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Background: This story comes from Der Giftpilz,an anti-Semitic children’s book published by Julius Streicher, the publisher of Der Stürmer.This summary and partial translation is taken from a 1938 publication issued by the “Friends of Europe” in London, an organization to which I have not been able to find a successor to request permission to reprint.

How the Jew Treats His Domestic Help

This story tells of a 23 year-old Rosa, who went into domestic service, using a Jewish agency in Vienna. For four weeks the parents have heard nothing of her. They are troubled. Finally a letter comes from Rosa telling how she was handed on and her experience, and how, finally, she reached a Jewish home in England, via the Jewish Agency. In England:

“They were again Jews. I got only small wages and had to work from early morning till late at night. I had almost nothing to eat. The Jews treated me as if I were a dog. I was perpetually insulted.”

The letter goes on to tell how she was rescued by the wife of a good German business man, who was on a visit to London.

“They rescued me from slavery. They even bought me a return ticket.”

Rosa concludes:

“The Jew is a devil. I shall hate him as long as I live. And I shall always think of the saying I heard yesterday:

‘German woman, great or small,
The Jew calls you simply: Goja.
He hates you, corrupts you,
Treats you worse than cattle.

If a girl wants to keep herself pure
Let her steer clear of the Jews!
If she wants to make good in life’s struggle,
Let her have no truck with the Jews!’”

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