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Background: This story comes from Der Giftpilz,an anti-Semitic children’s book published by Julius Streicher, the publisher of Der Stürmer.This summary and partial translation is taken from a 1938 publication issued by the “Friends of Europe” in London, an organization to which I have not been able to find a successor to request permission to reprint.

Without Solving the Jewish

No Salvation for Mankind

“The Pimpfs of the Hitler Youth’ Organization (Jungvolk) are proud of their black uniform. ‘We are the real Hitler-men’ say the Pimpfs. Although ‘men’ is a bit overdone, they are right in one thing: the Pimpfs are loyal to the Führer in life and death.”

The Pimpfs are talking - in this concluding story — among themselves. One of them describes a National-Socialist Party march in Munich on the previous November 9th.

“Next to the Führer was General Goering, who was formerly severely wounded at the Felderrnhalle. I saw, too, Reichministers Dr. Goebbels, Frick, Rust and the Reichsleiter Rosenberg, Amann, Schwarz, our Reich Youth Leader Schirach and many other old campaigners. Before the F¸hrer was carried the Blood-Flag, which received its consecration on November 9th. 1923. And in front of the Blood-Flag marched a man who, in 1923, too, was in the front and the thick of it: Julius Streicher.”

Another Pimpf says:

“We know him all right. He is the enemy of the Jews. That is why all the Jews hate him.”

“You are right” says another. “The Jews hate and insult only those whom they most fear. And they are afraid of Streicher.”

Another Pimpf, hitherto silent, draws attention to a placard, which reads:
“Julius Streicher is speaking in the Volk’s Hall about ‘The Jews are our Undoing! (Unglück)’ “

“Let us go” says Konrad. “I’ve so long wanted to hear him.”

Erich says: “I heard him once in a meeting two years ago.”

“Tell us about him!” cry the other two Pimpfs.

Erich relates: “The meeting was packed. Thousands of people were there. At first, Streicher spoke about the years of struggle and the great achievements of the Hitler-Reich. Then he came to the Jewish question. What he said was so clear and simple that even we youngsters could understand. He took his examples always from life itself. Once he was very funny and made jokes, so we all had to laugh. Then he became deeply earnest and it was so still in the room, you could have heard a pin drop. He spoke of the Jews and their revolting crimes. He spoke of the great danger the Jews were to the whole world.

“Without a solution of the Jewish question, No salvation for Mankind!”

“That is what he said to us. We all understood. And when at the end he had called Sieg-Heil for the Führer, we had a storm of enthusiasm for him. Streicher had spoken for two-hours. It only seemed like a few minutes to us.

“Yes, my dear friends! I shall always think of that meeting. And I shall never forget the speaking-choir which we heard at the end of the gathering:

‘From the Germany Hitler created Resounds a cry to the whole world: Free yourselves from the Jewish hand And save both Volk and Fatherland!

The world awakes in Juda’s chains
Germany alone it knows can save!
Through German idea and German Being
Will one day the whole world be restored.’

The concluding picture shows some Pimpfs looking at this Julius Streicher photo-placard, announcing his meeting. Under the picture is written:

“These who are fighting against the Jews are struggling with the Devil! ”(Julius Streicher)

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