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Background: Karl Holz was a long-time staff member on Julius Streicher’s Der Stürmer, as well as Streicher’s assistant Gauleiter in Nuremberg. This 1937 promotional pamphlet, which was widely distributed within Germany at the time, presents a most flattering history of Streicher’s notorious newspaper. It includes numerous photographs and illustrations from the Stürmer, which I describe briefly, but do not reproduce.

The source: Karl Holz, Des Stürmers Kampf (Nuremberg: Stürmerverlag, 1937) .

The Stürmer’s Battle

by Karl Holz

[Picture of Streicher in prison]


At the beginning of the stormy National Socialist year of 1923, a little newspaper appeared in Nuremberg that set itself the task of leading the battle to solve the Jewish Question. It called itself Der Stürmer. Its founder and publisher was Julius Streicher. This former little paper today has become a fighting newspaper known throughout the world, feared and hated by all of world Jewry. In 1937, Der Stürmer began its fifteenth year of battle. That is the occasion for the appearance of this publication. Every German should have a copy.

Karl Holz

German Racial Comrade!

In the past you thought little about the Jewish Question. Perhaps you have said something like that the question is not an issue for you, or you thought that you do not have time to think about these things. Perhaps you think that there are “also decent Jews,” and that Der Stürmer “goes too far.”

You will also have noted how the Jewish Question suddenly appeared at the center of major political speeches at the Reich Party Rally in 1935. You will have heard with astonishment how Jewry has caused revolutions throughout the world. You heard that bloodthirsty, culture-destroying Bolshevism is nothing other than a Jewish movement for world revolution, with whose help the Jew wants to gain control over all peoples. You will also have heard the events of the Reich Party Rally of 1936, where the whole German people as well as the whole gentile world, was made aware of this enormous world danger in even clearer, unmistakable, and more compelling ways. You will remember what Reich Propaganda Minister Dr. Goebbels said at this party rally to the gentile world:

The idea of Bolshevism could spring only from the mind of Jews. Only Jews could practice its gruesome, bloodthirsty horrors. Of course, the Jews conceal themselves. In Western Europe they attempt to dispute their role and guilt with regards to Bolshevism. The Jews have always done that, and always will.

We, however, have recognized them. And we are the only ones in the world with the courage, despite all the resulting dangers, to point the finger at this criminal, loudly and plainly calling out his name before all of humanity. There was a time in Germany when calling a Jew a Jew meant a prison term. We did it anyway. Today, calling a Jew a Jew, or calling the Bolshevists world criminals, is still often greeted with polite reserve or with moral outrage. We, however, are convinced that just as we once succeeded in persuading Germany of the danger of this race, so also will we eventually succeed in opening the world’s eyes and showing them the real nature of Jewry and Bolshevism. We will never tire in the midst of all the terrible crises and troubles so many nations face to continually make the peoples mindful of this looming danger, always calling out: The Jews are guilty, the Jews are guilty!

That is what Reich Propaganda Minister Dr. Goebbels said. At the same time, the Führer’s speeches repeatedly spoke of the Jews as the “old enemy” and the “great world enemy.”

In addition to those speeches that alarmed the whole world, you also heard the terrible news from Spain. You heard how the Bolshevist Jew raged there. How he destroyed and burned churches and monasteries, along with wonderful cultural landmarks. How he had all decent and upright Gentiles shot, tortured to death, and burned alive. How he murdered priests in a bestial manner. How he even tortured children in front of their parents, and killed them. You recalled those over the years who came to Germany from the Soviet Union and reported the same terrible crimes there which the Soviet Jew committed on the Russian people. A voice inside of you said: “Der Stürmer prophesied all that more than a decade ago. It always warned against it. The Stürmer was right. There is a Jewish Question. I just could not see it before.”

