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Background: Between 1937 and 1941, the Wochenspruch der NSDAP, a weekly poster with inspiring quotations, was issued both centrally by the Reichspropagandaleitung in Munich and by many of the various Gau propaganda offices. After that, all issues came from Munich. This page has issues from Gau Sachsen, which is an anomaly. It began issuing Wochensprüche in 1938 and continued into 1941, although after March 1941 its issues were identical to those of the Reichspropagandaleitung, save for the Gau Sachsen identification at the bottom. Uniquely, its issues were numbered consecutively from the first to the last issue, a total of 179 issues. Also uniquely, they are titled Sonntagsspruch.

The source: Three bound volumes at the German National Library in Leipzig. These have the bottoms of pages cut off, with the exception of the first one in the file. Some are definitely not in the proper order, particularly in 1939. I’ve added question marks after dates that are uncertain. The data for issues for 1938 and 1940-1941 are probably accurate, although it is possible that some there, too, were placed in the wrong order.

Weekly Quotation Posters of the NSDAP

Issues from Gau Sachsen

England’s policies are neither decent, nor admirable, nor dependable, but rather their primary characteristic is hypocrisy. Bismarck.” Gau Sachsen ( [22 - 28 April 1938])

Our will was harder than Germany’s misery!Adolf Hitler, 1.5.1934.” Gau Sachsen (#1 [29 April - 5 May 1938])

The world is not intended for cowardly peoples. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Sachsen (#2 [6 - 13 May 1938])

Labor is an honor for a woman as well as for a man, but a child ennobles the mother. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Sachsen (#3 [14 - 20 May 1938])

On 26 May 1923 Leo Schlageter was shot. Remember!Gau Sachsen (#4 [21 - 27 May 1938])

When a people is no longer able to stand up like a man, a man must stand up for the whole people. Gorch Fock, fallen on 31 May 1916 at the Battle of Skagerrak.” Gau Sachsen (#5 [28 May - 3 June 1938])

Treason once defeated our people. Loyalty will save us. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Sachsen (#6 [4 - 10 June 1938])

The only one who makes no mistakes is the one who does nothing. Goebbels.” Gau Sachsen (#7 [11 - 17 June 1938])

The duty of each German is to give his utmost for his people. Göring.” Gau Sachsen (#8 [18 - 24 June 1938])

Each German is not only a fighter, but also a worker for his people. Hierl.” Gau Sachsen (#9 [25 June - 1 July 1938])

One must only want and believe in order to succeed. Graf Zeppelin, born 8 July 1838.” Gau Sachsen (#10 [2 - 8 July 1938])

The people’s community is the foundation of the Third Reich. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Sachsen (#11 [9 - 15 July 1938])

Life’s deepest meaning is in labor. Hans Schemm †.” Gau Sachsen (#12 [16 - 22 July 1938])

Inner hardness is the demand of our time. Alfred Rosenberg.” Gau Sachsen (#13 [23 - 30 July 1938])

Millennia may pass, but one will never be able to speak of heroism without thinking of the German army in the World War. Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf.” Gau Sachsen (#14 [31 July - 6 August 1938])

“Adolf Hitler. The Jew has never created a culture, but has destroyed hundreds.Gau Sachsen (#15 [7 - 13 August 1938])

Negotiations without weapons are like musical notes without instruments. Frederick the Great, †16 August 1786.” Gau Sachsen (#16 [14 - 20 August 1938])

The fatherland may demand any sacrifice. Theodor Körner, fallen on 26.8.1813.” Gau Sachsen (#17 [21 - 27 August 1938])

“Adolf Hitler. It is wonderful to live in an age that gives great tasks to its people.Gau Sachsen (#18 [28 August - 3 September 1938])

The Reich Party Rally is the display of the great army of National Socialism that conquered the German nation. Adolf Hitler 1937.” Gau Sachsen (#19 [4 - 10 September 1938])

Paradise lies in the shadow of the sword. Nietzsche.” Gau Sachsen (#20 [11 - 17 September 1938])

