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Background: This page contains translations of the Wochenspruch der NSDAP, a weekly poster with inspiring quotations, issued by Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig. For more details, see the index page.

The source: Most of these translations are taken from images provided by a friend of the site.

Weekly Quotation Posters of the NSDAP

Issued by Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig

“We do not know everything that will happen to us, but we hold the strong shield of our army and weapons over Germany, using our minds and our fame. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (2 -8 August 1937)

“The Führer’s political achievement, already admitted by the entire world, is to have halted the storm of Bolshevism by building a wall in the East of Germany. Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (9 - 15 August 1937)

“Today and forever more, the Wehrmacht knows that it owes its freedom and its greatness to the struggle and victory of the National Socialist idea. von Blomberg..” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (23 - 29 August 1937)

“In a short time the Germany’s National Socialist political leadership has worked a miracle, and its National Socialist army has solidified this miracle. Today the Reichs’s political leadership and its military situation is stronger than ever before. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (6 - 12 September 1937)

“Our National Socialist Winter Relief, from the educational perspective, is the greatest applied work of social welfare that the world has ever seen. Adolf Hitler.”Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (18 - 24 October 1937)

“Great men are the realization of the wishes of their people. Hans Schemm.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (25 - 31 October 1937)

“Just as the book comes from the people, it calls to the nation and speaks the language of the people to humanity itself. Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (1 - 7 November 1937)

Art is a sublime mission that obligates one to fanaticism. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (15 - 21 November 1937)

“Day of National Solidarity: 4 December 1937. We want to show the whole world as well as our own people that the word 'community' is no empty phrase, but rather than is a true internal obligation to us. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (29 November - 5 December 1937)

“It is wonderful to live in an age that presents people with great tasks. Adolf Hitler ” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (6 - 12 December 1937)

“The people, with its sound understanding looks to the Führer with great thankfulness, who through his energy and courage led the German people to freedom! Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (13 - 19 December 1937)

“It has been a long time since Germany could celebrate the holiday of peace as it does this year. And never before has it celebrated this holiday with such inner harmony, in such peace, among Germans. Rudolf Hess. ” (20 - 26 December 1937)

“The new year. The new year should find us filled with a new and holy passion to work and stand up for our people. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (27 December 1937 - 2 January 1938)

“Barriers are not there so that one capitulates to them, but rather for one to break through. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (3 - 9 January 1938)

“We come from the people, we stand with the people, we march with the people. The people are at the beginning and the end of our struggle and our work. Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (10 - 16 January 1938)

“Anniversary of the founding of the Reich: 18 January. When we celebrate Bismarck’s work, we celebrate not the Kaiser’s Reich as such, but rather a step toward German unification that found its culmination in Adolf Hitler’s work. Dr. Brick.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (17 - 23 January 1938)

“30 January. Adolf Hitler is Germany and Germany is Adolf Hitler.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (24 - 30 January 1938)

“We will guarantee the building of our people only by the total use of all our strength, by the steel will to put into practice everything that we have recognized to be necessary. Signed by the Deputy Gauleiter.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (31 January - 7 February 1938)

“One frees peoples not through inaction, but rather through sacrifice. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (7 - 13 February 1938)

“The time will come when we have to demand colonies from the world. Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (14 - 20 February 1938)

“We want always to be willing to fight, ready to die at any time if it is necessary, never willing to capitulate. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (21 - 27 February 1938)

“You should believe in Germany’s future. Never lose faith in the resurrection of your people no matter what may happen. You should act as if the fate of Germany depended on you alone, as if the responsibility was yours. Fichte.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (28 February - 4 March 1938)

“Heroes’ Memorial Day. After its collapse Germany is fighting its way once again to national strength in the spirit of those who fought and fell for people and fatherland. Their proud and lasting memorial should be a strong German Reich. Hindenburg.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (7 -13 March 1938)

“The ultimate immortality in this world is in the eternity of ethnicity (Volkstum). Adolf Hitler.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (14 - 20 March 1938)

“The Day of Potsdam, 21 March. We want to reestablish the unity of spirit and will of the German nation. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (21 - 27 March 1938)

Whatever may happen, no one will be able to destroy the German Reich as it stands today, no one will be able to tear it apart! Adolf Hitler.Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (28 March - 3 April 1938)

