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Background: The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was a happy suprise for the Germans. They did not know it was coming. This is the front page of the Nazi Party’s newspaper the day after. It has articles on the bombing of Pearl Harbor and Singapore, landings in Malaya, confident statements from Tokyo, and more. I here translate the commentary directly below the map. Roosevelt, it claims, is only following Jewish orders, and just as Germany supposedly attacked the Soviet Union shortly before it would have attacked Germany, so also Japan had acted before Roosevelt could implement his plan to strangle Japan.

The source: Dr. Wilhelm Koppen, “Der erschlichene Krieg,” Völkischer Beobachter (Vienna Edition), 9 December 1941, pp. 1-2. The issue is available on ANNO, the admirable Austrian program of digitizing newspapers.

The First Hard Blows Have Fallen

Japan’s Weapons Answer Roosevelt

The Warmonger Must Admit Serious Losses in the Hawaiian Islands


The Devious War

Mr. Franklin Roosevelt, Judah’s general agent, has carried out his orders. He succeeded in bringing a people into a war it did not want, since its normal five senses could see no reason to join the battle. With the persistence of a Jewish pedlar he attempted to make his war palatable to Americans. Incessantly, he agitated and encouraged Americans to believe in a kind of persecution complex, and under this hypnotic spell gradually worked to tear down all the protective walls that would keep the flames of war away from the USA. Well — the criminal has achieved his goal.

Roosevelt spoke movingly of peace and its blessings when he began his first term as president. It soon became clear that the new man in the White House had wanted war as early as 1917, and was an open enemy of the young peoples with strong leadership. He particularly enjoyed opposing Germany, as a protector of the Jews, and since he knew well enough that the man in the street was not interested in a war of revenge for the Jews, especially after a Senate committee investigating the USA’s entrance into the World War made some of the connections visible that led the government and the big capitalist concerns to join the war, regardless of what the people thought. Public opinion forced the Neutrality Law, which Roosevelt publicly applauded but quickly ignored.

Before Mr. Roosevelt began to peel away the layers of this law like an artichoke, he encouraged other governments to enter the war, since the USA would soon join them! In his Quarantine Speech of October 1937 he thundered against the young peoples, claiming they were diseased rebels who opposed the principle that the wealth of the world belonged to the so-called “Anglo-Saxons,” not to say the Jews, and that any attempt to gain living space was a crime against humanity. This presumptuous nonsense is the origin of all the wars of the last ten years, which are part of an indissoluble whole. The hate and envy of those who always want more is directed against rising and hard-working competitors, and drives Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt, along with their Jewish puppet masters, to deny peoples who did not want to accept the plutocratic-Bolshevist yoke any right to life, any sense of honor, to be treated as pariahs made into obedient slaves by bribes and whips.

The Atlantic Charter issued by these two accomplices from London and Washington reeks of this arrogance, showing everyone that those serving the pound and dollar have learned nothing in this war, but have instead only increased their self-deification. Since 1937 Roosevelt has spoken piously about world events, often proclaiming strong anathemas. It did not stop with such theatrical thundering. Bulllit, Biddle, and Donovan accompanied those rhetorical ostracisms with filthy diplomatic intrigues. After the Munich Agreement they used their full efforts in London, Paris, and Warsaw to support the British encirclers and acted as if the USA were called upon to determine Europe’s fate.

All of that has been notorious for a long time, just as was the gradual loosening of the Neutrality Law. Earlier, Roosevelt had used lawyer’s tricks to find ways to use the law to attack the “evil” aggressors. His moralizing strategy allowed him to find ways to help his friends in the armaments industry export weapons to Western Europe, despite the law’s provisions. They just had to pay cash and provide their own shipping. Then Roosevelt went further: he “lent” and “leased” munitions that the British could no longer pay for in dollars. He began with 7 billion for England, and today demands 17 billion for England and 68 billion for domestic armaments. Finally, he opened the war zones to USA ships after he had them armed, and his warships had long been hunting German U-boats on the Iceland route.

Roosevelt needed incidents, but at what for him was the proper time. The “Western Hemisphere” was dear to his heart — which extended to Africa and England on the one side, and on the other to East Asia, which his staff bugler declared were easy prey, protectorates of the USA. Japan would be finished in two weeks, so said all the mud-throwers, and Washington was already calculating what Japan would lack if it took off its gloves. They still had not learned from Europe that strong and honorable peoples cannot be defeated by shortages. They usually know where they can get the resources others want to deny them. The old saying still holds: War takes care of itself.

The arsonists in Washington soon reduced Belgrade and Athens to death and destruction. They wanted to keep the Axis busy until the middle of July, when according to their joint plan the Moscow steamroller would begin. As the East burst into flames these two fine “Christian soldiers” made a lot of noise on the Potomac and cheerfully planned further idiocies. But the USA was next in line!

Japan was not mentioned in the Atlantic Charter. That was probably not necessary, since both sea powers openly supported Nippon’s enemies, did not recognize its natural claims to leadership in East Asia, and wanted to drive it into a corner by bans on importing raw materials. In his comments on the meeting, Churchill suggested that the Japanese and Americans should negotiate. That meant that Roosevelt and Churchill needed more time. The Soviets had not had the expected victory and Roosevelt’s armaments program was mostly still on paper. One spoke of honest discussions about the difficulties, which they did not really want to resolve.

Roosevelt repeated this lying view in his message to the Tenno. He even dared to talk about a “pile of dynamite” on which the people of the USA could not “sit for a long time.” But it was Roosevelt who wanted war. He even called the presence of Japanese troops in French Indochina a threat to the USA, although it is 6,000 sea miles away from East Asia. The piles of dynamite were the result of his insatiable lust for monopolies of raw materials, captive markets, military bases, and profits, the insolent claim to interfere wherever weapons clashed — even on the moon!

The countries in East Asia are not in America’s zone of control, but rather have a natural relationship with Japan as their political center. Japan has leadership and responsibility for this large area, and the peoples of these countries are only following their own natural laws when they work closely with Japan. Roosevelt, however, imagining himself as president of the world called to be high priest, wanted to bring back the old rule of imperialism.

Roosevelt assumed Japan would commit suicide. It should end its policies of the last ten years and limit its 105 million people to a space only one-sixteenth that of the USA, which has 130 million people — and to do that so that England and America, already sated with land and people, could expand in East Asia. This insolent presumption makes sense of what was behind the Atlantic Charter, the product of these gamblers in Downing Street and the White House. If the conversational partners were not dishonorable enough to submit to blatant exploitation, their resistance must be dealt with. That is how blackguard Roosevelt thought — and now he has his war and America has among its long line of presidents a criminal who has plunged it into an adventure with unforeseeable consequences. How this all happened — one might say in soft slippers, false smiles, big words and still bigger lies, and with fine declarations of a “peace” that did not exist — that is a chapter of democracy in itself and proof that this form of government that supposedly guarantees peace can at any time be blown up by the smallest, least pleasant demagogue with a match. And he will always find that match as long as Judah somehow can speak the last word.

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