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Background: This page has a collection of posters advertising Julius Streicher’s early meetings, including one from before he joined the Nazi Party in 1922.

Source: Julius Streicher, Kampf dem Weltfeind. Reden aus der Kampfzeit (Nuremberg: Verlag Der Stürmer, 1938).

Julius Streicher Meeting Posters

This advertises a meeting in 1922 organized by one of Streicher’s pre-Nazi parties, the Deutsche Werkgemeinschaft. The theme is one of the favorite anti-Semitic canards: the claim that 300 people rule the world, based on a statement by Walter Rathenau that was taken considerably out of context. This mysterious group is out to enslave the world. “The truth must come out!” the poster proclaims.

Poster for a Julius Streicher speech “The truth must come out!” This poster advertises an early Streicher meeting in Munich. According to the text: “The mysterious poisoning of two working girls in Nuremberg by a Jewish attorney received no punishment in court. The acquittal has aroused great uproar in the entire population.” This is an early example of Streicher’s focus on alleged Jewish sexual crimes.
Poster for a Julius Streicher speech
Streicher was already something of a Nazi celebrity by early 1923. This poster advertises a meeting in Ingolstadt in January 1923. The theme is simply “National Socialism.” The swastika is reversed, a mistake that wouldn’t happen often in the future.
Poster for a Julius Streicher speech Throughout the 1920s Streicher was active in Nuremberg city politics, making life as difficult as possible for the city government. The theme of the meeting: “City Hall and National Socialism.” Note the price of admission: 300 marks. May was at the early stages of the great German inflation of 1923.
Poster for a Julius Streicher speech This poster advertises an August 1923 Streicher speech in Vienna. Streicher’s announced theme is “Germany in its deepest degradation.”
Poster for a Julius Streicher speech
This 1924 poster announces a meeting of the “Großdeutsche Volksgemeinschaft,” the name the Nazis used while Hitler was in prison. The theme: “Jewish electoral swindle.”
Poster for a Julius Streicher speech

The Nazi Party was reestablished in 1925 after Hitler’s release from prison. This poster advertises a 1926 meeting by Streicher with the theme: “The Battle for our Rights.”

Poster for a Julius Streicher speech This meeting was held shortly before Hitler took over power on 30 January 1933. The theme: “The Jews and von Schleicher’s government!”

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