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Background: A Sprechabend was a regular part of the Nazi public meeting system. Unlike mass meetings, these were evenings at which people (primarily party members) were to discuss the Nazi approach to issues and events. The material here was provided to those who would lead such discussions, so thousands of meetings occurred throughout Germany using what follows as the foundation. It clearly states the Nazi goal of exterminating the Jews.

The material was jointly distributed by Goebbels’s party propaganda office (the Reichspropagandaleitung) and Robert Ley’s Reichsorganisationsleitung.

The source: “Parole 21: Den Juden kennen heißt den Sinn des Krieges verstehen!,” Sprechabenddienst, Sept./Oct. 1944.

To Know the Jews is to Understand the

Meaning of the War!

The Jewish Question provides the key to understanding the conflicts and tensions that led to the current war. The majority of the German people who lack the proper relationship to the demands of the present have a limited knowledge of the Jewish Question. The task of a discussion evening is to influence this situation through lively discussion. What follows is a line of thinking with numerous vivid examples that will support such educational discussions.

CoverWe can only live according to our nature, or we will collapse. This law apples to all forms of life, for all people, also for the Jews. If they cannot live consistent with their nature, they must perish.

I. The Law of the Parasite.

In nature, there are creatures that can only live at the expense of hosts, from the lives of other creatures:

Grapevine and vine louse — without a grapevine, it perishes.

A tree and mistletoe — without a tree to support it, no mistletoe.

One has to accept this law. One cannot change it. Pity, brotherly love, and forgiveness are useless. There are no good or bad parasites, decent or indecent parasites (lice!). The parasite always creeps up looking harmless, innocent, as if it belonged there. It is often attractive. It acts as an infection. A small cut, swelling, an abscess, poisoning, the destruction of the whole body. The infested body grows weak, sleepy, it resists no longer, produces no antibodies. The doctor notices, gives injections Perhaps it is still not too late.

It is interesting that the parasite can successfully attack only weakened victims. No healthy tree has mistletoe.

The Jew is the parasite among humans.

That is the natural law. He can not do differently. He needs a host people to be able to live himself.

This way of living is innate to the Jews, and laid down in their laws:

Citation from the Talmud: “Robbing Gentiles is permitted.”

Zionist Leader Maurice Samuels: “We Jews are destroyers and will always remain so.”

Samuel Roth in Jess must life [sic]: “We have to have been a fruitful people from the beginning, but our main vice was the same then as now: parasitism. We are a miserly people who live from the labor and generosity of the rest of the world.”

If a host people at the moment of its most desperate need draws on its own strength and shakes off the parasite, and makes itself forever immune to its return, the parasite must seek a new host people, or if none can be found, hinder the weakest or the most important in its attempt to develop its nature.

The Jew cannot tolerate a people that is free of the Jews.

If a host people shakes off the parasites and develops such strength that this purified people is admired in the whole world, there is the danger that all the host peoples will recognize the parasites as deadly foes and attempt to shake them off.

At this point, the parasite will use all the resources at its command to destroy such an exemplary people (slander, accusations that it is hostile to culture or to humanity, praising the peoples obedient to the Jews as the protectors of freedom, human dignity, etc.).

II. The present world situation.

Judah must destroy Germany if it is itself to survive. In National Socialism, the German people has once again found its original way of life. It is again on the path to health and therefore offers the Jewish parasite no further nourishment (only sick creatures are susceptible).

This explains the Jewish demand:

“In the Gentile world, it is a matter of destroying a strong, organically intolerable form of life.” (Kurt Blumemfeld, Jüd. Rundschau,Nr. 39/40.)

The goal of the war of hate is to make healthy Germany susceptible once again.

For the first time in our history, the expulsion of the Jews was bound to the health of the national body (the unity of the people, the people’s community). National Socialism is the wellspring of health for our people. (Healthy creatures are not susceptible.)

The Jewish War.

The Jews must therefore either make us sick or wipe us out.

“The reason for this war has never been as clear as it is now. It is a struggle of the Jewish conception of life against the Gentile conception of life. It is the life style of the Jews against the life style of the enemies of the Jews. That is what one is fighting for throughout the world in this war.” (The American Hebrew, New York, 20.12.1942)

The war is therefore the struggle for life against illness or death.

III. Judah’s crimes across the world.

Judah hates us because we do not let ourselves be devoured as it has so far devoured all the other peoples.

