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Background: Between 1937 and 1941, the Wochenspruch der NSDAP, a weekly poster with inspiring quotations, was issued both centrally by the Reichspropagandaleitung in Munich and by many of the various Gau propaganda offices. After that, all issues came from Munich. Most Gauleitungen ceased printing their own in 1939, but Niederdonau continued into 1940 and Sachsen into 1941. This page has issues from Gau Schleswig-Holstein.

The source: I translate these from a German Internet site that has the images, but apparently does not want them further reproduced.

Weekly Quotation Posters of the NSDAP

Issues from Gau Schleswig-Holstein: 1938-1939

Gau Schleswig-Holstein

“On the referendum of 10.4.1938: The German people in Austria, Prussia, Bavaria, in all the German Gaue are free because of Adolf Hitler! Give the Führer our ‘yes’ vote.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (4 - 10 April 1938)

“Join in and help! Germany will be what you and all of us make of it. Robert Ley.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (25 April - 1 May 1938)

“From the commonalities between the Fascist and National Socialist revolutions, a new commonality not only of thinking, but also of action, has developed. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (2 - 8 May 1938)

The time will come when we must demand colonies from the world. Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (16 - 22 May 1938)

“4th Nordmark Gathering: 28-29.6.1938. We want to fight steadfastly so that the power, the new thinking, the new political faith that has conquered Germany, never again disappears, but rather always becomes stronger and stronger. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (23 - 29 May 1938)

“Art has an elevated mission that obligates one to fanaticism. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (30 May - 5 June 1938)

“The fire of the German youth will in the end succeed. It will bear the state that it has itself created. Adolf Hitler, Munich, 4 May 1923.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (6 - 12 June 1938)

“Labor and joy are inextricably bound together in the new Germany! Robert Ley.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (13 - 19 June 1938)

“In the cradle with mother and child we see the true task of a people's welfare system. Erich Hilgenfeldt.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (20 - 26 June 1938)

“No one can stop National Socialist thinking from becoming the affirmation of faith of all Germans. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (27 June - 3 July 1938)

“Be more than you appear to be, do much, and do not put yourself forward. Moltke.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (4 - 10 July 1938)

A vacation is no longer a benefit today, but rather a necessity. Robert Ley.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (11 - 17 July 1938)

“We have come from the people, we stand and march with the people, the people is at the beginning and the end of our battle and our work. Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (18 - 24 July 1938)

“Stubborn pride and holy faith are the songs of a hoping people. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (25 - 31 July 1938)

“ ‘Charity’ is the grave digger of the holiest idealism. Our goal is complete devotion to the community.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (1 - 7 August 1938)

“You are nothing. Your people is everything. Strength is in your people. Your live is bound to the life of your people. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (8 - 14 August 1938)

“The German revolution will only be over when the entire German people has been transformed, reorganized, and newly built.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (15 - 21 August 1938)

“Politics is nothing other than the attempt to turn the fate of a people to the good. Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (22 - 28 August 1938)

“Our whole life stands behind the great struggle to implement the highest values, even to the end. Alfred Rosenberg.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (29 August - 4 September 1938)

“A free German people in a strong German Reich! That is the goal for which our people fought for centuries, for which many generations suffered and millions had to die. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (5 - 11 September 1938)

“My whole life has been a battle, but I have never surrendered and I have reached my goal. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (12 - 18 September 1938)

“Reichsparteitag Greater Germany. From the Führer’s proclamation: Germany’s isolation has ended. One can bury the thought of blockading Germany, since it is an entirely ineffective weapon.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (19 - 25 September 1938)

“He is free who does not do what he wants, but rather does what he should. Paul De Lagarde.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (26 September - 2 October 1938)

“Everything is German to us that has been part of German history, that carries German blood, and that speaks the German language. Konrad Henlein.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (3 - 9 October 1938)

“Blood is stronger than enemy power, and what wants to be German must belong to Germany!” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (10 - 16 October 1938)

“I believe that we have had so much good fortune in this year that we all have the duty to make voluntary sacrifices! Adolf Hitler.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (17 - 23 October 1938)

“The right for national pride grows only from the fulfilling of social duty.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (24 - 30 October 1938)

“A people’s community has risen today with a strength and power than Germany has never before known. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (31 October - 6 November 1938)

“From this sacrifice came Germany’s great unity, this victory of a movement, of an idea, and the duty of the entire people. Adolf Hitler on 9.11.36.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (7 - 13 November 1938)

“The requirement for any action is the will and courage to tell the truth. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (14 - 20 November 1938)

“The hammer blow of fate that drives one to the ground suddenly strikes steel in another. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (21 - 27 November 1938)

Everyone should think that there is someone even poorer than I, and he is the one I want to help!Gau Schleswig-Holstein (28 November - 4 December 1938)

A people that keeps its blood free from Jews will live forever.Gau Schleswig-Holstein (5 - 11 December 1938)

“To be brave means only to live. Gorch Fock.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (12 - 18 December 1938)

“The glowing flame and the evergreen tree as symbols of Christmas have outlasted religions and millennia.Gau Schleswig-Holstein (19 - 25 December 1938)

“True socialism is the doctrine of the greatest fulfillment of duty. Hitler, Mein Kampf.Gau Schleswig-Holstein (26 - 31 December 1938)

“Each will be judged and valued on what he does for his people and for the whole community.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (1 - 8 January 1939)

“Never forget that the holiest right in this world is the right to the earth that one wants to till, and that the holiest sacrifice is the blood that one sheds for this earth. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Schleswig-Holstein (9 - 15 January 1939)

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