To achieve great successes, one must risk something. Moltke.” Gau Sachsen (#21 [18 - 24 September 1938])

“Hermann Löns. Better foreign blood on one’s own knife than a foreign knife in one’s own blood. †26.9.1914.” Gau Sachsen (#22 [25 September - 1 October 1938])

The undefeatable source of our strength is in the peasantry. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Sachsen (#23 [2 - 8 October 1938])

Our strength lies in our will. Ludwig Jahn, †15. Oct. 1852.” Gau Sachsen (#24 [9 - 15 October 1938])

“Gneisenau. A person must be inspired by an idea if he is to accomplish something great. On the 125th anniversary of the Battle of Nations at Leipzig.” Gau Sachsen (#25 [16 - 22 October 1938])

One does not beg for a right, one fights for it! Adolf Hitler.” Gau Sachsen (#26 [23 - 29 October 1938])

Only he is a man who can protect and defend himself. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Sachsen (#27 [30 October - 5 November 1938])

The Edda. The fame of the dead is eternal.Gau Sachsen (#28 [6 - 12 November 1938])

“Konrad Henlein. Will without a goal is empty, and people without leaders march into nothingness. Gau Sachsen (#29 [13 - 19 November 1938])

No one should think himself better than another if fate accidentally gives him a higher position. Dr. Robert Ley.” Gau Sachsen (#30 [20 - 26 November 1938])

Heroism is necessary not only on the battlefield, but also on the soil of the homeland. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Sachsen (#31 [27 November - 3 December 1938])

“Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf. State borders are created by people and are changed by people.Gau Sachsen (#32 [4 - 10 December 1938])

Resistance is not there so that one capitulates, but rather that one breaks it. Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf.Gau Sachsen (#33 [11 - 17 December 1938])

A state that in an age of racial poisoning dedicates itself to the care of its best racial elements must one day become master of the Earth. Adolf Hitler, conclusion of Mein Kampf.Gau Sachsen (#34 [18 - 24 December 1938])

The first commandment of our faith is to be a fighting, loyal, and therefore true body of comrades for Adolf Hitler. Rudolf Hess.” Gau Sachsen (#35 [25 - 31 December 1938])

The fate and greatness of each nation depends on the performance of duty of its individual members. This fulfillment of duty is a foundation of the National Socialist worldview. It assures Germany’s strength and determination for all time. Martin Mutschmann.” Gau Sachsen (#36 [1 - 7 January 1939])

A drawing of Bautzen Castle. Gau Sachsen (#37 [8 - 14 January 1939])

Any state that wants to be honorable and free must realize that its peace and security must depend on its own sword. v. Bismarck.” (Gau Sachsen #38 [15 - 21 January 1939])

It is a general principle of politics that one may never do things half way. Frederick the Great, born 24.1.1712.” Gau Sachsen (#39 [22 - 28 January 1939])

A drawing of Schloss Rammstein. Gau Sachsen (#40 [29 January - 4 February 1939])

The banner must stand even if the man falls. Schlageter. Wilhelm Gustloff, †5 February 1936.” Gau Sachsen (#41 [5 - 11 February 1939])

Indecisiveness is the worst illness. Goethe.” Gau Sachsen (#42 [12 - 18 February 1939])

Ernst Jünger. Only faith works miracles. On the anniversary of the death of Horst Wessel, 23 February 1930. ” Gau Sachsen (#43 [19 - 25 February 1939])

Do much, do not put yourself forward, be more than you appear to be .Schliessen, born 28.2.1833.” Gau Sachsen (#44 [26 February - 4 March 1939])

Drawing of a building. Gau Sachsen (#45 [5 - 11 March 1939])

“Stein. Since we know that we must die, let us be brave. Model of victorious battle.” Gau Sachsen (#46 [12 - 18 March 1939])

Only sufficient living space on this Earth assures a people a free existence. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Sachsen (#47 [19 - 25 March 1939])

Do what you do with all your heart! Adolf Hitler.” Gau Sachsen (Spring 1939 ??)