Yes, there is a Jewish Question. It stands before us today, huge and enormous. It is the biggest and most burning problem in the history of the world. The Stürmer has been fighting an unprecedented and bitter battle to solve it for nearly fifteen years. You, German racial comrade, should get to know the Stürmer. You should know how it was founded and how it has fought. It was once a little paper with a tiny circulation. Today it is the largest, most widely read, and most feared anti-Semitic weekly newspaper in the world. You should know how it was founded by a man who was then unknown, but whose name is known today throughout the world. It is Julius Streicher. You should learn the path the Stürmer has followed. And when you know it and understand it, you should then join us in the march down this path.

The first issue of the Stürmer

Throughout history there have been great men who fought the Jews because they feared for the future of mankind. All were defeated in the battle. Their knowledge and their will were not accepted by their people. Their books and writings ended up in archives and libraries, gathering dust to this day. In Germany, things were different. Here Adolf Hitler, the Führer of the German Reich, called into life the great National Socialist freedom movement. Alongside this movement, Julius Streicher drove forward the German Socialist movement in Franconia and Central Germany in 1920.

In 1922, he placed himself at Adolf Hitler’s disposal. He subordinated himself to the Führer, and gave himself a task that the world will one day recognize as unique. Julius Streicher set himself the task of spreading the knowledge of the Jewish Question among the people, of persuading even the last German man and the last German woman to become fanatic anti-Semites. Streicher dedicated his whole life to this task. But he did not write and speak in the language of learned men. He spoke to the people in the language of the people. The Jews quickly saw the danger to them that would come from this battle. They turned their entire hatred against him, their entire thirst for revenge. Through dishonorable methods, through bribery, through legal proceedings, through imprisonment, through threatening his existence, through attacks on his life, they attempted to get rid of him. Every attempt failed.

The Stürmer was the result of one such hidden Jewish attack. A Judas Iscariot, bribed by Jewish money, had thrown the name Julius Streicher into the gutter. The Nuremberg press was not open to him. Julius Streicher was forced to call his own newspaper into being. That happened in April 1923.

The Stürmer was a little paper that was to appear “as needed.” No businessman dared to advertise in it. No newsstand had the courage to sell it. A handful of National Socialists finally succeeded despite constant threats and persecutions by political opponents and the police to get the Stürmer to the people. Julius Streicher dealt publicly with these slanders in the first issue. He made it clear that the Jew was behind them, and in conclusion wrote:

We National Socialists are no longer to be kept from the goal we seek. Not even through slander and betrayal. Our goal is a free German people, responsible only to itself. As long as the Jew is at home in Germany, we are Jewish slaves. Therefore, he must leave. Who? The Jew!

Julius Streicher

[Picture of the first issue of the Stürmer]

The March to the Rhine

In Fall 1923, Julius Streicher’s work had progressed so far that a “German Rally” could be held in Nuremberg. Nationally-minded men streamed in from every direction to participate. Black-white-red flags decorated builds once again for the first time since the November betrayal. A huge march took place on the Deutschherrwiese. On the main market, today Adolf-Hitler-Square, Adolf Hitler and Julius Streicher watched a powerful march of German men. The National Socialists with their swastika flags formed the core of those who marched.

Julius Streicher greeted those who had come to Nuremberg with the Stürmer. The question he directed to them was this: “Where is the enemy?” For the first time, Julius Streicher used the Stürmer to reach the people with this phrase: “The racial question is the key to world history.” Julius Streicher wrote: “You want to be free once more, as your fathers were. If that is what you want, free yourselves from the Jews... And once you have overthrown the Jewish yoke in your land, then march to the Rhine. Then you may once more sing “Dear fatherland, be at peace. The watch on the Rhine stands firm and true.” Julius Streicher was right. That which he called out to the German people at the first “German Rally” has come true. Under Adolf Hitler’s leadership, the German people freed themselves from the yoke of the Jews. Then, on 7 March 1936, German troops marched for the first time since 1918 to the German Rhine. The German people today can once more sing: “Dear fatherland, be at peace.”

