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Because Hitler loves his people, he had to free it from the shackles of Versailles to guarantee it work and prosperity.


He wanted to accomplish this through peaceful agreement with England and France. These pictures show the Führer in conversation with Chamberlain, attempting to preserve peace. But England and France wanted war.

 The Führer therefore had to set aside all the things that were dearest to him: the peaceful building of his social state and the wonderful and grand buildings he had begun. He had to take on the war others forced on him to guarantee his nation of 80,000,000 freedom and peace.

Hitler wanted to free his nation from Versailles through peaceful means, by negotiating and agreeing with Allied statesmen. He succeeded in freeing the Sudetan Germans from Czech slavery. The war began over the ancient German Hanseatic city of Danzig. Poland wanted to remove the Germanic element from this German cultural landmark and win it for itself.

Poland’s unjust war ended after 18 days in a German victory and a Polish defeat.

And then came the proof of Hitler’s love of peace: Even as the leader of a victorious army, he offered England and France peace. A hard winter of relative peace followed. Then — 25 days after the beginning of the German spring offensive — France with all its powerful army was defeated.

Once again Hitler, the greatest military victor in centuries, offered England peace on 19 July 1940.

But England made the fateful mistake of seeing his love of peace as a sign of weakness. It chose war. It will now share France’s fate.

This terrible war came only because Hitler wanted to free Germany from Versailles, not because he wanted to conquer other nations. He wanted peace through agreements. The world forced him to win peace through the victories that will end this war.

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