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In the midst of his gigantic struggle with the enemy world, the Führer never forgets his larger goal: the building of a better world order. He has done it first in his own country, building an advanced level of social services and raising the level of all of German life. He makes no empty promises to workers, but has established the foundation for comprehensive old age care, for new housing developments, and social laws benefiting all those who work. These are all measures serving his goal of building a strong German people’s community for the future.

Breaking the chains of Versailles had more than only domestic consequences. The terrible burden of tribute was removed from the German people. Far more important, however, was that Germans removed from the Reich by the treaty were able to return to the German homeland. German Alsace is following the developments in the Reich with burning expectation. It looks calmly and trustingly toward the Führer. Foreign propaganda could not drive him out of the hearts of the people. The Alsatians knew that their fate was in his good hands.

Their hope in the Führer was not misplaced. Previous wars between Germany and France brought great sacrifices and destruction to Alsace. The Germans in Alsace are joyful and thankful because their homeland has been spared destruction by the Führer’s wonderful deeds.

As it is freed from foreign oppression, Alsace can express its love and confidence in the Führer. The homeland was not only rescued, its whole beauty was preserved. Adolf Hitler protects his people from every need and leads it through military victory to a prosperous, beautiful and secure future.


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