[Picture of the Stürmer issue for the 1923 German Rally]

How Fips Joined the Stürmer

The Nuremberg Lord Mayor Hermann Luppe was an outspoken representative of the Jewdified November System. Streicher fought a bitter struggle against him for years. By his outward appearance, Luppe was a Jewish bastard. He was corrupt, taking clothing from the Nuremberg welfare office that was intended for the underprivileged population. In a case against Julius Streicher, he perjured himself. He hated National Socialism, and hindered its advance whenever he could. Streicher brought Luppe to court. The case lasted almost two years. The final proceedings came in December 1925. Germany’s whole press was there. The Nuremberg newspaper Fränkische Tagespost sent artist Philipp Rupprecht, nicknamed “Fips,” to the courtroom. The Fränkische Tagespost was the organ of the Social Democrats, an outspoken Jewish paper. Fips was not familiar with Germany’s political situation. He had only shortly before returned to Germany from Argentina. The postwar period had thrown him into the plains, where he worked as a cowboy. Now he was back in Germany. He had been assigned to draw a caricature of Streicher during the Luppe trial. However, Fips did not like either Nuremberg’s Lord Mayor Dr. Luppe nor his attorney, the Jew and Social Democrat Dr. Max Süßheim. As he left the courtroom, he had not a caricature of Streicher, but rather one of Luppe and of Süßheim. They were published in the Stürmer under the headline: “Making fools of themselves.” And that is what had happened. Luppe came out of the trail badly, he had made a fool of himself. From then on, Fips was the Stürmer’s artist. He absorbed a knowledge of the Jews. He is uniquely able to express the spiritual and physical nature of the Jewish race.

[A picture of the Stürmer cover mentioned above]

In Prison

Of course, the Luppe trial ended with a victory for the Jew and his lackeys. Luppe was convicted by the public, Streicher was convicted by the court. He received a 3 1/2 month prison term. This was the first of countless cases that Stürmer publisher Julius Streicher and his colleagues had to endure. It rained fines and prison terms. The Jewry of Germany unleashed an unbroken campaign against the Stürmer. Repeatedly, the newspaper was confiscated, repeatedly it was banned. Its economic difficulties were enormous. Besides continuing fines, court costs, and prison terms, the Jew succeeded in relieving Julius Streicher of his job, and also in making his colleagues unemployed. Julius Streicher’s record lists more than a dozen convictions. He got them in his struggle to free Germany from the domination of foreign Jews. Karl Holz, his colleague and chief editor of the Stürmer, had a similar list of convictions. During the winter of 1930/31, Holz served 3 1/2 months in cell #258, the same cell in which Julius Streicher had spent the whole long summer of 1926. Holz made a drawing of this prison cell.

All the prison terms and other difficulties and challenges, however, did not weary the Stürmer staff. They grew only harder and more determined and the battle continued with even greater strength.

[A picture of the Stürmer cover with Karl Holz’s drawing mentioned above]

Racial Defilement

The Stürmer’s particular task was to spread the knowledge of the Jewish Question to the people. At first, the German people had no idea what “race” meant. The broad masses formerly had thought the only difference between Jews and Gentiles was religion. The Stürmer opened the eyes of the German people. Through thousands of examples and hundreds of cases of racial defilement, the Stürmer repeatedly made clear to the people that the Jew is a member of a foreign race. He is essentially different from the German people, belonging to an inferior bastard race. The Stürmer paid particular attention to the terrible effects of racial defilement. It made the danger of race mixing clear. For years, the people did not understand these warnings. The dreadful sexual crimes committed by the Jew Schloß in Nuremberg opened the eyes for tens of thousands. Schloß (the “torture Jew,” as the people called him), defiled hundreds of German women and girls, abusing them in terrible ways. The Stürmer published his crimes in Nr. 52 of 1925. Schloß received 3 1/2 years in prison. Not long after, the Stürmer uncovered a second crime of racial defilement. Former Jewish judge Otto Mayer had defiled a large number of Gentile girls and women in a way most insulting to the Christian religion. He bound his victims to a cross, cut Christ’s wound marks into them, and raped them. The people called him the “Crucifixion Jew.” The German people’s racial instincts began to awaken. More and more, they saw the Jew not as a member of another religion, but rather as a member of a foreign race.

