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Background: The collapse of Mussolini’s government in July 1943 was a shock to Germany. After brief confusion the Germans seized control in most of mainland Italy and kept fighting in Italy until the very end of the war. The Allied armistice with Italy was signed on 3 September. Although this is dated 22 September, it makes no reference to Mussolini’s rescue by German forces on 12 September. However, since the latest source cited is 8 September, I assume it was prepared for printing before Mussolini’s rescue.

The source: Redner-Schnellinformation, “Italien. Veratende Verräter! Veratenes Volk!” Lieferung 69, 22 September 1943.

Speaker Express Information


Betrayed Traitors! Betrayed People!


Italy’s betrayal of us and Europe’s battle with fate has occupied the attention of the whole German people and of all the peoples of our European continent who are threatened by Jewish hatred and Soviet murder. The details of the history of the betrayal have been discussed in the press and the radio. Our speakers and propagandists have taken their approach to the events from the mouth of the Führer.

During the course of developments there has been a series of events that is extraordinarily enlightening for the whole German people. They are well-suited today to again confirm everything that we have said about the treachery and depravity of our enemies based on our experiences during the First World War. If we do not find the will, strength, and energy to bring this battle to a victorious end our people and Reich will be forever lost. The following three critical points about events in Italy provide clear proof of that:

1. Before the change in Italy’s government, the plutocrats in England and America promised the Italian people a peace with freedom and a happy new order. They demanded, however, the removal of the Duce and the elimination of fascism. Now that the Italians have succumbed to plutocratic arguments and done the will of the Jews and finance aristocracy, nothing is left of all of the promises. Now the talk is only of “unconditional surrender,” “surrender of islands in the Mediterranean,” “the end of all colonial aspirations in Africa,” “ignominious disarmament and the surrender of all defensive means and complete submission to the whims of the arrogant enemy.”

2. Before capitulation, the Anglo-Americans talked about final peace and protection from all the horrors of war. After the ignominious surrender of weapons, they now demand that they have complete use of the whole territory for their military purposes and mockingly announce that they can no longer prevent Italy from the fate of having the entire country become a base for their attack on Europe.

3. Before capitulation, the enemies could not make enough statements and promises as to their unshakable will to guarantee the Italian people absolute freedom in its domestic concerns. Now however, they make it the plaything of Bolshevist-communist activities and open the door to the Soviets for world revolution and a reign of terror.

The Italian people are suffering the consequences of ignominious betrayal and cowardly surrender. It is learning what happened to us in 1918, and will remain an eternal warning for us.

Following are reports from enemy and neutral source, generally without commentary, that show how this disgusting betrayal has played out in recent weeks. May it bring to their senses all those who see in current events in Italy the hope that the war could end for Germany in a similar way, without giving up its existence, its military spirit, and its sacrificial community spirit.

Radio London said on Friday, 3 September:

We promise Italy peace and say that we will later conclude a just peace with them because it is in our interest and those of Europe that there is a free, prosperous Italy. If Italy ends its ties to its former allies, we will feel obligated to be generous and decent after victory. The Italians will be the first people on the continent to whom we give the opportunity to greet the Allies joyfully.”

The New York correspondent of the Daily Mail painted the following rosy picture of the future for the Italians:

“Although Rome has to pay its debt to Greece, we will never take too drastic measures, since we want a free and growing Italy in the future. Why should not a new Italy have colonies in Africa? It is surely in the interests of America and England to assist it in that.”

The Air Force minister Sir Archibald Sinclair said on 16 July at a conference of the Liberal Party:

The British and American governments have proposed an honorable capitulation to the Italian people. If the Italian people surrenders and throws Mussolini out, we will protect them from harsh treatment.”

An agitation radio station supported by Anglo-American plutocrats proclaimed on 17 July:

“If Italy makes peace soon and meets the conditions, which include only getting rid of Mussolini and destroying fascism, then it will keep its old borders as they were before Abyssinia. They will only have give back the territory to Greece.”