The Egyptians — Joseph the exploiter, grain speculator, finance minister. Plagues follow.

Moses led the thieves to new and pleasant pastures. After the “promised land” has been “grazed out,” it is the turn of the Persians. — The Old Testament — The Book of Esther, Purim. After their destruction, it is the turn of the Greek world. The rule of the world passes to Rome, and the Jews follow. Two thousand years later, the Jews are still boasting of their destructive work.

Lion Feuchtwanger writes in his novel Jewish War or Joseph:

“Haughty Rome was ripe for the older culture from the East, as it had been ripe 150 years before for the culture of Greece. It collapsed internally from the culture of the East. To contribute to that was exciting, it was a splendid occupation.” (p. 28)

“A damned friendly wind was blowing for the Jews. They sat in the financial administration. In the last three years alone, 22 joined the ranks of the nobility. They press onto the state, into literature. Does not one see how they undermine the Reich?” (p. 64).

After the Eastern and Western Goths had been devoured, Judah landed in the Kingdom of the Franks. As the center of Europe moved west, the Jews immediately went to Spain and Portugal. There they had the best of the exploitation of newly discovered America. As Spain and Portugal were devoured and collapsed, Judah moved on to Holland (diamond cutting). After its decline, they went on to France (Voltaire: “...the biggest scoundrels on earth”) and especially England. Consider their spiritual relationship to Puritanism, the teaching that wealth is a sign of God’s favor. Jews and Englishmen quoted the Bible in the same way. After the World War, Judah moved its world plundering headquarters to America.

In Germany, they were repeatedly branded and driven out. They always understood how to sneak back in again, until after 1918 they were able to make of Germany their most desirable, fattest morsel, and W. Rathenau, the Asian monstrosity, ruled Germany and our fatherland became a Jewish republic.

IV. The Secret of our Rescue.

Adolf Hitler brings salvation from the Jews not in a negative sense, but rather in the total return to health of our people’s body. He uncovers Jewish methods of betrayal, uncovers the parasitic principle of concealment.

We Jews are people, too, we are all equal.

In the Talmud, Tractate Sanhedren records:

“The emperor spoke to Rabbi Tanschun: Come, we should all become one people. He answered: Good, but since we who have been circumcised cannot become like you, you therefore must be circumcised and become like us.”

The equality of all is only a deceptive maneuver.

The Jew never exercises his power in the open, but always through a puppet Goy. (Prefers to be the second in command as secretary. The Goy has the public responsibility.). He never fights for his interests, but always for human ideals or the interests of the struggling peoples.

England fought in Palestine during the World War to secure its land bridge to India, and the Jews got Palestine. The Jews sacrificed themselves for the English commercial interests that were endangered by Germany, and gained Germany to exploit. Today, England and America are not fighting for world domination, but rather for democracy and human dignity. Moscow is fighting for the Russian worker. No, the Jew has never fought for himself, he always lets others fight for him! (from outward appearances!)

Our firm attitude comes from a knowledge of the Jews.

There are still those of our people who are not entirely comfortable when we speak of the extermination of the Jews on our territory. We needed the strengths of character and action of the greatest man of our people in a thousand years to rip the Jewish blindfold from our eyes.

The Jewish blindfold of “socialism”

— the greatest betrayal of all times —

The path to world domination.

The Jewish principle of “the equality of all those with a human face” was enthroned in 1789. All people are equal, only individuals. The Jewish principle was that of unrestrained individualism. In every “open competition,” he was the victor, since he was by nature the most self-centered. That was the epitome of justice. All could operate from self interest. He who did not was stupid. After the first enthusiasm had passed, people realized that thousands and thousands were not equal to the race, and they were named proletarians. But the Jews had a way out for them too, their “socialism” in Marxist clothing.

Jewish plutocracy and Jewish communism are after the German people who have escaped their slavery.

V. The battle to the end.

The Jew wants to force us back to a life of slavery so that he can live off us as a parasite and suck us dry. The healthy life of our people stands against the parasitic life of the Jew.

Who in this struggle can still speak of pity, brotherly love, etc.? Who believes that a parasite (e.g., a louse) can be improved or changed? Who believes that one can come to an agreement with a parasite? We can only choose between being devoured by the parasite or destroying it.

The Jew must be destroyed wherever we meet him!

In so doing we commit no crime against life, but rather serve life’s laws of battle, which always oppose that which is an enemy to healthy life. Our battle serves to maintain life.

A German victory — the victory of the created order.

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