Drawing of Dresden. Gau Sachsen Spring 1939 ??)

We thank our Führer.Gau Sachsen (April 1939 ??) The plebiscite on incorporating Austria was on 10 April 1938.

“Adolf Hitler: We will steel ourselves such that each storm will find us stronger.Gau Sachsen (April 1939 ??)

The fatherland is also a religion. Ernst Jünger.” Gau Sachsen (April 1939 ??)

Deeds make men. Leibniz.” Gau Sachsen (May 1939 ??)

He who fights has rights, but he who does not fight has lost all rights. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Sachsen (May 1939 ??)

“Goethe: What is your duty? The task of the day. On 21 June 1919, Admiral Reuther sank the German fleet off the coast of England.” Gau Sachsen (May 1939 ??)

“Adolf Hitler: One frees peoples not through inaction, but rather through sacrifice!” Gau Sachsen (May 1939 ??)

That strength which does not arm itself remains fruitless and wasted. Ernst Leibl.” Gau Sachsen (June 1939 ??)

“Adolf Hitler: We are a people and we want to live in a Reich.Gau Sachsen (June 1939 ??)

Germany is where the strong hearts are. Ulrich v. Hutten.” Gau Sachsen (June 1939 ??)

“Goebbels: Without discipline nothing great can be achieved, regardless of the field.Gau Sachsen (June 1939 ??)

“Math. Claudius: No one is free who is not master of himself.Gau Sachsen (July 1939 ??)

If you never risk life, you will never win life. Fr. v. Schiller.” Gau Sachsen (July 1939 ??)

“Frederick the Great: The strength of a state rests on the great men who are born to them it the right time.Gau Sachsen (July 1939 ??)

England’s policies are neither decent, nor admirable, nor dependable, but rather their primary characteristic is hypocrisy. Gau Sachsen (August 1939 ??)

Whatever may happen, National Socialism will never capitulate. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Sachsen (August 1939 ??)

One does not present today’s Germany with ultimatums. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Sachsen (September 1939 ??)

Becoming a people was the foundation for all great achievements of past years. The deepest meaning of the Party rally is to give that expression. Robert Ley.” Gau Sachsen (September 1939 ??)

What we possess today is wholly unimportant. For us the only important thing is that Germany wins! Adolf Hitler, Appeal to the NSDAP on 3.9.1939.” Gau Sachsen (September 1939)

I have but one desire! To do my duty. Yorck.” Gau Sachsen (September 1939 ??).

I do not for a moment doubt that Germany will win! Adolf Hitler, 6.10.1939.” Gau Sachsen (September 1939 ??).

England will never achieve its goal of forcing the German people to its knees through hunger! Rudolf Hess, 1.10.1939.” Gau Sachsen (October 1939 ??).

We are determined to fight this battle one way or another. Adolf Hitler, 20 Sept. 1939.” Gau Sachsen (October 1939 ??).

I have given the German people my sacred word to set aside the Treaty of Versailles. Adolf Hitler on 6.10.1939.” Gau Sachsen (October 1939 ??).

Neither the force of weapons nor time will defeat Germany. Adolf Hitler, 6.10.1939.” Gau Sachsen (October 1939 ??).

No power in the world will be able to defeat this Germany. Adolf Hitler, 10.10.1939.” Gau Sachsen (November 1939 ??).

The war exists only because England wanted it. Adolf Hitler 1939.” Gau Sachsen (December 1939 ??).

I will protect the life and security of the German people and Reich. Adolf Hitler 1939.” Gau Sachsen (December 1939 ??).

No war can be won without optimism. It is just as necessary as cannons and weapons. Dr. Goebbels. 17.11.1939.” Gau Sachsen (December 1939 ??).

We are a people that wants to become a world people [Weltvolk]. Dr. Goebbels, 17.11.1939.” Gau Sachsen (December 1939 ??).