Those were the promises to the Italian people. After they found men like Badolgio and his crew who were ready to destroy the basis of Italian life, overthrow the Duce, and end fascism, enemy radio stations and the plutocratic press had different things to say.

Daily Mail of 8 September:

“The Italian people must bear the consequences of its past actions, which is no more than just. There is no question of allowing them a safe and untroubled neutrality.”

Times, 8 September:

“It is not appropriate today to give the Italian armistice requirements, but one can easily figure out what they area. General Eisenhower is correct in demanding of the Italians that they do everything that can help the Allies in continuing the war against Germany. The whole of Italian territory must be at our disposal. That obviously includes the islands in the Mediterranean and the Dodacanese Islands. It is also clear that the Italians must surrender all of their weapons, their entire fleet, and all war material to us. And the railroad and road network along with the necessary personnel must be at our service.”

Globereuter in New York reported on 7 September:

“We have made it clear to the representatives of the Italian government that they must capitulate unconditionally. One clause of our military conditions requires Italy to accept whatever political, economic, and financial conditions that the Allies will later impose.”

On 3 August, Eden said to the House of Commons:

“Even if the new Italian government surrenders unconditionally, that does not mean that we will recognize that government. At this time we need only Italy’s unconditional surrender in order to continue our battle with more energy and success.”

The infernal Jewish-plutocratic depravity of the opponent of the Italian people is revealed in the following remarkable editorial in the Daily Mail of 8 September:

The enemy who capitulates belongs at the end of the line of those peoples who want something from England. When the idea was expressed that England’s miners should work harder because Italy would need more coal in the event of Allied occupation, unpleasant thoughts went through the minds of many Englishmen. One questions whether there is in England a group of people who have such love for their enemies that they want to help them get through ‘the coming shortages.’ One must forcefully reject such actions. If Italy needs coal today, it will need wood, steel, foodstuffs, clothing, money, and God knows what else tomorrow. When it comes to supplies, England’s old friends have first claim. Excessive generosity to a defeated enemy is inappropriate. It is not England’s duty to hurry to the aid of a defeated enemy and sit him down on a comfortable chair.

The enemy, above all a defeated enemy, has to wait until one has time for him. He belongs at the end of the line of those peoples who need our help. It would be impossible and shameful to give him preference.

We will firmly oppose any false sentimentality in our people.”

We read an article by Vernon Bartlett in the News Chronicle of 9 September:

“After the fall of Mussolini, nothing remains for the Italian people other than the hard and bitter uncertainty of the concept of ‘unconditional surrender.’ It would be tragic for the Allied side if one changed its outlook about the consequences of an unconditional surrender. No power in the world can demand of our soldiers that they make a difference between the German, Italian, Hungarian, or Romanian peoples and their governments.”

In place of the previous promises of peace, the enemy press now mockingly says that the Italian people have to bear the horrors of war. They Italians have by now seen that. The Messaggero wrote on 16 July:

“The enemy states clearly that even if Italy withdraws from the war, it in no way leaves the war:

    1. It must be a base for further Anglo-American operations against Europe and;
    2. It must place all available agricultural, industrial, and military resources in the service of this battle.

That means that Italy remains a battleground and will be a continuing target for air attacks while at the same time its resources will be exploited to the utmost until the country is reduced to a desert and disappears from history, becoming only a geographical concept.”

A Reuters special correspondent confirmed this in a radio broadcast from North Africa on 8 September:

“Italy will become a battlefield despite the armistice, since the country under the circumstances is by no means in our hands despite its unconditional surrender.”

London Radio said he same on 8 September. English radio commentator Taho Hoale said:

“The war in Italy is by no means over. The Allies are today no nearer the end of the battle than they were 48 hours ago. The occupation of the Italian mainland may be of little benefit, since the hardest battles with German troops are before us. We must be clear on this point: the Germans are the unknown quantity in the whole situation.”

