Gaue are building united and free because of Adolf Hitler. Give the Führer our vote of yes.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (4 - 10 April 1938)

“One People! One Reich! One Führer!” Gau Westfalen-Süd (11 - 17 April 1938)

“Führer: In your hands is the fate of millions who dwell in your heart, who believe in you. Lead us!” Gau Westfalen-Süd (18 - 24 April 1938)

“Honor labor and respect the worker. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (25 April - 1 May 1938)

“He is free who does not do what he wants, but rather wants to do what he should!” Gau Westfalen-Süd (2 - 8 May 1938)

“The nature of the German spirit it that it builds from within.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (9 - 15 May 1938)

“We must find the courage to go the way that no people before us has gone. Konstantin Hierl.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (16 - 23 May 1938)

“No one can stop National Socialism from becoming the political confession of faith of all Germans! Adolf Hitler.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (6 - 12 June 1938)

“The meaning of life is ever with that which is young, strong, beautiful, and worthy of the future. Dr. W. Gross.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (13 - 19 June 1938)

“Germany? No one knows where it begins, no one knows where it ceases. It has no borders in this world. One has it in one’s heart, but one finds it nowhere. Hans Johst.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (20-26 June 1938)

“Germany? No one knows where it begins, no one knows where it ends. It has no borders in this world. It is in one’s heart, or one will never find it at all. Hans Johnst.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (20 - 26 June 1938)

“If you want to understand people, study their excuses. Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (27 June - 3 July 1938)

Under the symbol of the swastika, Germany will triumph over all opposition, and the enemy we defeated at home will also be defeated if he threatens us from abroad. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (4 - 10 July 1938)

German to us is everything that has happened in German history, that has German blood in it, and that speaks the German language. Konrad Henlein.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (11 - 17 July 1938)

Race is divine will. Any sin against racial purity is a sin against the will of God and against the ordinances of creation. Hans Schemm.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (18 - 24 July 1938)

No one improve the world unless he begins by improving himself. Walter Flex.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (25 - 31 July 1938)

“The family is the smallest but most valuable unit in the structure of the entire state.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (1 - 7 August 1938)

“We have come from the people, we stand and march with the people, the people is at the beginning and the end of our battle and our work. Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (8 - 14 August 1938)

“He who loves his people proves it only through the sacrifices that he is willing to make for it. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (15 - 21 August 1938)

“I once wrote down the principles of the National Socialist party, including many concepts and many words. However, there is one word I struck out, the word ‘capitulation.’ Adolf Hitler, Klagenfurt, 4 April 1939.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (22 - 28 August 1938)

“Only the nation that holds its honor high will endure over time. Germany will endure! Thanks to our Führer! Rudolf Hess.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (29 August - 4 September 1938)

“There is but one standard to measure all those who serve Germany and the N.S.D.A.P.: That is the duty of the individual to do his duty with loyalty and discipline. Rudolf Hess.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (5 - 11 September 1938)

“Individuals come and individuals die. The community that always rises from them, however, the nation, should be eternal. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (12-18 September 1938)

“The best should rule. The best want to rule! Where that rule is absent, so also are the best. Friedrich Nietzsche.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (19-25 September 1938)

“As long as people and Führer are united, Germany cannot be defeated. The Lord sent us the Führer not that we should perish, but rather that Germany should rise again. Herman Göring.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (26 September - 1 October 1938)

A farmer is he who, rooted his ancestry, tills his land, and who sees his work as a duty to his generation and to his people. R. Walther Darré.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (2 - 9 October 1938)

“The greatest treasure for a man is his people, the greatest treasure for a people is justice! Inscription on the city hall in Eger.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (10 - 16 October 1938)

“The most powerful way to education toward the people’s community will never be the mere word alone, but rather always action and sacrifice. Erich Hilgenfeldt.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (10 - 16 October 1939)

“Only what is strong enough to withstand the storm is truly strong! Adolf Hitler.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (17 - 23 October 1938)

“Everything great in the world became that through loyalty. Baldur v. Schirach.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (24 - 30 October 1938)

“A book that is not worth reading twice is not worth reading once. Jean Paul.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (31 October - 6 November 1939)

“You have won after all. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (7 - 13 November 1938)

“We want to achieve nothing for ourselves, but rather everything only for Germany, for we are mortal but Germany must live. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (14 - 20 November 1938)

“Each state that values its honor and independence must be aware that its peace and its security depend on its own sword. Bismarck.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (21 - 27 November 1938)

“I believe that we have had so much good fortune in this year that we all have the duty to bring this good fortune as our voluntary sacrifice! Adolf Hitler.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (28 November - 4 December 1938)

“Pacifism is an attack on honor. The individual is really great only when he knows how to die. Pacifism denies him this greatness.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (5 - 11 December 1938)

“Our people is in each of us. Ernst Moritz Arndt.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (12 - 18 December 1939)

“All of us in Germany can take real joy for this first time in this Christmas. It should be a true festival of peace for all of us. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (19 - 25 December 1938)

“People and soil, they are the two roots from which we draw our strength and on which we intend to base our decisions. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (26 - 31 December 1938)

“One must not worry about little things when one is on the path to something great. Hebbel.” Gau Westfalen-Süd (9 - 15 January 1939)

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