“Ernst Jünger: ‘The battle is always something holy, God’s judgment between two ideas.’” Gau Sachsen (#88 [31 December 1939 - 5 January 1940])

“‘A deed would not be good if it did not demand a sacrifice.’ Th. Körner.” Gau Sachsen (#89 [6 - 13 January 1940])

Do your duty until it becomes your pleasure.” Ebner-Eschebach.” Gau Sachsen (#90 [14 - 20 January 1940])

Where the decision is at stake, one cannot be strong enough. Schlieffen.” Sachsen (#91 [21 - 27 January 1940])

Greatness in the world comes from sacrifice and privation. Hans Watzlik.” Gau Sachsen (#92 [28 January - 3 February 1940])

Homeland is to us an obligation. German proverb.” Gau Sachsen (#93 [4 - 10 February 1940])

Our victory is certain if we are ready to earn it through battle and labor. Goebbels, Posen 19.1.40.” Gau Sachsen (#94 [11 - 17 February 1940])

“Ernst Jünger: Don’t look at the sacrifice, but rather only at the goal!Gau Sachsen (#95 [18 - 24 February 1940])

Germany will live and be victorious! Adolf Hitler, 30 January 1940.” Gau Sachsen (#96 [25 February - 2 March 1940])

“Goebbels: The truth is always stronger than the lie.” Gau Sachsen (#97 [3 - 9 March 1940])

“24.2.40 Adolf Hitler: It cannot be otherwise. We must win and we will, therefore, also win!Gau Sachsen (#98 [10 - 16 March 1940])

“Adolf Hitler on 24.2.40: “We will not tolerate this! We will deal with this organized terror by a vile world plutocratic clique.Gau Sachsen (#99 [17 - 23 March 1940])

The German nation will put an end to plutocratic world tyranny. Goebbels.” Gau Sachsen (#100 [24 - 30 March 1940])

He who wants what is necessary cannot be overcome. Nietzsche.” Gau Sachsen (#101 [31 March - 6 April 1940])

Our goal is victory, victory, victory! Dr. Robert Ley.” Gau Sachsen (#102 [7 -13 April 1940])

Führer, we will follow you!Gau Sachsen (#103 [14 - 20 April 1940]). The week of Hitler’s birthday.

Make it your ambition to serve the great German people’s community wherever you can. Hermann Goering to the Hitler Youth.” Gau Sachsen (#104 [21 - 28 April 1940])

“Waltlher v.d. Vogelweide: The nature of a man is to be as immovable as stone, his loyalty should be as straight and direct as an arrow.Gau Sachsen (#105 [29 April - 4 May 1940])

The faith that guides the weapons and makes them invincible is found today only in Germany, and this faith will win victory. Rosenberg” Gau Sachsen (#106 [5 - 11 May 1940])

If iron does not break necessity, necessity breaks iron! Yorck.” Gau Sachsen (#107 [12 - 18 May 1940])

Mother. Is there a better symbol of brave, sacrificial love?Gau Sachsen (#108 [19 - 25 May 1940])

What we can ourselves do may not be left for God to do. Gorch Fock 31.5.16.” Gau Sachsen (#109 [26 May - 1 June 1940])

“Even if you bring the forces of Hell against us, we will still win the victory! The Deputy Führer.” Gau Sachsen (#110 [2 - 8 June 1940])

“The strong and brave master all.” Gau Sachsen (#111 [9 - 15 June 1940])

The Volk is marching and you are marching with! It is your fate, your lot, your happiness, and your greatness. Robert Ley.” Gau Sachsen (#112 [16 - 22 June 1940])

“Carl von Clausewitz: Boldness is the noblest virtue, from the lowliest soldier to the general!Gau Sachsen (#113 [23 - 29 June 1940])

The front fights and wins. The homeland works and sacrifices. Hermann Göring.” Gau Sachsen (#114 [30 June - 6 July 1940])

“We are a people that bears the fate of the world on our shoulders. Hans Schemm.” Gau Sachsen (#116 [14 - 20 July 1940])

