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Background: This is a 32-page pamphlet issued by the Nazis during the July 1932 Reichstag campaign. It was the fifteenth in a series of pamphlets issued by the party propaganda office, the Reichspropagandaleitung. It lays out the main points on which the Nazis were campaigning.

Since the pamphlet is more illustration than text, I’ve included the full pages, with translations underneath each page. To keep the page size from becoming too large, I’ve divided it into two sections, with a link to part II at the end of this page.

The source: Stürzt das System (Munich: Franz Eher, 1932).

Bring Down the System!


“One of 6 million [unemployed].” The cover has the unemployment card for a Nazi S.A. leader.

Page 2

Page 2

The heading, which runs over into page 3: “On 9 November 1918, the System ‘won’ through murder and terror.” Under the top picture is this caption: “1918: Scheidemann declares a republic with these words: ‘The people has been completely victorious.” It is followed by this text:

At the gravest hour in the history of the German nation, Marxism unleashed its long-planned revolution, and thereby stabbed the fighting soldiers at the front in the back.

Voices of the revolutionaries:

“The government that has resulted from this revolution has a leadership entirely socialist, and sees its task as implementing the socialist program.” (From the proclamation of representatives Ebert, Scheidemann, etc., on 12.11.18).

“The capitalist system has collapsed. The bourgeois monarchy has fallen. The revolutionary proletariat has seized power. Its goal is a socialist republic!” (From the proclamation of the workers’ and soldiers’ councils of Dresden, Leipzig, and Chemnitz on 14.11.18).

“Workers and soldiers! You have won a rapid and complete victory.... Your government now leads the Reich.” (From Gustav Noske’s government decree in Kiel on 11.11.18, taken from Noske, Von Kiel bis Kapp, p. 56).

“A more total domestic success was not to be imagined. People spoke proudly of a German socialist republic.” (Gustav Noske, Von Kiel bis Kapp, p. 59).

“The revolution was not made for its own sake, but rather for a better future.” (Erhard Auer, Das neue Bayern, p. 41).

The caption of the bottom photograph: Armed revolutionaries drove through city streets.

Page 3

Page 3

1918: Revolutionaries stop a military vehicle.

Bloody civil war erupted. The Red “winners” gathered around the booty. Streams of the best German blood flowed in the chaos of revolution.

1918: Street fighting in Berlin. Machine gun positions at the Brandenburg Gate.

Page 4

Page 4

Today they lie: “The party of murderers”:

Today the Social Democratic press agitates when National Socialists attacked by Red murderers attempt to defend themselves. Vorwärts complains about “the party of murderers,” forgetting that the parties of the Left introduced terror and political murders to Germany during the Social Democratic revolution. It forgets that German workers’ blood flowed during the birthing hours of the revolution, that one of its own members, the Jew Kuttner, shot a poor, innocent worker.

The top picture shows Kuttner, the bottom shows medics carrying a wounded person from the “battleground of civil war.”

Page 5

Page 5

The System’s first “success”: The loss of the German East!

While bloody civil war raged in Berlin and everywhere in the Reich, the German government withdrew German troops from the East. The Poles could walk in and take over the disarmed and undefended territory. The Reich lost the ancient German cultural territory of West Prussia.

The illustrations: the city hall in Thorn, the University in Posen, and the Marienburg.

Page 6

Page 6

The System leads to civil war!

1919: Social Democratic propaganda car during the election for the National Assembly.

While the parties of the Left elected a National Assembly by making loud promises, there was unrest throughout the Reich. A Soviet republic was established in Munich by the Independents and Communists under the leadership of Russian Jews, and for three weeks bloody terror ruled Munich. As the Free Corps neared Munich, intending to liberate it, the bestial Marxists took innocent citizens hostage, and shot some of them, including a woman, in the Luitpold Gymnasium. Only after hard, bloody battles was the Free Corps able to free the city from bloody Red terror.

1919: The wall in the Luitpold Gymnasium where the bestial Red guards murdered innocent hostages, among them a woman.

Adjacent picture: The murder decree ordering the shooting of the Munich hostages.

Page 7

Page 7

Munich: A church ruined and plundered by Marxists. [top]

A building damaged by shells in Munich. [bottom left]

The Liberator of Munich, the National Socialist General von Epp. [bottom right]

Page 8

Page 8

The System signed the Treaty of Versailles and tolerated separatism.

The German people, torn apart and shattered by civil war, was forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles.

Instead of resisting this shameful dictate like a man, the Social Democrat Hermann Müller and the Center Party’s man Dr. Bell signed it on 28 June 1919 in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles.

Under this treaty, Germany lost the following percentages (as of 1913):

Territory 13%
Population 10%
Coal 25.9%
Iron ore 74.5%
Zinc ore 68.3%
Wheat and rye 15.7%
Potatoes 18%
Merchant fleet 89.4%
Colonies 100%

And the ultimate to which any people was ever subjected: Germany was declared solely responsible for the World War.

