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Background: Signal was a twice-monthly propaganda publication by the Nazis that appeared in numerous languages. By the end of 1943, Allied bombing was having devastating effects on German cities, and the Luftwaffe seemed unable to stop it. This is one of two articles from the first issue of December 1943. It suggests that Germany had an astonishing new weapon to deal with Allied bombers. The weapon referred to is probably one of several the Germans were working on to produce large aerial explosions. One of these was a missile fired from the ground, another was a missile launched from a plane. Another article in the same issue claimed the Allies were losing planes at an unacceptable rate.

The source: “Neue Waffen gegen Bomber,” Signal, 1. December 1943, p. 3.

New Weapons against Bombers

Destroyed bombers

In Spring 1943, North American air forces began daylight attacks on Western Europe. At first, attacking them was difficult because they flew in tight formations. Only when the bomber formation is broken up and its defensive fire disrupted is there a chance for major success. By Fall 1943, six months later, German air defenses have an effective weapon to break up bombing formations. The new weapon has terrible effects. Often, several bombers fall together, broken into pieces. It is difficult to escape this new weapon. Where it strikes, it is usually impossible for the crews to rescue themselves by bailing out.

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