[A picture of a 1925 Stürmer cover on the Schloß case.]

Decent Jews

As long as there has been a Jewish Question, people have said: “But there are also decent Jews.” That is the excuse for people who traffic with Jews and cannot separate themselves from them. These so-called “decent Jews,” however, belong body and soul to the Jewish race like all the others. They have the same characteristics. They just better understand how to conceal them from Gentiles. As early as 1926, the Stürmer was able to turn such a “decent Jew” over to the Nuremberg state attorney. It was the Distinguished Businessman Alfred Guckenheimer. He had many honorary titles. He was a member of the “Patriotic and Royal Society.” He was president of the German-Mexican Chamber of Commerce. He was a member of the committee to preserve the Lorenzkirche. He was a patron of the German Museum. He had friends in every government office. He was the president of the “Federation to Combat Anti-Semitism.” But the court found that he had raped his children’s teacher, a blond German girl. He was convicted of bribing witnesses to destroy the girl’s reputation. He was also convicted of bribing prison officials to provide him with champagne and delicacies in his cell. He received a long prison term. After his release he moved to Berlin. There he poisoned himself. Through this and similar cases, the Stürmer destroyed the excuse of “there are also decent Jews.”

[A picture of the Stürmer cover on the Guckenheimer case mentioned above]

Jewish Doctors

The Stürmer cleared up the mistaken idea that Jews “were better doctors than Gentiles.” Repeatedly, the Stürmer revealed crimes committed by Jewish doctors. It proved that they were professional abortionists. That they neglected sick “goys.” That they intentionally mistreated them. That the Jew turns the medical profession into a profit-making concern. That the Jewish doctor had no interest in making people healthy, but rather promoted sickness and disease within the German people. The Stürmer in particular showed that Jewish doctors defiled and abused their female Gentile patients in unbelievable ways. Thus the Stürmer more and more persuaded the German people to return to German doctors. It was the Stürmer that from the beginning called to the people: “Do not let yourself be treated by Jewish doctors!”

[A picture of the Stürmer cover of a Jewish doctor and a female patient]

Jewish Attorneys

Many among the people thought the same incorrect way about Jewish attorneys. The Jew understood how to spread the view that Jewish attorneys worked harder and accomplished more than Gentile attorneys. The Stürmer showed the German people that Jewish attorneys were nothing but a conspiratorial clique that sought to exploit and ruin Gentiles. In hundreds of cases, the Stürmer proved that Jewish attorneys viewed Gentiles as nothing but milk cows. That they worked together, mostly with other Jewish attorneys, to fleece gentile clients. Countless farmers lost farm and home through the machinations of Jewish attorneys. Countless businessmen, craftsmen, etc., were ruined as the result of the cooperation of swindling Jewish tradesmen and Jewish attorneys and notaries. Jewish attorneys understood particularly well how to use civil processes to ruin Gentiles. They terrorized judges, working through threats and bribery. They are not attorneys at law, rather attorneys of injustice and betrayal. Over the years the Stürmer opened the eyes of the gentile public about Jewish attorneys, and brought about a change in this area, too. From the beginning, the Stürmer appealed to the people: “Do not use Jewish attorneys!”

[A picture of a Stürmer cover of a Jewish attorney]

The Commercial Jew

The power of the Jew in the countryside was almost unbelievable. Jewish peddlers wandered from village to village, from farm to farm. Jewish businesses ruined the middle class in the country. Jewish livestock dealers, however, along with Jewish horse traders and Jewish grain and feed merchants, completely dominated the market is many parts of Germany. Through years of educational effort, the Stürmer succeeded in breaking Jewish dominance. Repeatedly, the Stürmer showed farmers that the Jew cheats Gentiles. That he lies. That he cheats and swindles. Today, there are countless farmers and merchants who show the Jew the door when he comes. Today there are countless German women and men who will no longer enter a Jewish shop, a Jewish firm. Where the commercial Jew is still on top, the Stürmer is absent. For when the Stürmer appears, the Jew vanishes.

[A picture of a Stürmer cover of Jewish livestock dealers.]