Page 9

Page 9

While Germany fought for its existence, separatists in the Rhine area, supported by France, tried to turn Germany’s western region into an autonomous zone. The current chairman of the Center Party, Prelate Kaas, was accused for years of favoring the separation of the Rhine area from the Reich, or before that, from Prussia. In March 1919, Kaas signed a letter to the Center Party’s leader Trimborn that said:

“The Rhine Republic sends enthusiastic greetings from the banks of the Mosel.” Citizens of Trier of every class.

According to the Trierischer Landesezeitung of 23 September 1919, the day before Kaas had said:

“I have been a friend of these efforts (establishing a Rhine free state) from the beginning. I have never been among those who make the most noise about a Rhine free state, but rather probably among those who have worked the hardest to realize the dream of the Rhine region... Long live the autonomous Rhine state!”

Kaas asked the French delegate Colonel Cachet in Trier this clear question:

“When are you going to throw out the Prussian rabble?”

In 1920, Kaas said this to the Center Party delegates to the National Assembly, Legendre, Mr. Marx, and Dr. Theiß in Trier:

“Do what you want, but I will emigrate rather than become a Prussian.”

And the head of the French school in Trier stated:

“One will be astonished to learn what Prelate Kaas offered to us French. His offers go far beyond what the separatists ever wanted or offered.”

bottom: the handwriting is the text of Kaas’s message, quoted above.

The separatist leader Matthes before his cronies.

Page 10

Page 10

The System causes inflation!

The gutter press today accuses the National Socialists of wanting inflation. With this miserable lie that lacks any kind of proof, the Black-Red parties are attempting to divert the masses from the fact that they are the real culprits behind the inflation of 1923.

How was it back then? To satisfy the greed of their party leaders, the Black-Red parties ran the printing presses at ever-increasing speed. The result of this senseless waste of paper was the inflation of 1923, which destroyed the wealth of the German people and ruined thousands of lives. Even today, those inflation criminals remain unpunished.

The chart in the middle of the page shows the increase in inflation between 1918 and November 1923.

bottom Picture: Piles of paper money climbed to the ceiling in the banks.

Page 11

Page 11

The System’s beneficiaries!

The S.P.D.’s Breitscheid with comrades. They represent starving workers.

Police President Grezesinsky (left) enjoys a good meal.


Disabled war veterans have to starve.

Page 12

Page 12

The System allows Eastern Jews to plunder Germany!

Iwan Kutisker, an Eastern Jewish crook and black marketer, spoke only broken German. Kutisker defrauded the state of 14 million marks. He was helped by Social Democratic party hacks.

In 1920, 5 billion gold marks of military property disappeared into the hands of black marketers.

Page 13

Page 13

The Jew Julius Barmat defrauded the state of 39 million gold marks, and was sentenced to 11 months in prison. His six months of pre-trial custody counted toward that. The government pardoned him for the remaining 5 months. Prominent Social Democrats such as Ebert, Reich Chancellor Bauer, Scheidemann, Wels, Heilmann, etc., had the closest relations with Barmat, the Eastern Jewish black marketer.

Social Democratic chairman Otto Wels. He provided Barmat with a letter of recommendation to English Prime Minister Macdonald.

Philipp Scheidemann

The owner of a large luxury hotel in Zandvoort, Holland, had this to say about Scheidemann’s relations with Barmat: “Mr. Scheidemann, Mayor of Kassel, and his wife stayed in my hotel in Zandvoort for four weeks. Mr. Julius Barmat came to visit once a week in his car. Mr. Scheidemann’s bill each week went to Barmat & Company, which paid it each week.” Scheidemann receives a yearly pension of 50,000 Marks.

In total, the Reich lost 48 million gold marks of goods to black marketers.

Page 14

Page 14

Party hacks and corruption: The hallmarks of the System

With the arrival of party membership book civil servants in Germany came those Social Democratic party hacks who lacked all sense of honor and duty. They associated with, and accepted gifts from, Eastern Jewish black marketers, profiteers, and crooks. In return, Eastern Jewish immigrants were loaned state money. The state, and thereby the taxpayers, were defrauded of millions and millions of gold marks in this way. Barmat, Kutisker, and Sklarek are classic examples on one side. On the other side were the Police President of Berlin, judges, those who picked up those golden toothpicks “left” by Barmat, and dozens of corrupt Social Democrats.

Top Picture: Former Berlin Police President Richter (center), who was gifted with a golden toothpick by his “friend Julius” (Julius Barmat).

Lower Picture: Weismann at a party in 1930.

Weismann, a full-blooded Jew, was first a Protestant, then a Catholic who made a pilgrimage to the pope. First he was a Democrat, then a Marxist, and now a Center Party man. To keep to threes, he is state secretary in the Ministry of State, state secretary in the office of the Minister President [of Prussia], representative of the Prussian government. For years, he has been publicly accused of perjury. Despite that, Weismann now, as in the past, may clothe himself in the most important positions in the Prussian government.

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