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Background: These are cover cartoons from Julius Streicher’s Der Stürmer.Streicher, one of Hitler’s earliest followers, published the paper from 1923 to 1945. I also include two promotional flyers from the 1930s. During the Third Reich, Stürmerdisplay cases were found all over Germany. Streicher was a thoroughly unsavory character, unpopular even with many fellow Nazis. Another page on the GPA has caricatures from before 1933.

Some of the images on this page date to the earliest days of the Internet when images were small to save bandwidth. Clicking on an image will bring up a larger image.

For more information, see my book on Julius Streicher. I also have an essay looking at symbolic violence in Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda that uses some of these images.

Caricatures from Der Stürmer: 1933-1945

Der Stürmer caricature

Title: Away with Him

The long arm of the Ministry of Education pulls a Jewish teacher from his classroom.

March 1933 (Issue #12)

Der Stürmer caricature

This cartoon was published five months after Hitler took power. The title is “Revenge.” The Nazi who shoves the Jew over the cliff says: “Go where you wanted me to go, you evil spirit.”

June 1933 (Issue #22)

Der Stürmer caricature

Title: Pan-Jewry

Caption: “A frog sat in the green grass. He didn’t do this, he didn’t do that, he didn’t do anything at all. Blinded by the glitter of gold, everyone flew into his mouth. Taken loosely from Boozmann.”

June 1933 (Issue #25)

Der Stürmer caricature

Title: Rescue Expedition

Caption: Good God, let’s try to find one corner of the earth where no one reads Der Stürmer.

May 1934 (Issue #18)

Der Stürmer caricature

This is the cover to the most infamous issue of Der Stürmer, the 1934 issue accusing Jews of practicing ritual murder to secure the blood of Christians to use in Jewish religious rituals. The headline reads: Jewish Murder Plan against Gentile Humanity Revealed. The issue actually got banned by the Nazis after it had been out for a while, not because of anti-Semitic content, but because it compared alleged Jewish ritual murder with the Christian sacrament of communion. A full English translation of the issue was published in the United States in 1976 by a group in the “Christian Identity” tradition.

Special Issue: May 1934

Der Stürmer caricature

Title: Jewish Congress

Caption: “Let the Goyim believe that we can be Americans, Englishmen, Germans, or French. When our interests are at stake, we are always Jews, and nothing but.”

July 1934 (Issue #34)

Jewish sn

Title: Brood of Serpents

Caption: “The Jew’s symbol is a worm, not without reason. He seeks to creep up on what he wants.”

September 1934 (Issue #40)

Der Stürmer caricature

Title: The Curse in the Blood

Caption: “Every little Jewish baby grows up to be a Jew.”

November 1934 (Issue #45)

Der Stürmer caricature

Title: Don’t Let Go!


Do not grow weary, do not loosen the grip, This poisonous serpent may not slip away. Better that one strangles it to death Than that our misery begin anew.

March 1935 (Issue #10)

Der Stürmer caricature

Title: Legion of Shame


Ignorant, lured by gold, They stand disgraced in Judah’s fold. Souls poisoned, blood infected, Disaster broods in their wombs.

August 1935 (Issue #37)

Der Stürmer caricature

Title: Loyalty

Caption: The sword will not be sheathed. The Stürmer stands as ever in battle for the people and the fatherland. It fights the Jews because it loves the people.

November 1935 (Issue #48)

Der Stürmer caricature

Title: Unfruitful

Caption: “She belongs to the church, she belongs to Satan. Both are lost to the German race.”

July 1936 (Issue #20)

Der Stürmer caricature

Title: The Decent Jew

The cartoon shows a Jew politely asking for room on the bench, after which he shoves the previous inhabitant off. The poem notes that Jews behave the same way in other situations.

July 1936 (Issue #28)

Der Stuermer caricature

Title: Insatiable

The lead article is on the Moscow show trials. The cartoon caption: “Far be it from the Jews to enslave a single people. Their goal is to devour the entire world.”