The Stürmer is Right

In its New Year issue of 1932, the Stürmer carried this picture:

[A picture of a Stürmer caricature titled “The Last Round.” A Nazi boxer looks about to defeat a battered Jew.]

The Stürmer was predicting that 1932 would be the final year of battle. The Jew would be thrown to the ground. Exactly one year later, in January 1933, Adolf Hitler took power. In March 1933, the National Socialist revolution swept over Germany. The Jew was thrown from his tyrant’s throne. The Jewdified parties were left in ruins. Jewish Marxism was wiped out. The German people celebrated its resurrection.

[A picture of a Stürmer cover from April 1933 showing a rising Nazi sun in the background.]

Stürmer Fighters

After the National Socialist seizure of power, there were many Gentiles in Germany who thought that the Stürmer’s work was over. They believed that the Stürmer no longer had a reason to exist. They were wrong. The Stürmer knew that the educational work must now move forward with far more energy. It did so. The Stürmer marched through Germany. Soon, there was no city, no village, that the Stürmer did not reach. The German people, streaming to National Socialism after the victory of the National Socialist revolution, received its necessary worldview education from the Stürmer. It was educated in the Jewish Question and the Racial Question. He who once held a copy of the Stürmer was unable to ignore it afterward. Thus, the Stürmer created an army of faithful Germans who saw life and the world with new eyes. They become National Socialism’s true and devoted fighters. The Stürmer was forced to establish its own publishing office. The time came when it received thousands of letters each day from Germany and abroad. Here is one of the countless letters that reached the Stürmer:

Dolgen, 25 August 1936

Dear Stürmer!

I have been reading the Stürmer since August 1933, and have subscribed since March 1934. I do not want to miss an issue of the newspaper I have come to appreciate, since I have the Stürmer to thank for the fact that I am now familiar with the Racial Question. I thank the Stürmer enormously. I have introduced a half-hour Stürmer period for my S.A. troop at each meeting, and with good success. My greatest satisfaction is when I see progress with this or that S.A. man. And then, my dear Stürmer, I recently learned from a craftsman that reading the Stürmer is required to prepare for the master examination. Isn’t that great? It is wonderful that the master is hammering this foundation into his apprentices. It is too bad that the Stürmer cannot be introduced everywhere since it is difficult to win over the Pomeranians, but with patience we will succeed. The Pomeranian is like oak, hard to set on fire, but once on fire he gives a lot of heat.

We have come so far in our village that no one has anything to do with Jews, and our S.A. did that solely with the help of the Stürmer. If only it were so everywhere. The German people would be spared great misery. We will continue to fight along the path that you have shown us.

Greetings from beautiful Pomerania.

Ritual Murder

Few Gentiles know of the existence of a mysterious Jewish law. It is the ritual murder law. It was given to the Jews four thousand years ago. This law obligates Jews from time to time to slaughter Gentiles — at Easter, Gentile children in particular — to use their blood for ritual purposes. No newspaper in Germany, indeed no newspaper in the entire world, has discussed this secret Jewish crime as clearly as the Stürmer. Repeatedly, it reported cases of ritual murder. During the period of struggle, it was this charge that brought the longest prison sentences. On 1 May 1934, the Stürmer released the “ritual murder special edition.” Supported with strong evidence, the Stürmer proved the fact of ritual murder in this issue. The impact on Jewry was enormous. The Jewish press mob in Germany and in the whole world howled with rage. The Jewish alarm signal sounded in every land. The world press attacked. The major European, American, Australian, African, and Asian newspapers wrote and incited against the Stürmer. Hundreds of protest telegrams from various Jewish organizations were sent to Germany. Delegations addressed the German government, demanding that the Stürmer be banned. However, the success of this major Jewish attack led to the opposite of what the Jews wanted. The Stürmer was not banned. But everyone could see from this great international Jewish screeching how important the Jewish Question is, and what a bad conscience the Jew has. The Jew succeeded through this international press battle in making the Stürmer known in every last corner of the world.