As much as this statement by the London commentator honors us, at the same time it is confirmation for the Italian people that they have gained nothing by Badoglio’s betrayal of and disloyalty to its strong domestic power, fascism.

A variety of other European voices confirm that. The Belgrader Donauzeitung concludes its discussion of events in Italy as follows:

“The betray and the betrayers are doomed to failure. One need not be a prophet to foresee that Italy must suffer the merciless fate of those who have been defeated.”

The Pariser Zeitung of 8 September writes:

Badolgio’s shameful act is first of all a betrayal of the Italian people who are now unconditionally subject to what, as we have already seen in Sicily, will happen in an occupied Italy.”

The Baseler Nachrichten expresses the same thought when it writes:

“The Italian mainland became a battleground on the day the armistice was signed, and no end yet be seen to the war miseries the Italian people will suffer.”

In various European countries, a burning realization of the greatest importance has developed. The Czech newspaper Poledni List, for example, writes:

“Only under Mussolini could Italy fulfill its European mission. To imagine living in freedom without him is insane. Only a system giving its full efforts to fighting for a better future will be able to give the people this better future.”

How little even the enemy thinks of the traitors is clear from the follow dispatch by the special correspondent of the Swedish newspaper Afton-Bladet:

“An illuminating light is thrown on Italy’s lack of character by the fact that it was still playing games with the Germans five days after the armistice agreement. It is the most shameful act and greatest example of treason ever in history in the relations of a people to one of its allies.”

The other relevant fact about events in Italy is the remarkable speed with which communism and Soviet diplomatic representatives showed up in Italy after Mussolini and fascism had been deposed. Several articles even in the London Observer proposed speeding up the solution of the Italian question by the outbreak of a Bolshevist revolution. Already on 31 July Radio London reported that the Soviets were at work in Italy. In Milan, worker and soldier councils were established and the main prison was stormed, releasing hundreds of prisoners. Communist strikes caused serious difficulties both in public transportation and business. At the moment fascism was treasonously overthrown a whole series of parties made appeals to the Italian people. In the first rank were the Italian Proletarian Union and the Italian Communist Party. The National Federation of Italian Industrial Unions made this proclamation to the Italian population:

“Workers! The signing of the armistice realizes the first of our demands. We share the joy of all proletarians.”

The French paper Echo de Tanger published a commentary on Italy’s betrayal of Europe and made a comparison to results of the “liberation” of North Africa by the Anglo-Americans. It said:

“Immediately after the so-called liberation of North Africa, Stalin demanded that the Soviet Union have influence in all domestic matters. He announced that in the future Moscow would tolerate only such governments as had no prejudices against the Soviet regime. Wherever the Anglo-Americans set foot, a revival of the socialist people’s front followed immediately, then Bolshevist communism. The establishment of a Soviet embassy and of Soviet consulates in Tunis, Casablanca, Rabat, and Dakar followed.”

The Echo de Tanger said these examples were “instructive” for the Italians. They can see what Italy can expect from the Soviets after capitulation.

This prophesy was promptly fulfilled. The communist movement in Italy, which fascism has previously held down immediately reappeared. The English and the Americans themselves demanded the recognition of a Soviet veto right in all issues of the armistice and capitulation negotiations, as various press and radio reports noted. Not only in Milan, but also in Turin there were demonstrations from workers who where whipped up and led by communist elements.

The English communist newspaper Daily Worker demanded that after Italy’s capitulation the Allies continue their battle to defeat Germany so that in Germany, too, the instructions of the Bolshevist International could be implemented.

This proves even today that Jewish plutocrats are the lead elements of those forces who always have total world revolution as their goal, which means: Domination of Bolshevism over all of Europe. The few days of Italy’s confusion have shown what grows out of treason in Europe’s battle with fate. These facts cannot be whitewashed, nor can they be covered up by the hypocritical promises of Jewish-plutocratic agitation. One goal, therefore, was be kept firmly in mind:

Victory and freedom for Europe!


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