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Background: These are pictures from series of slides intended for use in Grade 9 on Ernst Thälmann, the founder of the Communist Party of Germany during the Weirmar period. The full tray has 36 slides, all on the period before 1933. Most are black and white photographs of Thälmann in various situations. These are some of the more vivid images.

The source: Als Unterrichtsmittel zugelassen durch das Ministerium für Volksbildung, Hauptverwaltung Unterrichtsmittel und Schulversorgung, Ernst Thälmann, Geschichte Klasse 9.

Ernst Thälmann

An undated communist poster urging solidarity with the Soviet Union.
A painting titled “Barracade in Hamburg, 1923.”
Another painting of Ernst Thälmann at the barricades in 1923.
This poster is probably from the March 1932 German presidential election, in which Thälmann was running. The text: “The Proletarian class front stands against Hindenburg’s program for the bourgeoisie. Vote Red. Thälmann.”

This is a paiting by Fritz Weinek showing a communist ready to fight for the cause.

This is a communist poster protesting the Dawes Plan, a 1924 agreement on German reparations payments.
Two campaign posters from the 1920’s.

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