October 1936 (Issue #41)

Der Stuermer caricature

Title: The Answer to the Scribes and Pharisees

The Nazis conducted several campaigns against the Church during the 1930’s. The cartoon is titled “The ‘Holy’ Scripture.” The accompanying article complains that German schoolchildren learn more about Jewish history than they do of German history.

October 1936 (Issue #44)

Der Stuermer caricature

Title: Priests and Pastors

This was another anti-Christian story. On an altar of the Star of David stands the Inquisition and hammer and sickle, with graves and skulls in the background.

November 1936 (Issue #46)

Anti-Semitic caricature

Title: The Economy and Jewry

This issue accuses Jews of every manner of economic misdeed. The cartoon is titled “Demon Money.” A Jewish monster, engraved with the Star of David and the symbols for the American dollar and British pound has its claws on the planet.

November 1937 (Issue #47)

Der Stürmer caricature

Title: The Land of Freedom

The cartoon caption: “Where one is ruled by the Jews, freedom is only an empty dream.”

July 1939 (Issue #19)

Der Stuermer caricature

Title: The End of Judah

The approaching tidal wave of 1940 is about to carry off the Jews.

December 1939 (Issue #52)

Der Stuermer caricature

Title: Victory — Peace

The headline in red calls for the death penalty for a Jew accused of sexual relations with a German woman. The caption of the cartoon suggests that peace will prevail once the German sword has defeated the Jews.

April 1942 (Issue #14)

Der Stürmer caricature

Title: Anxiety

The cartoon shows the world’s Jews fearful of the truth. The headline is on the racial defilement theme.

December 1942 (Issue #51)

Der Stürmer cover

Headline: The Mobilization of the People

The cartoon shows a photograph of a Jew captioned “Satan.” Streicher regularly used the old religious argument that the Jews were in league with the Devil. This issue appeared as the last German troops in Stalingrad surrendered.

February 1943 (Issue #9)

Der Stürmer caricature This is the freedom they promise us The freedom we see where Judah rules, Behind prison walls and bars, Within a dark prison sits A humanity that longs for true freedom And longs for rescue and release.

17 June 1943 (Issue #25)

Der Stürmer caricature Title: Time Caption: Pan-Judah sees that time is running out. What does it have to gain? As time passes, the strength of that is growing That will bring order out of chaos.

3 February 1944 (Issue #5)

Der Stürmer caricature

Title: Jewish Slaves

Caption: They are enslaved and ruined by the Jews. Their joy and very soul is taken from them. They long for Germany, where work enobles, Where everyone recognizes its worth.

6 April 1944 (Issue #14)

Der Stürmer caricature

Title: Why?

Caption: Why, for what purpose is the blood flowing? Behind the scenes, the Jew grins. That makes the answer clear: They bleed for the Jews.

18 May 1944 (Issue #29)

Der Stürmer caricature

Title: The Jewish Beast

Caption: Defense.

14 September 1944 (Issue #37)

Der Stürmer caricature

Title: Vermin

Caption: Life is not worth living When one does not resist the parasite, Never satisfied as it creeps about. We must and will win.

28 September 1944 (Issue #39)

Der Stürmer flyer

This promotional flyer from the 1930s has a cartoon depicting “The livestock Jew.” The text:

“Do you know him? Millions of German people’s comrades know him. They have all personally experienced what he is. He took everything they had.

There are many even today who are swindled by Jews. These are the ones to whom we are speaking. You must get to know him, the livestock Jew, and the Jew in general, if you are to understand the importance of the racial question.

People’s comrade! Be educated by reading the Stürmer. It is the best expert on the Jews. Read the Stürmer regularly and thoroughly and you will understand: The Jews are our misfortune!”

Der Stürmer flyer

A second flyer from the period:

“This is how he came to Germany! They all looked like this when they came to Germany from the East. But things soon changed. They stuck their crooked noses into everything; they took over everything and before long they were in charge. Their goal is to establish Jewish world domination.

It is, therefore, absolutely necessary that each German leans the true face of Pan-Jewry so that he can understand how great the danger is that threatens our people from this race.

People’s comrade! The Stürmer educates you about Jewish racial laws. Read it regularly and thoroughly and you will soon be persuaded that the Jews are our misfortune.”

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