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Background: A Sprechabend was a regular part of the Nazi public meeting system. Unlike mass meetings, these were evenings at which people (primarily party members) were to discuss the Nazi approach to issues and events. The material here was provided to those who would lead such discussions, so thousands of meetings occurred throughout Germany using what follows as the foundation.

By this late in the war many Germans had concluded that it would be better to be conquered by the Americans rather than the British, a point Nazi propaganda vehemently combatted.This page suggests that an American victory would be just as bad as a Bolshevist victory.

The material was jointly distributed by Goebbels’s party propaganda office (the Reichspropagandaleitung) and Robert Ley’s Reichsorganisationsleitung.

The source: “Parole 22: Amerikanisierung wäre das Ende Europas!”, Sprechabenddienst, Sept./Oct. 1944.

Americanization Would Mean the End of Europe!

Are there not shallow thinkers who think that things will not be so bad if the Americans come? Therefore, deepen the knowledge of what an Americanization of Europe would mean during lively discussion evenings! The following material provides a general line of thinking, supported by examples and references to essential issues. Refer to Schulungsunterlage Nr. 33, “The System of Plutocracy."

Europe should not become a colony of the USA. Even under President Wilson the USA demonstrated its incapacity and lack of interest in giving Europe a sound structure. Europe was to be powerless so that it could be more easily ruled and plundered. Roosevelt said that it should be saved, following the tactics of the English motherland that spoke of saving the world when it meant exploiting the world.

“A new war is the greatest disaster for humanity; therefore it must and will be unleashed in the same way that Mexico and Cuba were once plundered and Marines sent against the helpless neighboring states in the Caribbean.

The Americanization of Europe is not only likely, but practically unavoidable. — In this future world commissars or capitalists will break any resistance with dictatorial force.” (USA writer Edgar A. Mower, American World, Newyork (sic) 1928.)

CoverI. Economic Enslavement

The main American war goal is to establish the dictatorial power of the capitalists. States that follow the German example and have German assistance in successfully basing their economic life on healthy principles appropriate for them are once again to be subject to Jewish finance capital.

The Rule of Money

Money alone is once again to be used to create jobs. All peoples will thus again be dependent on American-Jewish capital, which has amassed world currencies and 80% of the world’s gold in its hands.

Enslavement through Monoculture

(Monoculture: the dominance of a particular crop in a region: for example, coffee in Brazil, wheat in Canada. The opposite is polyculture, mixed agricultural crops)

USA capitalists do not only extend credit and take interest, but also determine how the money is used. The principle “division of labor in the world economy,” under which each country should specialize in what it can best and most cheaply produce.

Through monoculture, countries are to have their international commerce dependent on the USA.

Since, however, such monoculture is built on the basis of international capital, entire countries fall under the control of big Jewish companies:

Central America is controlled by the banana trust,
Mexico is the battleground of oil companies,
Brazil is dominated by the Rothschild and Schröder banks,
Bolivia is controlled by the tin king Patina,
Chile is under the American copper king Guggenheim.

The war is intended to save this tottering system of domination and make the slavery of workers eternal. That is why the plutocrats hate National Socialist Germany.

II. Social Oppression

“What they hate is the Germany which sets a dangerous example for them, this social Germany. It is the Germany of a social labor legislation which they already hated before the World War and which they still hate today. It is the Germany of social welfare, of social equality, of the elimination of class differences—this is what they hate! They hate this Germany which in the course of seven years has labored to afford its Volksgenossen a decent life. They hate this Germany which has eliminated unemployment, which, in spite of all their wealth, they have not been able to eliminate. This Germany which grants its laborers decent housing—this is what they hate because they have a feeling their own peoples could be “infected” thereby. They hate this Germany of social legislation, this Germany which celebrates the first of May as the day of honest labor.

They hate this Germany which has taken up this struggle for improved living conditions. This Germany they hate! They hate this Germany, this ethnically healthy (volksgesund) Germany, where children are washed and are not full of lice, and which does not allow conditions to take hold, such as their own press now freely admits to.

It is their big money men, their Jewish and non-Jewish international banking barons, who hate us because they see in Germany a bad example potentially rousing other peoples, especially their own people.” (Adolf Hitler, speech on 8.11.1939, Mary Fran Golbert translation).

The Exploited Worker

When labor serves the people, capitalists see their profits reduced.

That is why they want to re-establish the rule of money, to build monoculture and use it to exploit the German worker.

Profit should again become the guiding principle of economics. Once again,

Coffee should be used to fuel locomotives and grain should rot in the fields so that speculators can get higher prices for their wares, so that all-powerful companies can limit the production of monocultures to reduce wages and ensure that the peoples are again subject to plutocratic greed for profits.

Return to Proletarianism

The meaning and honor a worker has in productive labor for his people should be taken away and he should again be reduced to the slave of arbitrary plutocratic desire.

The community should be abolished and its social accomplishments destroyed. Each should once again stand alone in his hunt for riches or his flight from starvation.

III. Destruction of Our Culture

It is no accident that USA bombers display particular sadism in destroying Europe’s major cultural monuments.

These things can not be bought with money, but rather grow only from a healthy community.

Since these could never develop in the USA, other countries should lose them and never be able to achieve them again.

A victorious America would act brutally in this regard. Small and great cultural achievements that we have inherited from past generations and further developed would be taken from us, because the enemy envies them.

Jews would once again take over all areas of life and the witches’ dance that we eliminated in Germany in 1933 would return to an even greater degree.

Everything holy to us would be mocked: Mother, heroes, God,

Glorification of the Negro. Women transformed to girls,

Filth and smut for children and adults. Corruption of all areas of culture and life.

“The arts and sciences will lose their place to the pure practicality of architecture and technology and there will no longer be music in Mozart’s sense. Only one civilization, the American, will rule the world.” (Edgar Nowrer (sic), This American World, Newyork, 1928).

IV. The Americanization of Europe

Europe should become American. This goal of the Anglo-American military leadership strikes at what is deepest in each German, for it means the destruction of the entire German life order.

Our relationship to labor comes from a joy in work and a consciousness of serving the community,

for the Americans it is a hunt for the dollar.

For the German farmer the soil is a link to his fathers, an obligation, and the meaning of his life,

for the American farmer it is business.

The German artist takes pleasure in using his abilities to build community with the public —

For the American, art is a question of commissions and entrance fees.

For us Germans, culture is an expression and legacy of the ethnic community —

For Americans it is an object one wants to purchase so that, for example, one can buy the ruins of a German castle and re-erect it there.

For us Germans a girl is the future comrade of our life within the community of the family —

The American the girl is to be displayed for money.

The German soldier risks his life conscious of his community of people and homeland —

The American bomber flies for his pay.

That is what is at stake in Germany’s war against the Anglo-Americans: the community against money. The enemy wants to take away our political rights, exploit us economically, and destroy our life. Only complete dedication to the community can defeat the enemy’s war aims.

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