He who has faith in his heart has the greatest strength to be found in the world. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Sachsen (#117 [21 - 27 July 1940])

Put your people above all else! Rudolf Hess to the youth.” Gau Sachsen (#118 [28 July - 3 August 1940])

He who wants freedom may not question the path. Georg Stammler.” Gau Sachsen (#119 [4 - 10 August 1940])

The Führer has called us and we will all now come and bring our sacrifice. Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Sachsen (#120 [11 - 17 August 1940])

“K. Hierl: We see labor as a sister of battle.Gau Sachsen (#121 [18 - 25 August 1940])

Each German knows that the English lie, and print the way they lie. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Sachsen (#122 [26 - 31 August 1940])

It cannot be that my people is destined by fate to be slaves of these Englishmen. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Sachsen (#123 [1 - 7 September 1940])

The Führer has given us but one command, there is but one command we follow unto death: ‘obedience and loyalty.’Gau Sachsen (#124 [8 - 14 September 1940])

I believe and affirm that a people should esteem nothing higher than its dignity and freedom. Karl von Clausewitz.” Gau Sachsen (#125 [15 - 21 September 1940])

“From the second War Winter Relief speech by the Führer: Whatever happens, England will fall.Gau Sachsen (#126 [22 - 28 September 1940])

“Adolf Hitler: The Winter Relief is a powerful community mass meeting of the homeland, similar to the powerful mass meeting of the community of our front.Gau Sachsen [#127 (29 September - 5 August 1940])

“Peter Rosegger: The more the steel is heated, the better the sword. The more a heart bleeds, the greater the achievement.Gau Sachsen (#128 [6 - 12 October 1940])

“Joh. Gottl. Fichte: Freedom is the highest goal of human life.Gau Sachsen (#129 [13 - 19 October 1940])

An appeal to fear never finds an echo in German hearts. Bismarck.” Gau Sachsen (#130 [20 - 26 October 1940])

Fighting about dogma is over with us, but the great battle of values has begun! Rosenberg.” Gau Sachsen (#131 [27 October - 2 November 1940])

All sacrifice is eternal!Gau Sachsen (#132 [3 - 9 November 1940])

“Der Führer: History should be a lesson for us!Gau Sachsen (#133 10 - 16 November 1940])

Better to sacrifice life rather than loyalty!Gau Sachsen (#134 [17 - 23 November 1940])

The Führer is always right!Gau Sachsen (#135 [24 - 30 November 1940])

“There are times when it is the greatest wisdom to take the greatest risks. Clausewitz.” Gau Sachsen (#141 [5 - 11 January 1941])

“National Socialism is the guarantee of victory.” Gau Sachsen (#142 [12 - 18 January 1941])

As welcome as quick end to the war may be, the fate of the war may not be sacrificed or even endangered for this reason. Gneisenau.” Gau Sachsen (#144 [19 - 25 January 1941])

Light • Life • Battle • Victory. What can happen to a people whose youth is ready to renounce everything to serve great ideals.Gau Sachsen (#145 [26 January - 1 February 1941])

Believing in Germany we will master fate. A. Hitler.”  Gau Sachsen (#146 [2 - 8 February 1941])

A people conscious of its danger produces the genius. Nietzsche.” Gau Sachsen (#147 [9 - 15 February 1941])

We are fighting for Germany’s existence.Gau Sachsen (#148 [16 - 22 February 1941])

Only a strong government can assure peace. Peaceful assurances by our neighbors are certainly valuable, but we find security only in ourselves. Moltke.” Gau Sachsen (#149 [23 February - 1 March 1941])

After #148, the Gau Sachsen issues are identical with the national issues, with the exception of the identification at the bottom. I have therefore not included subsequent issues, with the exception of the one that follows from my own collection, which has the issue number. The final issue in the DNB collection is #179, identical with #39/1941 (21-27 September) of the national version.

Germany is where the brave hearts are. Ulrich von Hutten.” Gau Sachsen (#154 [6 - 12 April 1941])

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