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Background: The Germans began television broadcasts in 1935 in Berlin, and later in several other cities. Since television sets were expensive, they established a dozen television watching rooms around Berlin where people could watch for free. For examples of Nazi television in action, see a DVD titled Television under the Swastika: The History of Nazi Television. This page provides the schedule of television programming for the week of 26 March to 1 April 1939.

The source: Berlin hört und sieht, 26 March 1939.

Berlin Television Listings: 1939

Sunday, 26 March

No programming.

Monday, 27 March

2000: News
2030: Newsreel clips
2040: Musical programming (classical)
2130-2200: “Cheerful Mozart” (musical)

Tuesday, 28 March

2000: News
2030: Newsreel clips
2045: “Etiquette for those in Love”: Seasonal tips for those in love, or who want to be
2130-2200: “Spring Showers”: Performace by the White Ravens

Wednesday, 29 March

2000: News
2030: Newsreel clips
2045: “Musical Competition”: A variety of performers
2130-2200: A band performance

Thursday, 30 March

2000: News
2030: Newsreel clips
2045-2200: “Love between the Coasts”: Musical performance

Friday, 31 March

2000: News
2020: Radio gymnastics
2030: Newsreel clips
2045-2200: “The Times Change”: Musical performances

Saturday, 1 April

2000: News
2020: Saturday Sports
2030: Newsreel clips
2045: Musical programming.
2130-2200: The Quintzow Quartet

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