Stuermer cover

The cover of the 1934 ritual murder special edition

[A picture of press clippings from world newspapers on the ritual murder special issue.]

The Nuremberg Laws

Even after the National Socialist revolution, the Stürmer did not stop making it clear to the German people that Jewish racial defilement would lead to Germany’s downfall. It made clear to the Gentile public that the Jew was systematically following a plan to defile German women and girls. The Stürmer succeeded in persuading the German people to more and more avoid the Jews from racial grounds. The reawakened racial pride of the German people realized that it is a sin, a sin against blood, a sin nature and Creation, for a German woman or a German girl to give herself to the Jew. The Stürmer made the term “racial defilement” into a new concept for the people. Today, it has become part of the law and of legal trials. The Stürmer continued its campaign. In the Stürmer issue #35 of September 1934, Julius Streicher wrote an article titled “The Secret of Blood,” with this moving statement to the German people:

The laws that will protect German blood, and therefore the continued existence of the German people, have not yet been written. However, state laws that will protect race must and will come. And the day will come when even the last member of the German people will say: Lawgiver Adolf Hitler has saved the German people from collapse.

Julius Streicher was right here as well. One year later in September 1935, Adolf Hitler created these laws. Only a month before, in August 1935, the Stürmer had issued a special edition about a huge racial defilement case in Magdeburg. It reached millions, and millions had their eyes opened. At the Reich Party Rally in 1935, the Führer called a meeting of the Reichstag. He gave the German people the “Nuremberg Laws.” They are the crown of the Stürmer’s decade-long bitter and unique hard battle. The laws that Adolf Hitler created, and which in fact rescued the German people from racial collapse were:

[The text of the “Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Law.]

[A picture of the Stürmer cover on the racial defilement case mentioned above.]

Jewish Bolshevism

At the Reich Party Rally of 1935, the Stürmer issued a special edition titled “Murderers from the Beginning.” It discussed the Jewish world revolution, beginning in antiquity and continuing to today. It proved that the Jew was and is the founder and leader of all revolutions. It proved that the rulers of the Soviet Union are exclusively Jews. It listed their crimes, their tortures, and their mass murders. Reich Organization Leader Dr. Ley wrote as follows about this special edition:

The Reich Organization Leader: Munich, 23 August 1935

To all offices of the DAF [German Labor Front]

On the occasion of the Reich Party Rally, the Stürmer is issuing a special edition titled “Murderers from the Beginning.”

This issue discusses Jewish revolutions from Antiquity to the present, in particular Marxism from Karl Marx to the Monster (the Communist International).

This special edition is to be given to as many members of the German Labor Front as possible. Offices of the German Labor Front are therefore instructed to make the most comprehensive preparations to see to it that the Stürmer special edition reaches all factories, etc.

Heil Hitler! Dr. R. Ley

[A picture of the Stürmer cover on Jewish revolution mentioned above.]

The World Conspirators

At this Reich Party Rally (1935), two speeches by party comrades Dr. Goebbels and Rosenberg were at the center of the rally events. Both had the same content and direction as the Stürmer special edition “Murderers from the Beginning.” Dr. Goebbels in particular dealt sharply and pitilessly with Moscow Soviet Jews. This speech was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party’s official declaration of war on World Jewry. The cries of rate, hatred, and revenge from Jews in all lands showed that they had understood this declaration of war.

At the Reich Party Rally in 1936. Dr. Goebbels made the declaration of war on Pan-Jewry even more clear and unmistakable. For this party rally, the Stürmer issued a special edition titled “The World Conspirators.” This special edition opened the people’s eyes to the plan Pan-Jewry developed in Basel in 1897 to gain Jewish world power and to destroy gentile humanity. It is found in “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” In Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler wrote about these protocols: “Once the knowledge of these protocols has become common knowledge to the German people, the Jewish danger will be broken.” The Stürmer special edition ensured that they did become the common knowledge of the German people. Millions read the special edition. They have today been introduced to the secrets of the Elders of Zion, that is, the plans of the Jewish enemy of humanity to conquer the world.

