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Background: Hitler took over Austria in March 1939, but it took a while to impose the whole edifice of Nazism. Although the Nazis had introducted the Wochenspruch der NSDAP in 1937, only eight months later did the party begin a drive to distribute it in the western part of Austria. Readers are encouraged to order a lot of copies and post them wherever possible.

The source: Budenzer Anzeiger, 3 December 1938, p. 8.

Each People’s Comrade Should Get the Wochenspruch

“What is the movement’s Wochenspruch, anyway? There is always something new. One never gets a rest!” That’s the way Mr. “Complainer” talks when he hears the latest news from the Gau Propaganda Office in Tirol-Vorarlberg. However, each people’s comrade who experiences our great age with an open mind and shares the joy of the whole people at such high points over recent years as the return of Austria and the Sudetenland to the Reich, the announcement of rearmament, and countless other events, will not ignore the Wochenspruch der NSDAP.

Each week an artistically crafted poster will be put in a tasteful frame. It will carry a short, concise statement by the Fuhrer or other leading men of the movement that addresses important daily events in a brief and compelling way. It will express our worldview in a way that reaches every people’s comrade, allowing him to absorb National Socialist thinking without great effort.

Advertising for the Wochenspruch has begun in every county of the Gau. The goal is to put the Wochenspruch not only in government and party offices, but to bring it to every part of the population. Each merchant, factory foreman, craftsman, restaurant owner, doctor, attorney building owner, every people’s comrade should post the Wochenspruch so as to make it part of the thinking of a wider circle of the population and thus become an active propagandist for the Führer.

One should consider only the most optimistic goal in deciding how many copies of the Wochenspruch to order. Each people’s comrade has shared in the blessings that the Führer has already brought to the German people.

Only Mr. Complainer, whom we mentioned at the beginning, can ignore the great successes in every area and think a temporary shortage of butter or something like that as important. All German people’s comrades who have cheerfully said “Yes” in other regards will want to support this effort by the Gau Propaganda Office and join in spreading the Wochenspruch.

“So what do you know about the Wochenspruch?” At the least, one should order enough copies as quickly as possible and hang them in the most suitable places.

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