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Background: The Nazi Party’s speakers needed to be kept up-to-date. To provide the necessary information, the party provided a variety of material. The Speaker Education Material was intended to provide information that could be used over the long term. The Redner-Schnellinformation [ Speakers’ Express Information], on the other hand, provided speakers with guidelines for the immediate campaign. This is a translation of an issue of the latter. It is dated 5 May 1943, in the midst of one of the party’s periodic anti-Semitic campaigns. For more information on the topic, see my article “The Argument for Genocide in Nazi Propaganda,” Quarterly Journal of Speech 91 (2005), 37-62.

The source: “Die Judenfrage als inner- und außenpolitisches Kampfmittel,” Redner-Schnellinformation, Lieferung 57, 5 May 1943.

The Jewish Question as a Weapon at Home and Abroad

It has become apparent that the reduction of public discussion about the Jewish Question has misled a great part of the public, who now are starting to see the Jewish Question as a weapon we can do without, since the Jewish Question has, after all, been solved in Germany. This view is dangerous and false. Were it correct — and this line of thinking has been often used — the church could have ended its meetings hundreds of years ago, since everyone was Christian, and the Christian Question was therefore resolved. It is true that we have solved the Jewish Question in Germany, but it has become even more important outside Germany during this war, for this war is a war of the Jews against Germany and its allies. Just as the domestic struggle in Germany ended in an anti-Semitic revolution, so, too, this war must end in an anti-Semitic world revolution.

The best foundations for that have already been laid. There are already important anti-Semitic movements in nearly all the nations of Europe, along with more or less advanced Jewish laws aimed at diminishing the influence of the Jews. Even in enemy nations, anti-Semitic voices are so strong that leading newspapers and leading politicians and churchmen have to face the matter in public.

In Germany, we have made the whole nation anti-Semitic by always pointing the finger at the Jews, as hard as they tried to hide themselves. We always ripped the mask from their faces. The Jews attempted often enough to divert the public from the subject by busying them with other matters, since our propaganda was most unpleasant for them. That was still more reason to stubbornly continue that propaganda.

The Jewish Question must be the central issue in the meeting waves of the immediate future. Each German must know that everything he suffers in this war, all the unpleasantness, shortages, overtime, bloody terror against women and children, and bloody losses on the battlefield, are the fault of the Jews. Each meeting must include the following line of thinking:

The International Jew wanted this war. He possessed key economic positions within every enemy people and in every enemy nation, and used his power to ruthlessly drive the peoples into war.

He today controls public opinion in enemy nations, owning the press, radio, and film, and uses them as the voice of these peoples. Still, knowledge of the nature of Jewry has taken hold in enemy nations, and is increasing.

There is no crime in which the Jew is not involved. Just as was once the case in Germany, well over half of all those engaged in financial crimes, cases of fraud, bankruptcy, corruption, and stock speculation are Jews.

Where Jews do not want to appear as important men themselves, they have bought leading personalities in public life to do the Jews’ work for them.

Jews earn money from war, and therefore have an interest in a long war, though hardly a Jew bears a weapon himself, or earns his living by his own hands. Just as was once the case in Germany, Jews let others fight and work for them.

The Jews incited this war as a final attempt to maintain their power in the world and to defeat all those who saw through them.

This war will end with an anti-Semitic world revolution, and with the destruction of Jewry in the world, which is the prerequisite to a lasting peace. The key thought is this:

Everything is the fault of the Jews!

Recent events, particularly Katyn and the related developments in the Allied camp give much current information on this matter (see Redner-Schnellinformation issue 56).

Reichsleiter Dr. Goebbels published an article in Das Reich on 9 May 1943 titled “The War and the Jews.” This article will be sent to all speakers as a special edition of the Sonderdienst der RPL, issue 20/43). It provides extensive material on the Jewish Question.


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