[A picture of the Stürmer cover of the special edition mentioned above.]

The Newspaper of the People

The love and complete trust that the German people place in the Stürmer is moving. The loyalty of the NSDAP’s old fighters to the Stürmer is especially moving. The following two letters are powerful proof of that love and loyalty.

Alfred Pattin, Steindamm 49, Magdeburg-Prester, 27 August 1936

To the Stürmer, Nuremberg

My dear Stürmer,

I have been reading you since 1927, and can only say that each issue is eagerly awaited by my wife and me. That is as true today as it was during the years of struggle. Now, each issue regularly appears in our Stürmer display case on Sunday. Those neighbors who cannot subscribe should at least be able to read it. You are the primary reason for the knowledge of the Jewish Question among the people. As an earlier employee in the leather trade, I had a lot to do with Jews, and though that became familiar with you here in Central Germany, since you put the Jewish Question in language that was popular and understandable to everyone. To be honest, you led me to join the movement in 1927, which now makes me a bearer of the Golden Honor Badge of the movement. I thank you for that, and assure you that over the years I have won over many readers for you. Through that, I believe, I have given you at least a small token of my appreciation.

Heil Hitler, Alfred Pattin

[The second letter reproduced is a handwritten letter from a 16-year-old.]

These loyal and enthusiastic Stürmer readers all become fellow workers. They all became propagandists for the Stürmer. They said: “The broad public must know what the Stürmer says. It must be told to the face of everyone.” They gathered their spare pennies and built Stürmer display cases. They hung the Stürmer in them. They did so because a fire burned within them that the Stürmer had lit. They did it because they could not do otherwise. At first, there were only a few Stürmer display cases. Today there are tens of thousands. There is hardly a village or a factory in Germany without a Stürmer display case. Today one can say with pride: The Stürmer has become the people’s newspaper.

March with Us!

Over nearly fifteen years of effort, the Stürmer has given National Socialism an army of millions of convinced fighters. They are fighters who know what the battle is about. They are people who are fanatic about their convictions. People who are ready to make any sacrifice. These men and women see that the world today is on fire. They see how the Jew is arming for the final battle. They work with wonderful devotion for the great cause. Each educates others, each works to ensure that the German people sees the great danger to the world. Each works to see that all Germans, regardless of social class, occupation, or religious confession, work together to form a common front against the great enemy.

German racial comrade! You may not stand aside from this front. You must march and fight alongside us. Our people and our fatherland are at stake. Everything holy and precious to you is at stake. We do not want to do without your help, we cannot do without your help. You should read the Stürmer. You should be educated and pass on what you have learned. If you do that, you join with us in a great and holy battle. You will help to rescue your people, yes, to rescue all gentile humanity. You will then help to solve the greatest problem in world history, the solution of the Jewish Question. German racial comrade, march with us, thereby fulfilling what Julius Streicher wrote in his Stürmer:

“Germany will live eternally if it solves the Jewish Question.”

Stürmer Display Cases

German racial comrade! You can go anywhere in Germany that you want. Everywhere, you will find a Stürmer display case. All have been built by the people. They were built by frugal, simple people.

The building of these thousands of Stürmer display cases is testimony to the spirit of those men who know what has to be done in order to keep the German people awake. These fighters have realized that the Racial Question is the crucial issue for the German people. They have understood the full scope of the Jewish Question. Week after week, they post the Stürmer in a display case so that others, too, may learn about the Jews from it.

But Stürmer display cases are found not only in Germany, but in almost every country in the world. Everywhere that the Jew has taken control, or threatens to, courageous men have taken up the fight against the world enemy. They, too, have built Stürmer display cases as a visible symbol of their battle. They, too, have followed the German model in order to wipe out the Jewish plague in their country.

The following pages show Stürmer display cases from all over the world.

[Four pages of photographs of Stürmer display cases in Germany, other pictures of display cases in Argentina and New York, and letters from Gauleiter Adolf Wagner, Viktor Lutze, Heinrich Himmler, and Gerhard Wagner expressing appreciation for the Stürmer.]

The battle continues!

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