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Background:This page contains translations of the Wochenspruch der NSDAP, a weekly poster with inspiring quotations, issued by Gau Düsseldorf. For more details, see the index page.

The source: I translate these from images provided by a friend of the site.

Weekly Quotation Posters of the NSDAP

Issued by Gau Düsseldorf

“He who has no honor has no peace. Only when a strong sword protects peace can a people enjoy in peace the fruits of its labor. Hermann Göring.” Gau Düsseldorf (26 August - 1 September 1937)

“It is wonderful to live in an age that presents its people with great tasks. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Düsseldorf (2 - 8 September 1937)

“Only that nation that values its honor will survive. Germany will survive! Thanks to the Führer! Rudolf Hess.” Gau Düsseldorf (9 - 15 September 1937)

“Our daily bread. The earth that gives it to us, the sun that ripens it. Dear sun, dear earth. You will not be forgotten.” Gau Düsseldorf (30 September - 6 October 1937)

The German god does not dwell in cold marble stones, nor in dark and dead temples, but rather moves through the oak forests. Ludwig Uhland.” Gau Düsseldorf (21 - 27 October 1937)

“The Comrade. When one of us grows weary, the other stands watch for him. When one of us wants to doubt, the other laughs with faith. If one of us should fall, the other stands for both. A god gave each fighter a comrade. Herybert Menzel.” Gau Düsseldorf (4 - 10 November 1937)

“The key to the heart of the people is not asking, but rather strength. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Düsseldorf (11 - 17 November 1937)

“We have taught our youth the virtue of camaraderie, and not in textbook theories, but rather in the thousand-fold toughening experience of every day life. Dr. Goebbels.” Gau Düsseldorf (18 - 24 November 1937)

“The fatherland is a religion. Ernst Juenger.” Gau Düsseldorf (16 - 22 December 1937)

“Sacred Land is wherever Germans defend it. A. Rosenberg.” Gau Düsseldorf (23 - 31 December 1937)

“Germany is before us, Germany marches in us, and behind us comes Germany. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Düsseldorf (1 - 6 January 1938)

“Before the earth takes you back, have you made it fruitful? Friedrich Griese.” Gau Düsseldorf (7 - 13 January 1938)

“Our strength is in our discipline. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Düsseldorf (14 - 22 January 1938)

“True loyalty means absolute obedience. Rudolf Hess.” Gau Düsseldorf (31 January - 6 February 1938)

“Stay courageous and never flinch, for God is everywhere, and freedom and heaven are never won by half measures. E. Moritz Arndt.” Gau Düsseldorf (7 - 13 February 1938)

“Fighting for an ideal does not make one crude, but kind. Joseph Goebbels.” Gau Düsseldorf (14 - 20 February 1938)

“Giving one’s life for the existence of the community is the epitome of sacrifice. Adolf Hitler on the anniversary of the death of Horst Wessel.” Gau Düsseldorf (21 - 27 February 1938)

“If no fighters remain, new ones will be born! Rainer Schlosser.” ” Gau Düsseldorf (28 February - 6 March 1938)

“Possessions perish, tribes die, and you yourself will die, but one thing I know: the fame of the dead lives forever. From the Edda.” Gau Düsseldorf (7 - 13 March 1938)

“The unity of our people is the greatest treasure we can have. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Düsseldorf (14 - 20 March 1938)

“People will perish, human achievements will collapse, but the idea of the Reich will remain. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Düsseldorf (21 - 27 March 1938)

“A nation that does not know how to speak bravely will not dare to act bravely. Clausewicz.” Gau Düsseldorf (28 March - 3 April 1938)

“Cannons are not decisive, but rather a unified people’s will. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Düsseldorf (4 - 10 April 1938)

“The nature of the German spirit is that it builds from within. Richard Wagner.” Gau Düsseldorf (11 - 17 April 1938)

“Führer, we believe in you, for you are the nation. We believe in Germany because you are Germany’s son. The Führer’s birthday. B. v. Schirach.” Gau Düsseldorf (18 - 24 April 1938)

“To sacrifice for the unity of our people is no sacrifice, but rather a tribute to reason. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Düsseldorf (2 - 8 May 1938)

“There is no greater nobility for a woman than to be the mother of the sons and daughters of a people. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Düsseldorf (9 - 15 May 1938)

“We want to be ready to sacrifice and to fight, more ready to perish ourselves than to let the movement perish that is Germany’s last strength, last hope, and only chance at the future. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Düsseldorf (30 May - 5 June 1938)

“We do not ask for one’s name or ancestry, because we ourselves want to be an ancestry. A. Rosenberg.” Gau Düsseldorf (6 - 12 June 1938)

“You should love the land of your childhood. This love is your new nobility. Friedrich Nietzsche.” Gau Düsseldorf (13 - 19 June 1938)

“The camaraderie that tests the youth is the decisive test for the people’s camaraderie of the future. A. Rosenberg.” Gau Düsseldorf (20 - 26 June 1938)

“Not weapons alone, but also the song of freedom, the spirit that overcomes, are the guarantees of our future. J. Magnus Wehner.’ Gau Düsseldorf (27 June - 3 July 1938)

“The season changes, the old passes away, a new day dawns. May old loyalty guide our deeds today. Walter Karka.” Gau Düsseldorf (4 - 10 July 1938)

“Despite all that has happened and all that will happen, we remain what we were and are: German! Konrad Henlein on 28.2.1937 in Aussig.” Gau Düsseldorf (11 - 17 July 1938)

“The peasantry is the nation’s backbone. Bismarck.” Gau Düsseldorf (18 - 22 July 1938)

“Never forget that the holiest right in this world is the right to soil that will till oneself, and the holiest sacrifice is the blood that one spills for this soil. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Düsseldorf (15 - 21 August 1938)

“It is better to grow tall and be struck by lightning than to be a cripple protected from lightning and storm. Herman Löns.” Gau Düsseldorf (22 - 28 August 1938)

“We are not born to be happy, but rather to do our duty. Nietzsche.” Gau Düsseldorf (29 August - 4 September 1938)

“He who wants to live must fight, and he who does not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle does not deserve to live. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Düsseldorf (5 - 11 September 1938)

“What does not destroy me makes me stronger. Friedrich Nietzsche.” Gau Düsseldorf (3 - 9 October 1938)

“To be German means to be clear. Adolf Hitler.” Gau Düsseldorf (24 - 30 October 1938)

“Forward over the graves! Joh. Wolfgang von Goethe.” Gau Düsseldorf (7 - 13 November 1938)

“Life gives the most valuable knowledge. Meister Ekkehart.” Gau Düsseldorf (14 - 20 November 1938)

Only he who is true to his nature can find the way to truth and God. E. G. Kolbenheyer.” Gau Düsseldorf (28 November - 4 December 1938)

“We want to serve all with faithful and pure heart; each pregnant mother should be Mary to us. Herybert Menzel.” Gau Düsseldorf (19 - 25 December 1938)

Our people is something holy. Adalbert Stifter.” Gau Düsseldorf (26 - 31 December 1938)

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