“On the referendum of 10.4.1938: German people in Austria, Prussia, Bavaria, and in all the German Gaue are building united and free because of Adolf Hitler. Give the Führer our vote of yes.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (4 - 10 April 1938)

“A new Reich has grown, a true German people’s Reich that is once again loved by the world, or if not loved, at least respected. Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (11 - 17 April 1938)

“20 April 1938. We thank the Führer that he has made Germany into a stronghold of peace. Rudolf Hess.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (18 - 24 April 1938)

“Those who work, regardless of whether they are white collar or a blue collar workers, are the nobility of our state. That is the German people. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (25 April - 1 May 1938)

“To be brave is the only way to live. Gorch Fock.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (2 - 8 May 1938)

“A people can act decisively only when it is filled with inner faith. Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (9 - 15 May 1938)

“Whether we live or not is insignificant. It is, however, important that our people is there. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (23 - 29 May 1938)

“We call on you to attend the Gau rally 1938.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (30 May - 5 June1938)

Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig affirms once more its total effort for Führer and Fatherland.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (6 - 12 June 1938)

“Freedom is not doing what one wants, but rather doing what one should. Paul De Lagarde.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (13 - 19 June 1938)

“Be courageous and never flinch, for god is everywhere: Freedom and heaven are never won by half measures! Ernst Moritz Arndt.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (20 - 26 June 1938)

“The prerequisite for any action is the will and courage to truthfulness. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (4 - 10 July 1938)

“Be more than you appear, and do much without calling attention to yourself. Moltke.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (11 - 17 July 1938)

“Each must do what is good for everyone. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (18 -24 July 1938)

“Readiness is everything. Gorch Fock.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (25 - 31 July 1938)

“After the re-establishment of German equality I withdraw Germany’s signature, made then by a weak German government against its better knowledge, from the declaration that Germany was responsible for the war. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (1 - 7 August 1938)

“Speak clearly and openly, and when one has a friend, march with him to the end. Mussolini..” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (8 -14 August 1938)

“The eternal pessimists and complainers have never saved the world, but instead have destroyed many peoples and states. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (15 - 21 August 1938)

“Berhnard Rust. We know that we have to depend on our own resources., that we have nothing with which to build our future that the strength of our hands and the spirit of our will.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (22 - 28 August 1938)

“I believe and confess that a people should esteem nothing higher than its dignity and freedom. General von Clausewitz.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig ( 29 August - 4 September 1938)

I thank you, my old fighting companions, my leaders, my flag bearers of a new history, and thank you for all the loyalty and all the faith that you have given me over many years. Adolf Hitler, Reichsparteitag 1936.” (5-11 September 1938)

Thanksgiving 1938. Their is no revival that does not begin with the roots of national, ethnic, and economic life, that is with farmers. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig ( 26 September - 2 October 1938)

“Hebbel. One must not be concerned about little things when one is on the path to great things.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig ( 24 - 30 October 1938)

“The battle against accidents and damage of all kinds is a battle for the maintenance of the goods most necessary for the life of the nation. Dr. Josef Goebbels.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig ( 31 October - 6 November 1938)

“And you have won after all.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (7 - 13 November 1938) [This was the theme for the 9 November commemoration, the anniversary of the Beer Hall Putsch.]

“Our deeds today will be tomorrow’s history. Konrad Henlein.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (14 - 20 November 1938)

“Get to work and help out! Germany will be what you and all of us together make of it. Dr. Robert Ley.” (21 - 28 November 1938)

“Necessity is the mother of invention! Stronger even than necessity is our common will. It masters necessity through helpful deeds.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (28 November - 4 December 1938)

“Each German is a worker and fighter for his people. Konstantin Hierl.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (5 - 11 December 1938)

““All of us in Germany can take real joy for this first time in this Christmas. It should be a true festival of peace for all of us. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (19 - 25 December 1938)

“Let the weakling flag and fail. He who wants something great must risk life and death! Let the waves thunder. Whatever the course, you remain the master of your fate. Neidhard v. Gneisenau.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (26 December 1938 - 1 January 1939)

“Führer, the fate of millions is in your hands. They dwell in your heart, for you are a faith. Lead us!” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (2 - 8 January 1939)

“Better to have fought and been fairly defeated that to have lost one’s freedom and ruined one’s soul.” Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig (9 -15 January 1939)

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