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Background: This is a page from a 1940 Nazi pamphlet titled Everybody’s Hitler, intended for German-speaking people in the Alsace area of occupied France.

Everybody’s Hitler

ADOLF HITLER! This name has been at the center of world events for many years. The unknown corporal of the World War became the leader of the German Reich. In a few years he led it from one success to another, raising it to a world power. The newspapers of the entire world first mocked him, then found ever new ways to libel him. According to his enemies, Adolf Hitler must be a true devil, the embodiment of all evil.

Those who lived outside the borders of the Reich could learn the truth only with difficulty. Very few had the opportunity to meet the Führer personally. Photographs are an important way of helping to make that acquaintance.

Nearly every mature person can form a reliable judgment of a person’s character by seeing his face.

For many years people concealed from you the real Hitler. Now you have the opportunity to form your own unbiased judgment by seeing the real face of the Führer in this pamphlet.

The more one knows him, the more one has to love and honor him. Our children and children’s children will envy us because we were fellow workers and fighters of this greatest and best German.

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