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Background: This is an experiment to see if anyone finds it useful. I'm putting four German city maps from 1938, along with the street indexes, on this page. It allows one to see how the Nazis re-named streets and public squares in many German cities. The maps are taken from a German road atlas published by the Nazi Party. If you find this useful, and would like me to add other cities, let me know. The thumbnails are linked to versions that I think will be large enough to use.

Source: V.B. Strassen-Atlas von Deutschland (Munich: Eher Verlag, 1938).

German City Maps from 1938

1938 Berlin map

The cover

1938 Berlin map

Berlin: The index: Page 1 Page 2

1939 Frankfurt map

Frankfurt: The index

1938 Hanover map

Hanover: The index

1938 Leipzig map

Leipzig The index: Page 1 Page 2

1938 Hanover map

Munich: The index: Page 1 Page 2

I also include a detail map of the center of Munich showing the location of major party buildings.

1938 Nuremberg map

Nuremberg: The index

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